November 19, 2012

Love, Ig.

November 15, 2012


Nothing much. Really. Just thought I'd invite all of you to follow me on Twitter. Would be really happy if the silent ones and the not silent ones, too, would say hi and talk to me about anything. I mean, there's this huge-ass iceberg between us and I'm just writing stuff on this side and you guys are reading them from the other side and there are polar bears and penguins and seals and, you know what - we need to break the ice! So. Yeah. I won't bite. Click HERE.

And thanks.

Talk to me, OK?

November 12, 2012

Would you - ?

STOP telling people how to avoid others talking about them. 

Tell the others to not talk about things they know nothing of, instead.

I am SICK of the society where we are taught, 'Don't make people talk about you,' when it should be, 'Don't talk about people you don't know.' We are teaching our kids the wrong things. And that should really change.

I wish I could say, 'I've had enough' but hey, a lot of us are still defined by the things we couldn't say and by the things we couldn't do. Because the society decides what's what. I'd say I hate it, but hey, I'm a part of it. So yeah, I could be hating myself for all I know.

What about you guys? Been through anything similar?