August 25, 2010

Some of the biggest bullshits I've ever encountered

'Ada aq kisah English aq cam sampah? Aku orang Melayu la doe. Tak perlunye pandai bahasa penjajah tue~~'

I won't say much about this because it's Ramadhan – or I wouldn't have stopped myself. Tapi please-lah, I grow up living the life of a Malay who believes that Melayu perkasa boleh maju jika mahu berusaha dan berhenti berbudaya 'Tak Apa' (Contoh: Tak apa tak pandai English, kita kan Melayu. Pandai bahasa sendiri sudey~). I can't believe there are still modern Malays who think that it's OK to be left behind, to not be competitive, to not improve their competency in the second language. Worst, these people are younger than I am but they're living in the way past where Bahasa Melayu is still the lingua franca. What on earth are we teaching in schools these days?

And there's the 'Aq multi-linguals, aq interest in Korean and Japan, oso bley ckap Korean and Japan,' bullshit that just pisses me off at any given encounter. Tahu sepatah dua saranghae sukidesu saja, lajunya lebih daripada pelesit nak mengaku multilingual. Siap letak 's' lepas perkataan lingual, I pun taktau apa these people are trying to prove. Dahlah berjemaah pulak Melayu-melayu belaka yang buat pengakuan perasan jujur serupa itu. I can't even describe the image these teenagers are projecting of their brains with such irresponsible statements. Like seriously!

Also there's the K-Pop male idols obsessed, counterpart wannabes like SyidaHae, AmiRAIN (and some other combos I dare not list for I might puke and bastardize the poor keyboard) who text-squeal over the tiniest of news and rage with spits and curses and incomprehensible English all over anti-sites on an hourly basis – and they happen to be school kids whose baju sekolah and setokin are still being scrubbed by their mums. 'Omo2 kowrunk, Chong Tae Guk oppah msok spital sbb xcderrnt weyhh!! Komawo, omo2!' or 'Ko pehal anti-anti GLITTERee? Mcm arr bagos!! Cib**!' I mean seriously, come on, I thought drooling over romance novels in which heroin kampung tak pass sekolah pandai masak asam pedas kawin anak Datuk kaki botol last sekali jadi baik is already too much – but this? This is new.

*urut-urut dahi sikit*

Back then when I was 13 to 17, I never really had time to menyamar bini or girlfriend or tunang or janda of whichever idol from whichever country – I was too busy with manga and anime. But I was never so obsessed that I would spend hours to just rage and text-squeal, even with the speedy internet. Probably because I had books and also TV, and there's always the newspaper which keeps everything in balance, LOL.

Now I wonder if them self-professed kekasih gelap SUJU are aware that UPSR and PMR might be abolished? Or should I just wonder if these kids are aware that there is such a thing called PMR?

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Nazif said...

haha, i have only 1 statement to be posted. "They're stupid, dunno their place and juz STUPID". That's all, TQ. =D

zinnera cafiena said...

What on earth are they doing at school this day? don't they learn something academic? or they just ignore whatever the teacher is doing, cause ignorance is a bliss, KONON-nya?!!

*urut-urut dahi, sambil geleng kepala*

avid gunner said...

i was ROFLMAO when reading this. seriously. just so you know, you tend to make me laugh whenever you're pissed.

MuNsYi SaMa said...

I thought PMR je, UPSR too? this matter is getting worse!

Farah Hanani said...

terserlah kerisauan akak sbg Cikgu..


Al-Saachez said...

hahaha. seriously i couldn't understand the part where that particular human speaks in malay but sounds like korean or something. it almost as if an alien language was spoken.

and knowing few korean words doesn't make you being able to claim yourself as a speaker of the language. only idiots like to do such things. thank god i was never being able to undergo this when i was in school.

macha_sezs said...


Lisa Farhana; said...

Ditto here, avid gunner. LOL.


Hellioz said...



