January 6, 2013

January 3, 2013


The world would be a better place if people stop judging others based on how good or bad their grammar is. Dude, that person speaks and writes and blogs and tweets bad grammar, so you decide that she wouldn't make a cool friend. Unworthy of your friendship. But hey get this, she doesn't even know you exist. Who's unworthy of who, now?

There are some things I really do not like in our world, but that's just downright ridiculous. None of us is born with built-in perfect grammar so really, nobody is better than anybody at languages on the day we were brought to earth. It's what we decide to become that makes the difference, that makes any of us better than whoever of us. So honestly quit it.

Grammar? Really?

We are all made of better things, brother. It's time we live that fact. All of us.