December 31, 2010

Dan aku lagi pandai BM daripada cikgu BM kau.

Kau kata kau Melayu hebat layak bangga sampai mati, sebab kau:
Makan belacan.
Anti tahyul.
Benci English.
Pandai mencarut.
Angau kat Tiz Z*kiah, or however you spell her name.

Kau jugak kata aku Melayu tak sedar diri baik takde kat dunia ni, sebab aku:
Tak makan belacan.
Blog in English and thus hina bangsa aku (kau nak mati sangat dah?).
Baca Harry Potter.
Sarcasm tajam kau tak faham (kau yang bodoh, salah aku pulak).
Suka tengok cerita tahyul bertajuk Merlin.

Aku kata:
Atok engkaulah, pondan. Aku makan je sambal belacan. Aku reti jugak mencarut. Tapi aku sarcastic, aku suka English, aku akan kahwin dengan Bradley James sambil terus meluat kat Tiz Z*akiah. Dan aku lagi pandai BM daripada cikgu BM kau.

Pandai BM tak ada dalam spec yang kau bagi. Padahal itu bahasa rasmi bangsa aku, bangsa kau.

So where the hell EXACTLY do I fit in your black and white definition of either Melayu? 

* * *

Ni aku nak tanya, kamu semua sedar tak yang sebenarnya ada lagi manusia judgmental sakit jiwa macam ni dalam masyarakat kita? Aku ingat habis pupus dah!

December 29, 2010

I'm thankful. Really.

Last night I had a conversation with Eric and Mr. Faisal, regarding a bunch of people (or maybe just a few), who were saying terrible things about me on a blog. Most of them were, well, baseless accusations. They simply picked up some other nameless people's comments and told each other I wrote them, and then be happy about it. Like what the hell? Public display of imbecility. That's what it is. I didn't say anything in defense of myself, though. Because I did nothing wrong.

The stupidity of the whole thing did baffle me for a while (it was almost unbelievable). But that was all. I have not much to say about the situation. Just that, people say what they want, people believe what they want. So, I'll do the same. I believe all the retarded hate comments towards me and blogger Breakeven were written by just one person, who thinks he's a little above everyone else because he's an Anonymous. Which was pitiful. And I'll say, may you live long enough for us to meet just so can apologize to me; personally, for the downright lies you told. Oh, just to keep your mind (if you have one) at rest, I have already forgiven you. I waste no space in my heart for negative feelings, unlike some people. But that's my part. Yours is not yet done. Now live with it. Happily, I hope.

Mr. Faisal was wonderfully supportive. I was a little worried having my name being used that way. But he was around to widen the perspective, revealing to me what kind of person I am and what kind of people they are. That I don't have to be shocked at how stupid people can be. That some people need to get their kicks by lying about others. Then I remembered that stupidity is contagious, so I need not care about the whole matter. Besides, none of them mad claimers have anything to do with my personal life. Insignificant, and having nothing to be proud of as a person. Thus the name Anonymous. Not a wonder at all. So thanks, Mr. Faisal. You're a great friend.

Now, Eric Constantine is a superhero I couldn't thank God enough for. One of the coolest Christian friends I have. He reminded me of patience, perseverance and honesty. Things I had almost forgotten in the midst of surprise (I mean come on, seriously, wouldn't you be surprised when you're as good in English as I am, and someone who has not a single clue on what English is tells you that your English is terrible?) But that was a good one. I had to laugh. Honestly, some people tried really hard to be funny. So I laughed. Poor guy.

And Eric reminded me of forgiveness, too. That it's OK to just forgive people and get on with your life.

'I guess I appeared at the right hour,' he said. At that, I was humbled.

You know what, Eric, you really did. Because when I saw your name last night I recalled that some years ago you once told me, 'Nani-chan, abunai desu yo!' Nani-chan, be careful! Haha. I think I'll remember that for the rest of my life. You're cool Eric. Thanks. I'm proud to be your friend.


Speaking of being proud, I made a new friend last night. I guess something good did come out of the bad thing that happened; the blogger Breakeven. She reminds me of my Kak Imm. The way she thinks and answers my questions. And the way she reacts to some statements, too, sometimes. Hehe. I'm happy.

What happened is just a part of my past. There's a reason why some people will never make it into my future; they're sore losers. There's also a reason why some people should just stay where they are and remain Anonymous for the rest of their miserable lives: they're meaningless.