J. Love said...

the thing about these kids, they're just so immatured. let them face the REAL world later, they'll eat each and every word they said.

this happened to most of my friends. in school, english was never a bother to them. once they enter uni, try to apply for jobs, that's when they said about wanting to learn english. by then, it's already costing too much (for the courses) or time-consuming.

they'll start complaining how tough the language is. meh.

nani said...

lol. abt bullshit #1; i hate those ppl. apa ko buduh? helloooo~ smpai bila la korang ni smua nk stuck kat mindset mcm tu. kalau manusia berjaya xpa la jugak bley bangga dri wlupn xreti bahasa english. for example if you're a super brainiac dude who just came up with a nobel worthy discovery tp mampuih haram jadah xfhm english bole la nk bangga lebih kn? tp masalahnya x menyumbang kpd masyarakat langsung pn korg ni, then ada hati nk ckp bahasa penjajah la apa smua. ey, language is language la. penjajah tu da 50 yrs ago. ko blum lahir pn utk merasai keperitan dijajah. don't act as if the word penjajah actually means any degree of hate for you. fake btul la sentiment tu. anyway, if you really hated the language because tu bahasa penjajah, awat x speak arab trus?? kita kn melayu beragama islam?? itu lagi bahasa syurga. apasal xnak plak??? blah la wey. menyampah aku dbuatnya.

bullshit #2; addmittedly and proudly, i'm one of these KPOP obsessed girls. but i do my spazzing reasonably and coherently, mind you. first of all, bullshit la multilingual kn? sepatah haram pn x reti nk cakap poyo plak nk mengaku "multi-linguals" sana sini. *pukes* korean pronunciation pn mcm haram ada hati nk bangga. GTH la. eee~ i can't stand these kiddies who like KPOP. totally immature. i'm into KPOP for the music and the actual artists. not the physical appearance. although that is a bonus, but never the main reason. like, i've been trying to explain my seemingly obsessive fandom to ppl for years now and some get it, but others just brush it off as excuses.

KPOP does have a different dimension to it. it's the delusional fans who make the rest of us look bad, really. (like the girls with the nicknames mentioned. eww~ imagine; NANIkwon or haeNANI... yuck!) these preteen kiddies who go; "omona, wae my oppa so HOT!! kjhgdjfhgsdjhg" drive us up walls! and turn off the non-fans so badly. these oppa-so-hot fans give us a bad name and in turn, non-fans think we like these korean artists only cuz they're pretty boys. honestly, that's not what it's abt.

but yea, totally agree with you. minat smpi obsessive tu acceptable la. i mean, obsessive pn ada limit kn? janji x cross the line and masih beringat2 tu bley tolerate la lagi, tp jgn la smpai keluar smua perangai buruk and bangga x bertempat smua. ish! please lah.

p/s: it's like when you spazz over a supremely awesome book. haha^^
p/p/s: OMG! why do i always have so much to say in my comments?! um, sorry if it's annoying?

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Seriously sis, U make me laughed out while reading this.

Bunch of my students put all artists photos (or some handsome athletes) on their desks. Korean guys of course one of the biggest photos there.

When I asked them the background of those artists, they don't know nothing, but then, claimed as the biggest fan of the artist.

And to make it getting fun rage at them, they put beloved Potter on the table, but then, can't even list out the films or novels title. ROFLOL!

Poor those kids.
and yeah, I hate when they type or wrote something like that too...

"Aku nak g sna jew.korunk nak g mna?"



elnoir said...

language standards have dropped.
majority of students just waste parents', teachers' and their own time.
throw them to north korea and see if they can say "sarang sarang" like they can here.
ignorant of real life, these kids.

Ayaq masak said...



Reihan said...

Hello Nani,

I just found your blog while bloghopping, so you don't know me.

I agree with all your sentiments.

You know, people tend to NOT like anything that makes them feel bad. So I think in most cases, these students are not good in English to begin with. Couple that with their attitude and their tendency to speak and spell incorrectly, it is no surprise if they don't master English AND Bahasa Malaysia! Minat pun Korean or Japanese artistes (no offense to you and your interest), who are not exactly known to speak English well!

Keep on writing, please.

Nana Othman said...

bahasa inggeris adalah bahasa penjajah. oi, x lapuk d telan zaman lagi ka tajuk ni .___. ?? tak bosan2 kah .___. ??

bab obses kpop ni yg minat nak menyumbang buah fikiran. saya pun squeal kot tgk artis2 kegemaran XD tp x dak la sampai nama kat FB jadi 'Naemin' [nana + taemin] ka hapa ka. fina ada pernah jumpa satu nama ni, punya la panjang. contoh :

Eisya JonghyunRyewook SHINeeSuJU

tak faham macam mana FB boleh approve XD!!

