July 22, 2010

Why not use all the Mat Rempits we have instead, right?

I was sitting on a bench, reading. There was a book in my hands, 'The Girl Who Could Fly', and many, many thoughts on my continuously occupied mind. It was quite windy, tiny yellow flowers from the nearby tree were running along the breeze straight onto my head and the open book, so I was suddenly reminded of Piper McCloud. Now that's one girl who could just steal your heart. On the bench next to mine were two boys. Two boys I know. Now I'll keep the names secret. I have my reasons.

And so one of them said, 'I think this stupid thing called animal testing is animal cruelty.' Way to go, kid. Nice way to start a conversation. There should be more anger there, though. More.

The other was mild. More rational in his choice of vocab. So he said in response, 'I'm against it. I think it's very unfair to treat animals as such.' Hm. It's not like there was anyone watching. I thought he has cats at home? What's with the lame reply?

'Yeah, they should be doing all the horrid testing on themselves. They should be sticking all those needles into their own veins, cut off their own arms and bloat their own stomachs with drugs and lock themselves in dog crates at bedtime.' Good one. Rather childish, though. 'What's with treating animals like you f*cking own them? Just because they can't say 'No' to your bullshit doesn't mean they are agreeing to your f*cking needles.' Aha. Even better. Rather vulgar, though.

'Uh, how could they stick 'em into their own veins?' Man. Some people are just not fun. 'They're the researchers. Some things just need sacrifice, and sometimes they can't sacrifice themselves, even if they would.' God. It was elaborated.

'You got a point. Why not use all the Mat Rempits we have instead, right? Malaysia has an endless supply of those. Them d*ckheads are gonna be roadkills anyway. Why waste them, right? Rather than being killed on the road, shouldn't they be offering their bodies to the scientists? It's not like they care much about losing their lives anyway, right? Then we can stop animal testing or whatever shitty cruelty there is, right? After they're done with the needles and stuff, they'll just kill them off. Better than dying in a traffic collision. Their body parts would still be intact, unlike them dead rempit f*cktards whose heads were crushed under a truck or snapped off from the abdomens, right? At least they'd die contributing something to mankind, right? Less problems for the country, don't you think? And less humiliation for the race, no?'


The words were stolen right from my mouth.

But not the vulgar ones, no. No, seriously.

More silence.

Well, I guess I wasn't the only one with such selfish way of –

And then it came. The retort that could have murdered me right there if it was a bullet. It went straight through my heart.

'Alright. You've been talking to Teacher Nani, haven't you?'



'Did you hear yourself just now?' Man. Bullet number two through the heart. *cough-cough*

Sheesh. So I come up with such selfish ways to solve things sometimes. OK, that's a lie. All the times. Happy? But there were supposed to be harmless (because no one could have missed it; I wasn't serious!). Argh.

Or maybe, I really should tone down my selfish way of saying things. *sigh*

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macha_sezs said...


alamak ticer,kantoi la.

Nas Eyre (Mr.) said...

Tudia...cadangan yang er...tak tau nak kata cana. Hehehe...

Nani Othman said...

macha - haha. tu ah. ter-agape sekejap. lol.

ache - ngeh. kadangkala, anak2 muda kita mmg lurus cap bendul.

inna hayati said...

emmm...agak-agak boleh usul kat parlimen tak idea tu?


Ms.Ratatouille said...

Err.. i used rats for my study. It felt awful the very first time doing it, but no discoveries could happen without animal testing. We tried hard to lessen the pain as much as possible for these animals. Scientists need to remind themselves the fact that animals are noble god creation that could feel pain just like human do. Thus, treat them with much respect. (Some just f**king ignorant-i've seen them in action before)

Nevertheless, the idea to replace animals with mat rempit is a good one. If only it is possible, would love to try though.

Fatin Hazlini said...

Brilliant one :)

aqmaal said...

such an icon you are Nani. So please, at least put on a mask to cover your bluntness :P

speaking of mat rempit, I don't know for many times I had come this close *do that pinching action* of hitting them today. Seriously, if I knock them off, in the end the driver would get the blame kan? Bodo la.

Faisal Admar said...

haha actually i love the idea of do the testing on mat rempit.

they don't even love their life, why not do something useful to the nation?


Nani Othman said...

kak inna - ade sape2 nk tolong jadi aktivis haiwan kat sini ke, yg sudi nk bwk gi parlimen pulak usul ni? i think it should be considered-lah. it's not a bad idea pun. XD

ms ratatouille - some f*cktards hurt animals when they're not even studying anything. like kicking stray cats for example. i'd love to slam a flying kick or two in the faces of people like this. i'm all on Maximum Ride's team in fighting animal testing/cruelty. do come again. =)

Nani Othman said...

fatin - haha. i know.

aqmaal - man. how come there's no law for the crime of rempit-ing? clearly it is a crime kan? how come the people hitting them are punished while the dumbf*cks get away with everything including attempting suicide when it's freaking clearly against the religion (don't even start on rempits might be chinese or indians - we know better). serius. bodo la.

faisal admar - tau takpe kot? haha. the government should really consider this la. XD

S.Azeem Ong said...


hi kak nani~ XD

sorry aaaa. i did read thru ur blog it's just that i cant find the 'momentum' to write a commment. now also like that.

sihat2 selalu ya


ButirStar said...

yang ni kaklong setuju sangat2.

kat tempat kaklong ni ada ramai gak la mat2 rempit. so, lain kali kita boleh wat animal testing dekat dia.


we don't have to be cruel on animals that are innocent. cari je yang nak mati katak cam tu je. (adakah ini terlalu kejam???)

frying pan said...

salam miss nani :)

nice opinion. sy suka cadangan ni. mat rempit perlu..opss...bukan...mesti dijadikan bahan experimen sebab mereka2 ni mmg tak takut mati.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


Nani Othman said...

azeem - you, too. sihat-sihat selalu. =)

long - ye. mmg perlu kita gunakan saja makhluk2 yg gemar mematikan diri secara jijik ini, dibuat testing supaya mati bermaruah. XD tak. tak kejam.

frying pan - ye. thanks. jom kita usul ke parlimen.

Humayra' said...

lol.. hehehhehe...
you remind me back on the days when i still enter debate.
motion: should mat rempit be used as ginny pigs instead of animals.

Ramadhan kaareem, teacher nani!

Nani Othman said...

humayra' - it's guinea pigs, haha. XD

best of prayers for you, too!

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