August 14, 2010


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by Aisya Shurfa's Four Elements, I decided to try to do Aqua. This is the final lineart. Will colour it soon. Yes, she has a wand, with which she uses to command the raging oceans in her mission to save Mother Earth. I sort of think she should have something in her hair, but it was already too late when I realized that it's so empty, the lineart was done by then. I guess I have to work on the colours of the hair to tone down the emptiness, hehe.

I don't have a scanner, so I used my camera to take a picture of this. Thus the gradient.


6 scribbleback (s): said...

Thumbs up! Sangat berbakat melukis :D

Aisya Shurfa said...


I love it! :D Can't wait to see it coloured in, though! I love the flowing hair and dress - that's exactly how I usually depict Aqua...

If there should ever be a manga style comic of The Four Elements, you should totally be the artist for it! ;)

MuNsYi SaMa said...

You are really good! totally agree with Aisya. U should be the artist for 4elements. :)

Nani Othman said...

belle - thanks!! XD

aisya - oh i'm so happy you like this! a manga artist? i used to want to be that, some time ago. =) i even had my very own set of superheroines..the seven Saints. and each represents a jewel. i used to have saint emerald, saint citrine, saint amethyst..and many more. maybe i should redraw them. XD

munsyi - thanks! maybe i should, LOL.

Aisya Shurfa said...

Wow! I used to be fascinated with precious stones and the astrological signs they represented when I was a kid, so I think your superheroines idea is great! :D

You have no idea how fun it is for me to learn that you also had your own set of superheroines! Tough, powerful girls all the way, man... So fun!

Nani Othman said...

aisya - aha! so maybe i'll do a marathon of my Saints soon. great to know another girl who had the same passion as i had. XD this brings back memories!! back then i even used to draw a comic a week for my classmates to read.. then i just stopped because the passion just went away with the waves of homework. hehe. i guess i will redraw them. XD

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