August 14, 2010

Aqua, coloured.

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Stabilo and Faber-castell coloured pencils used. 2 hours. Lineart done with Mitsubishi UniPin 0.2. Forgive the uneven lighting. It made some parts appear unevenly colored. Would definitely look better if scanned.

Anyway, what do I want for my birthday this year? A set of PRISMACOLOR coloured pencils. I'm bored with Stabilo and Faber-castell already. And don't even start on Luna. I want PRISMACOLOR. I really do.

Inspired by Aisya Shurfa's Four Elements.

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lullabyNAS said...

beautiful ! ^^

Aisya Shurfa said...

Wowee! That was quick!

Constructive criticism? I really don't have anything to say except that it's really pretty. :D

PRISMACOLOR? How good is that? I've been using Luna and Faber Castell all my life, and I've been dying to try a different brand.

Okay, now you've inspired me to continue drawing them again. Haha!

MuNsYi SaMa said...

like sailormoon :P

President said...

letak alamat sekali.
mana tahu ada yg tolong pos..

Luna said...

^_^ "Nana! Nana! Kamu dah siap semayang? Jom tengok apa Kak Nani post!"

inna hayati said...

you have such a beautiful hand...

S.Azeem Ong said...

nice one kak nani! ^^

melon. said...

what a talent!

ButirStar said...

pergh!! lawa siot!!! lama tak tgk nani melukis :)

frying pan said...

salam nani othman

saya suka lukisan awak. cantik :)

oh ya, saya suka baca blog awak

Nani Othman said...

lullabynas - thanks~!

aisya - yeah. thanks so much for saying it's pretty. makes me so happy! and PRISMACOLOR is something i had wanted since..i dont know, several years ago..and i couldnt find it anywhere, selalu jumpa yg 12 warna je kt kedai art..but i want the 72 pieces punya..kalau takde pun i want the 48 pieces punya. tak jumpa pulak. DX its used by pros all over the world, paid illustrators and comic artists. i believe i'm ready to switch to prismacolor, after so many years with stabilo. hee.

munsyi - i'm a sailormoon addict.

president - kamu ke yg nk tolong post tu? XD hehe.

Nani Othman said...

luna - dia sibuk. tak sempat nak melawat blog kakak die ni. XD

kak inna - strangely kak inna, you have never seen it. XD

azeem - i tau. XD haha. arigatou!

melon - man. thanks. =)

long - busy ah. skali skala baru ade mase nk buat ni. tu pun hutang orang berderet2 lagi tak lukis.

frying pan - salam balik. thanks suka lukisan saya. =) and thanks jugak suka blog saya yang bising dan offensive ni. come again~~

frying pan said...

haha! sy mmg ske keadaan yg bising...ngehehe...

and i don't mind whether ianya offensive or not. lagipun your language is marvelous

nnt lawat la blog sy yang tak berapa bising n offensive...hehehe

Nani Othman said...

frying pan - oho. ok. kalau mcm tu selalu2 lah dtg ye? hehe. think my language is marvelous? i rasa childish gila cara i menulis. lol.

dah tgk blog awak. mmg senyap. XD

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