Oh. School's starting in 3 days. I can't wait to see my kids. I miss verbal vocab-juggling with them. I miss their smiling faces. I miss how youthful being around them makes me feel (not that I'm ancient, mind you). I miss the intensity of teaching. I miss my job. Hehe.

So I have a crazy wonderful life.

And I understand fully, if you are envious of it.

December 26, 2010

I am starting

on THIS and some more~!!
So I'll be off the internet for a while. 
School's starting in a few days. I need to finish at least 5 more books.
See you around!
* * *
UPDATE: On second thought, maybe I'm not gonna start reading this, yet. I don't have the first three books on Tiffany Aching; The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky an Wintersmith. Pft.

December 25, 2010

I might marry

the single, mature, pleasant-looking, proficient in English man who would buy me these. I might. Like, really might. OMG please I'm gonna die!! I want these SO badly! OK, fine I admit - Merlin (TV) did re-trigger that Round Table/Sword in the Stone madness I used to have when I was younger. But it doesn't matter.

At all. 

I simply need these. Or I'll start killing people soon.

OMG someone please help me!


When I was 5, I kinda thought money buys everything.

Now at 25, I know it does.

But then again, so what if it does?

What will I buy when almost everything worth having in the world 
is being destroyed?

December 22, 2010

OK, fine. I did watch Glee.

And it's overrated. Could even be one of the most overrated shows in the history of TV, IMO. I don't know. I don't TV much lately. I can't say much. But it seems overrated. Very.

OK so I watched Glee. I did. The first 13 episodes. I can say only this: It's corny as hell. Corny. As. Hell. Rachel Berry must be the most annoying character (who gets all the solos) ever appeared on TV. The lip-syncing of literally EVERYONE in it just sucks. Finn could be the biggest loser ever, but two girls want him. Will is too mild - boring, but more girls want him. Terri - OK, you know what, let's not even go longer than that about 'Why Glee is not really all that'. I'm not in the mood.

But hey, if there's a reason for anyone at all to watch Glee, she's here. Jane Lynch. She plays Sue Sylvester in Glee. She's evil, and she isn't hiding it. She has this series of crazy-hilarious quotes you could just LOL over, she's crazy-fiercely competitive, and she's Jane Lynch. Haha. Sue's got to be one of the smartest characters on TV these days, you gotta give it to her. She's the best reason to watch Glee. She's my only reason for putting up with Glee. Hehe.

What about you guys? Anyone here a Glee fan?

"You'll be adding revenge to the long list of things you're no good at, right next to being married, running a high school Glee Club and finding a hairstyle that doesn't look like a lesbian." -Sue to Will (S1, ep13)

Man. LOL!

December 21, 2010

So I'm posting. So I'm posting.

OK I admit I haven't been writing much. Not that I think I'm missed or anything. I just thought this insane Bradley James sickness should take a pause. It really, really should. I've been sleeping late watching and listening to his interviews, scavenging for his pictures in DA and all over Google and Tumblr, re-watching Merlin just to look at and listen to him, re-playing both seasons soundtracks non-stop (if Pan could have sore throat, he'd die of excessive MerlinOST-ing), so yeah I think these should come to a stop (for a while). And of course (OF COURSE!) it had been several days of unproductiveness; I still have a few more books to finish, so really. THESE. SHOULD. STOP. Alright. So I'm posting. So I'm posting.

Right, although some might think this Bradley James fever could be bad, the previous post did make something good happen. I got myself a new friend! Hehe. He's called Jacob Gargus, and his blog can be accessed HERE. He's a sixteen-year-old student from Kansas. And personally I think he's cool, a good conversationalist – he really could get the conversation going, what with his being 16 and my being 25. But then again, I'm still very young at heart, so I guess I was quite good as well, hehe. 

Oh, he thought I was born in the States and moved to Malaysia to teach – huhu, compliment accepted, Jacob. Compliment accepted. And since he's also interested in learning about other religions, there was a small talk about Islam last night, which was refreshing. Good to know that some people aren't ignorant. Great to know that some people do know how to respect others' beliefs. Wonderful to know that some people can be mature beyond their age. 