Luke Skywalker said...

Kah kah kah! Orang macam tu baik duduk di hutan. Fikiran zaman mesolitik. Ni zaman sains dan teknologi. Bahasa memainkan peranan yang penting tak kira bahasa apa pun. Bahasa Inggeris penting pada zaman sekarang. Bahasa Melayu tetap Bahasa Melayu. Itu pun bukan semua fasih cakap Bahasa Melayu. Rojak banyak.

Terra Shield said...

Gosh... kids these days, tsk, tsk...

Anonymous said...

So true .

Nani Othman said...

nazif - they've sort of parked their brains somewhere and forgot to retrieve 'em, i think.

zinnera - i can't really say. you see girls like this raging all over the internet using really crappy english it put the rest of us malays to shame with the language and the attitude.

what's crazier is that they make sure everyone who comes across their kpop obsession blog is aware that they're obsessed and that the kpop artists are theirs because they say so - which is so pathetic i can't help but feel disgusted! you want some suggestions of these baru puberty girls' blogs? you'll be surprised.

Nani Othman said...

avid gunner - haha. i bet you were. lol. and no i wasnt pissed. it was just how i sound when i feel that something is absolutely ridiculous. i sound like something else if i'm pissed. hehe. but glad that you laughed. XD

munsyi - i dont think so. i'm happy if both are abolished. =)

farah - hehe. tak risau sangat. menyampah ade la.

Nani Othman said...

aamir - yeap. totally outerspace! haha. i just hate it when someone so malay speaks like 'waeyo?' and answers foncalls like 'yoboseyo?' and then ckp melayu - gila pissed off i kalau dgr all those things!! dahlah english tak dapat A, pulun buat benda lain yg tak masuk SPM - geli OK?

macha - i know. haha. XD

lisa farhana - wow. you laughed, too?? hehe.

hellioz - tepat sekali! hahaha!

Nani Othman said...

j. love - a gud different angle to look at it. =) hehe. yeah i had frens like that too when i was in skool. suka pinjam my book tiru jawapan - mcmlah cikgu taktau yg korang tu tak pandai pun nk buat latihan secara awesome mcm i - tak sedar pulak tu yg ilmu diorg tak bertambah pun dgn meniru tu. hehe. and it neverendingly pisses me off when they say 'susah ah english. ko takpe ah ko mmg pandai'. oh please, mcm i lahir terus speaking english la kan?

Nani Othman said...

nani - first of all, no you're not annoying. haha. dont worry.

bullshit 1 - yeah there are still people like that. and i so hate the way they think and react to the language like - 'nani ade suratkaba hari ni?' then i offered my copy of Star and she's like buat muka takleh blah 'emh, english. takpelah,' and left. like wth right? this isn't the colonisation era anymore - why are you still acting like english is a disease?? and yeah i agree with you - what's with the blurry correlation between penjajah and your failure to use english? and amusingly, nani - these people bkn dpt A sejarah pun. pendidikan islam and arab pun tak A jugak. sembang kencang boleh la.

bullshit 2 - i like kpop, too, ok? just not as much as i like some jpop. and yes, bullshit sgt la multilingual kalau setakat tulis blog berangan kawen superjunior - boleh pulak mamat2 kpop dlm impian diorg ber'ahlan wasahlan' dan ber'maassalamah' dgn diorg - you should read them blogs where these girls baru masuk sekolah menengah tulis minidrama about them and superjunior - you'd die!!! haha. i thought i'd died several times when i was reading. i'll drop the urls at your blog after this, k?

and i dont mind people being obsessed as long as they're not acting stupid when their spazzing. XD

Nani Othman said...

zara - you laughed too? man. maybe i should become comedian + blogger = clogger. hehe. bunch of my students do that too. and they speak korean in my english class so one day i got a little pissed i told them to stay out of the class if they're not gonna speak my language. man. obsessing is one thing - magnifying it in MY class is another. and yeah - dorunk mmg mcm tue!!! ew.

elnoir - you got me laughing right there! haha. what ignorant bunch of brats. XD

ayaq masak - nods balik kat kamu. =)

Nani Othman said...

