December 3, 2013

Struggling with:

ASSIGNMENTS - CASE STUDY, ARTICLE REVIEW, PORTFOLIO, RESEARCH PROPOSAL, LESSON PLAN REFLECTION, ACADEMIC WRITING IN RESPONSE TO THE SAID LESSON - the hell am I doing with my life I can't even begin to comprehend this - why are there so many things to do!?

TIME MANAGEMENT - SO MANY THINGS TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME. No. So little skill of managing time's more like it.


* * *

I miss writing so much. The only writing I'm doing now is academic and it's pressuring me (because I don't have enough capacity for academic reading digestion). I just wanna get everything done and go back to free writing to heal the damage in my brain (caused by some sick-ass sickos). Ugh.

And I plan to go to the BBW 2013 on the 14th. Plan, OK, I plan.

I just miss shopping so much.

* * *

I've finished The Orphan Choir and The Gingerbread House - both on the same day (thankful Alhamdulillah my reading speed isn't yet fucked after all the marking I'd been doing all year). The Orphan Choir was a waste of my four hour-reading time, nothing scary - just a load of - you know what? I'm not gonna do this. It's in the past. So, stop. The Gingerbread House, however was pretty good. 3.5 stars from me to the author for keeping me in the seat until I reached the last page. I might buy more titles from her in the future.

* * *

I'm going back to my assignments. Later.