Speaking of which, I felt silly for publishing the previous post (not that I'm taking it down or anything) – it was rather immature, what I wrote. But I needed to let things out, so the post is there to stay. It is there to stay. And since this fever isn't going away so easily (I can tell), I've finally started posting on my Tumblelog, venting my childish infatuation in spasms of Arthur+Gwen reblogs there; so you don't have to worry about having to read any more of my Bradley James craziness here. Hehe. 

Oh, it's been there since last year. I had just started to post in it 2 days ago.

You can call that an escapism blog, a place where I escape to from writing long ramblings, where I could just write a few lines and photospam all I want. 

You wanna see it? HERE

Sorry for the Arthur+Gwen post marathon – it's my current madness. I'll try to get it fixed. OK I lied. I won't. Heh. Everyone is entitled to a little kick once in a while, no?


Anyone here on Tumblr? Do invite me to yours!

Hot. And he knows it. 
(Picture courtesy of Tumblr)

December 17, 2010

Heart status: STOLEN.

And I don't think I'd want it returned. 

It's yours, Bradley James. Keep it.

Arthur: Is what I want really that insane?
Gwen: Yes, Arthur.
Arthur: Then I'm happy being insane.


* * *

OMG MY HEART. *breathes* Wait. What's breathing again?

Alright. Enough spasm. I just want everyone to know that I am destined to marry Bradley James. I am destined to marry Bradley James. I am destined to marry Bradley James. I know this sounds insanely childish, what with the crazy (but true, nevertheless) statement being written three times (I could have written it a hundred times but it would sound the same, so), but I'm in that mood now so you'd do best not saying anything nasty about it. I don't need you to. I am, after all, destined to marry Bradley James. (Yes. I. Am. Besotted. Happy?)

Anyone here a Merlin addict?

December 1, 2010


I'm reading this. 

*keyboard basah*

Sorry. Can't help drooling.

The gorgeousness!


Hardcover. From London. Sudah berbalut plastik.

Would you just look at the gold letterings on the spine!? The pointy tail of the letter S at the end of Bartimaeus' name? Man. That's awesomeness. Seriously.

Menurut maak, she went looking for this and my Silmarillion in six bookstores. Six! They were either sold out, or were simply not there. I was almost frustrated. Almost.

Di kedai buku kelima sebelum this book berjaya dibeli;

Maak: Excuse me, do you have The Ring of Solomon, by Jonathan Stroud and The Silmarillion by Tolkien?
Madam di kaunter: Oh, sorry madam. These books can only be obtained in London. From *I forgot the name of the place*, it's a seven-minute walk to the *I forgot the name of the bookstore*.

And so that was where my mother went. This copy of mine was reserved for someone else who didn't come for it. Some luck. Maak got them, paid, and rushed for the flight home.

Kamu semua patut dengar emak I ajuk ayat perempuan sopan di kaunter terbabit. Haha. Sungguh menawan hati sekali bunyinya.

And the first chapter was already so funny it slowed my reading speed because I couldn't stop laughing. You should get to know Bartimaeus. He's one in a million, and that's an understatement.

Here's a bit for my readers. One of my favourite parts, so far:

"What brought me to your attention tonight, great Master? The ease with which I slew the giant of Mount Lebanon? The zeal with which I put the Canaanite rebels to flight? Or just my general reputation?"

The old man scratched his nose. "None of that; rather it was your behaviour last night, when the watch-imps observed you in the form of a mandrill swaggering through the undergrowth below the Sheep Gate, singing lewd songs about King Solomon and loudly extolling your own magnificence."

The maiden gave a surly shrug. "Might not have been me."

"The words 'Bartimaeus is best', repeated at tedious length, suggest otherwise."

"Well, all right. So I'd had too many mites at supper. No harm done."

"No harm? The Watch reported it to their supervisor, who reported it to me. I reported it to High Magician Hiram, and I believe it has since come to the ears of the king himself." His face became all prim and starchy. "He is not pleased."

I blew out my cheeks. "Can't he tell me so in person?"

- BARTIMAEUS: The Ring of Solomon, page 5.

I couldn't help myself. I LOLed as I rolled in bed. Oh my God, come on. I thought I was offensive. Honestly? That level of comedic insolence? A+. Man. I missed my Bartimaeus times. Insanely. Those. Were the days.

*beams* Now this book is mine. I could go back to my not-yet-gone-youth to fall in love with him all over again. And none of you could ever know how happy I am. Hehe.


What have you been reading lately?