fina - haha. ni tajuk yg mmg popular di kalangan manusia2 yg takmau pulun blajar english utk diri sendiri mahupun utk bangsa. tu ayat denial depa la tu. lapuk gila mcm kulapuk roti gardenia beli kt hapipah. XD

tu dia nama dia... baiknya FB sggup approve pulak nama mcm tu!! haha. kantoi fb tak minat kpop.

luke - diorg mesti takmo duk hutan - duk hutan takleh berfesbuk! haha. byklah diorg tak perlu pndai english - kalau taktau basic english, tak merasa nikmat berfesbuk, bertag gmbr tempek pipi korang dgn bopren korang tu tau? cheh.

terra - i know. tsk.

anonymous - thanks. leave a name next time, will you?

Nani Othman said...

reihan - hi there. i missed your comment, was rushing, sorry~! haha. ah well i think tis normal that people dont like stuff that make them feel/look bad. its human. its just that sometimes its so magnified i keep seeing the idiocy wherever i turn to its so annoying~! hehe. like come on, prioritize-lah. english you kena dpt A for SPM to further studies to good universities - dh masuk U nnt u nk amik third, fourth, fifth language you amik la. cheh. and no i'm not offended. i laugh when kpop and jpop artists mess up their english pronunciation so yeah. heh. thanks. come again~!

anak pak man said...

saranghae kyuhyun oppa~

<-- awesome attempt, wouldn't you say so? hahaha

I'm into SuJu for the DANCING! which is awesome! couldn't care much of what their names are, really.. i only know of Kyuhyun, Donghae and Leetuk (excuse the spelling, I didn't google them before writing this..)

if this was facebook, I would totally "like" nani's LONG comment.. especially the part where she rants (which is pretty much the whole comment).. hehe


Nani Othman said...

anak pak man - yeah i like them for the dancing, and the singing too. apart from the fact that they suck at singing live, i like everything else about them - appearance, choreography, crazy attitude and the loudness. hehe. i like nani's comment, too!

zinnera c said...

this remind me with my lil bro who is in secondary school, now.

everytime he come out with trivia of any celebrity, i would say,"kan bagus kalo dorang tanya soalan tu dalam PMR, senang ja nak skor"

its not that i think we should ignore all this kpop and jpop. btw, i admire their choreography and appearance, and most of them are adorable. their concert stage is one hell of a stage compare to our local entertainment scene.

my concern is, this kpop and jpop rule their entire teen-hood (is that even a word? as long as you get what i mean). they practically have nothing else besides it. its suju, day and night. when they are suppose to explore the world, they practically downsizing them by having east side of the world map. ONLY.

and yes, there are a troop of raging teens, and i hope there is a way we can channel all this rage to a better place.

as for bahasa. i like to quote - "Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh nak takluk Istanbul pun belajar bahasa penjajah. ini konon nak takluk dunia, belajar Bahasa Inggeris tak mahu."

nani said...

jadi English teacher lagi la
"saya tak reti BI la teacher. susah. tak faham."
aku balas
"bukan kau tak faham lah. kau malas"


Nani Othman said...

zinnera - true. u want to conquer a nation, you conquer the language first. u wanna conquer the world, you conquer the lingua franca first. skrg ni lingua franca is english ye tuan2 n puan2, takde maknenye korang omo komawo segala tuk nenek ke sana ke mari - doesnt help in your spm and definitely doesnt help in your university entrance. melainkan you people nk masuk U di korea, tu pun you have to know more than just sekerat saranghae. cheh. i was a kid, too, ok? but i didnt do all this stuff.

Nani Othman said...

nani - i lagi keji.

'teacher, can i speak melayu..i dono how want to explain dis.'

i said, 'No.'

and pastu boleh pulak die ckp. ye. mmg kids these days malas berusaha.

zinnera c said...

"kak, what is puke?"


"why do you have to make me look for it? why can't you just tell me what it is?"

"hek eleh, main facebook laju. google puke malas. kalau soh belek dictionary lagi tak sanggup"

Humayra' said...

laughing all the way through. but yup.. i used to enjoy Chinese dramas, but not to the point of obsessing, i guess. only watched the movies, cut out a few photos. that's it. but now... *sigh*

hopefully these kids will snap out of it. hope it's only a phase.. or.. will it be??

