August 17, 2010


is not tilting your head 45 degrees to the side, with a rusty thicker-than-hell fringe splattered all over your forehead, bulging your heavily lined eyes out of their sockets staring up like some retard, or winking as you lost control of your tongue that it has to stick out all slimy, or puffing one of your concealer-painted, acne-covered cheeks (the one closest to the camera lens), or putting up your icky pout like some blowfish kicked in the butt, and expressing 'Peace' with your kuku bela iblis fingers (like you know the meaning of the expression when the fact is you're just doing it because some J-Pop artists do it), or placing a finger over your lips senseless, before snapping yourself with your own phone.

Cute is painless. Effortless. And definitely NOT disgusting.

Get THAT through your rusty thicker-than-hell fringe.

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MuNsYi SaMa said...

what? i thought that's cute. LOL..

call me outdated but I prefer girl who smiles innocently.without that peace sign of course. :P

Aisya Shurfa said...

Oh my God I hate it when girls TRY to be cute. There's cute, and then there's TRYING to be cute. Like you said, cute is effortless. It shouldn't be forced. When it is forced, it just doesn't work.

Al-Saachez said...

hahaha. i know this. this syndrome have affected all pre-pubescent and also post-pubescent girls in facebook. and everytime i see one, i just say " pity fool " deep in my heart. seriously, people who are trying hard to be cute on camera really looks hideous if you see it properly. that's why i don't like nowadays trend of posing in front of the camera. i just like the way it was when i was a kid where everybody just smile and don't do all sort of stupid posse because of limited capacity of films.

ButirStar said...

orang2 yang biasanya nak berlagak cute cam J-POP or K-POP buat sememangnya tak cute langsung.

kalau dah mata tu kecik dan tak bulat, silalah terima seadanya(ehem...mata long pun sepet dan kecik)

long berasa loya tekak bila tgk gadi2 yang cuba nak jadi cute tapi tak jadi..hehe

Anonymous said...

Cute means Nani :)

Ayaq masak said...


People trying to be cute...haiyo.

Samalah dengan people trying to be sexy. Double haiyo.

elnoir said...

The definition of cute between cultures differ IMO.

Beauty, or cuteness for that matter, is in the eye of the beholder. Nuffsaid.

anak pak man said...

Whoever said pouts were cute didn't see Zoolander..


frying pan said...

nak jadi cute tak semestinya besar kan mata, ye tak? jadi la cute secara semula jadi :)

Nana Othman said...

serious la annoying tgk org membelalakkan mata tak tentu hala, memuncungkan mulut tanpa mengetahui dirinya kelihatan eeew.

Nani Othman said...

munsyi - haha. that's not cute. and you're not outdated. but what's an innocent smile actually?

aisya - tell me about it, lol. haha. i think it's fine if it doesn't work. what i could not stand is when it goes completely wrong. XD

aamir - nice way to look at it. i like the smiles in old photographs. back then people had nothing to hide, and no one else they wish to become but themselves. can't believe that changed in my lifetime.

Nani Othman said...

long - cuba menjadi cute adalah satu usaha sia-sia yang akhirnya menjadi aktiviti lagho kalau diri tu mmg tak cute. kita, eh mereka perlulah sedar diri (kita sedar kita cute), dan menjadi diri sendiri. takdek ertinya hidup berpura-pura dan perasan mcm tu. byk lg keje lain yg perlu dibuat.

anonymous - tau dah tu. haha.

ayaq masak - i tak faham people who are trying to be someone else. pleaselah.

elnoir - true. i believe them girls described here have their own beholders.

Nani Othman said...

anak pak man - well said. XD haha.

frying pan - some people mmg secara semulajadi mmg tak percaya diri diorg dah sedia cool/cute/best, sbb tu they try to be other people. sad.

fina - ya. mmg eww tindakan beliak mata muncung mulut sebegitu. lepas tu beramai2 pulak ikut bergmbar sedemikian. takdak originality dah.

avid gunner said...

haha...heavily dosed with sarcasm..just the way i love it..

ah, btw i think you should credit them for being cute. it's definitely better than some low-self esteem kids posing as goth/emo freak.

Nani Othman said...

avid gunner - i don't credit people who aren't themselves. goth and emo freaks are lost souls. they don't know what they want.

Ayaq masak said...

Oh and yeah I agree with elnoir.

What makes us wants to lempang these girls secara berjemaah here, is considered cute in Japan.


Nani Othman said...

ayaq masak - no, what makes me feel disgusted about these girls is they don't look even the SLIGHTESTLY closest to what you think is considered cute in japan. i'm an enthusiast of some of the cultures in japan. i know shits like this don't even exist there.

in fact the culture of uhljjang begins in korea.

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