ButirStar said...

ish....people nowadays, especially teenagers.

long pun ada jugak students yang kata 'kenapa kena belajar bahasa Inggeris? tak penting pun tcer' (dgn muka selamba badak je kata gitu)

i'm English tcer and i DO speak Malay with other Malays. tak mati pun bahasa melayu kalu kita cakap inggeris wei.....

pasal budak2 yg ske letak combination nama dgn artis J-POP n K-POP. mmg geli gler dowh!!

Nani Othman said...

zinnera - i tak faham kids yg mak bapak beli dictionary mahal2 tp takmau guna. yg mak bapak pun beli mahal2 tak pulak ajar anak guna. very smartlah some people.

humayra' - come to think of it, this doesnt look like a phase anymore. looks like its something everyone does. XD haha. i was a kid. but this is different.

long - masalahnye geng2 berfikiran sempit igt BM bleh mati kalau kite speak english ni pun bukan pandai BM. sembang kencang boleh la perjuangan bangsa apa bullshit lagi segala - score A in Bm dulu baru meh sini sembang berapi. cheh.

nani said...

haha!^^ nani, i saw one of the blogs. not the drama one. (foreversusc could not be found. lol.) i couldn't open that one but the other blog with the [Sa.Rang.Hae] smack dab at the top. haha^^ srsly these kids. i believe she's only form 1, right?? adumak! klaka la reading her posts. english terabur (it wasn't horrible, tho =/) and every single post is KPOP related drama. srsly xda benda yg meanigful dlm her life untuk dicatit ke?

i mean, a large portion of my day is dedicated to KPOP. i spend more than 6 hours daily (collectively not all in one sitting) hanging around KPOP forums/sites and debating on this group and that music style (heck i have my own BIGBANG group on facebook) but sampai participate in fanwars and trying to relate every single thing in her daily life to KPOP and even make KPOP the priority in her life, macam..... sedih?

they are totally in dream land. apa la budak2 skang ni. tahap delusional yang sangat macam x dapat dibantu lg da. lol.

and i'm a writer too. but not the delusional "hanani dates eunhyuk episode 1" types. i write short stories and urban fantasy type fictions. (at least, i used to. haha^^) i mean, hello... embarrassing la adik2ku. tolongla. and not to mention, it's highly disturbing too. assalamualaikum adik, leeteuk tu umurnya 26 and your're half his bloody age. what you are daydreaming abt would be considered paedophilia in reality. ok? malu la sikit. ish.

p/s: anak pak man, if this were facebook i would have 'liked' your comment as well. lol. and yes, i tend to rant. A LOT. especially when it's a topic i'm interested in or passionate abt. (leftover habit from being in the debate team in high school. lol.)

Nani Othman said...

nani - i know. they hid it dah kot. so immature, dgn i skali pun tumpang malu bile bace. but so annoying as well! but like you have implied..maybe these kids tak jumpa lagi something in their life yg cukup worthy for them to talk about on their blogs. and also like you said, it's rather sedih that KPOP is a priority in, takde life ke?

that's why i selalu ckp kt my kids at skool, 'teacher pun dulu bdak skolah jugak..takde pulak buat keje gile serupa ini. takde la sempat nk obses itu ini - kerja skolah byklah!'

haha. yeah 26 and 13 is like so freaking paedophilic already. tp i dont think these kids even know the term and how takleh belah it is. but whatever-lah. thinking about this is so annoying already. i takmau tau smpai ke akar umbi pulak whadehell this scenario exactly is.

and aha, i liked this new comment of yours also!

nani said...

yea. they totally don't know what is appropriate and what is not anymore. the obsession has blocked all rational thought. ish.

whatever la. these kids jadik bahan gelak2 and bahan cerita2 sudah la. xperlu nk tau apa business dorg wlupn business dorg tu annoying gila.

hopefully they will find some meaningful things in their lives to focus on. kpop should be a pastime not a priority. haihh.... >3>

MAX said...

nani - true. i so cant understand how some people prioritize. tu belum masuk cerita tak makan sebab simpan duit nk topup henpon just to keep texting the bf, or duit mak bapak bagi utk beli buku buat belanja gf mkn. ceh.

yeah lets hope they grow out of the box soon. XD

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