November 28, 2010

I am in need

of these. 


OK, I know. I know. I haven't even started on Bartimaeus and now I'm screaming for new titles already. What a horrible person this Nani Othman is, isn't she? But please, would you just look at them covers!

I am literally drooling. Man.

Hey, do I have a secret admirer? Can you get these for me; if you exist?

* * *

Anyway, what's everyone else's latest craze?

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nani said...

wow. angel looks interesting. are the titles a part of one story or are they separate? because i'm already in too many series to pick up another one right now. grrr! need ta get myself a job to accommodate the need to read! TT^TT

elnoir said...

Is it wrong for me to wish that they didn't stick a real-life person's face on a book cover?
It just destroys the ability to imagine the characters to your liking IMO.
And that expression. Ech.

ButirStar said...

wow~~~!! the must-read book!! but kaklong dah ada byk buku that i really need to finish them first. huhu!! nnt nk pinjam la ngan nani..hehe

anak pak man said...

piano-ing, even though i don't have a piano!
video-making, even though i don't have video-making software!


n0n0i♥a'n'l said...

Ya Allah.. nak jugak buku2 ni.. takde siapa nak hadiahkan utk Noi ke? (T______T)

Kat Tawau ni susah betul nak cari English novel.. kena beli online.. huhuhu.

NadiahZ said...

my latest craze is ipoh white coffee. There soo goood. Oh, and i am trying yo write my own story. TRYING.

bontemps said...

THE GIFT look oh so tempting! would love to get my hands on that book too.

current read(it's a manuscript actually,si i just google it every now and then =)):The Voynich Manuscript

melle. said...

im always wishing for a secret admirer, hehe

Jiyuu said...

I am so drooling over the cover of The Gift. People who say "Don't judge a book by its cover"....I'm ignoring you. Sometimes to my own detriment, yeah, i know. But I gotta go by something, when picking out a book. Otherwise, I'd just sit in the middle of the bookshop and cry (true story) coz I only have so much money.

On the other hand, my latest craze is Korean food! Kimchi, jjajang myun, bibimbap, all the stuff I've drooled over in the dramas. I'm easily influenced, no need to tell me. lol.

Nani Othman said...

angel is part of the maximum ride series - it's the seventh already. the gift is the second in another series, second book. i know the feeling. i'm in too many series already, too. and i'm still picking up ANYTHING i can put my hands on anyway. haha. i hope you'll get a job soon. the wonderful feeling of being able to spend as much as you want for books - indescribable. XD

nope. not wrong at all. but so far there aren't any other choice. if they come up with another cover design, i won't buy this one. XD haha.

haha. sila cept habiskan. pinjam? hm. nanti nani fikir dulu. XD

Nani Othman said...

anak pak man,
i should try that too someday. XD

apa lagi. meh la melawat semenanjung!

i can't do cafeine. migraine. and you're WRITING!!! omg. KEEP IT UP, PLEASE!

Nani Othman said...

tell me about it. i'm almost out of my mind! haha. hm. a manuscript? i should try that, too. XD

oho, you wanna be careful what you wish for. =)

*pats your back* hey. it's OK. =) at least now you have something to look forward to. aha, korean food. is your craze cooking them or simply eating them? oh wait. eating isn't simple. XD hehe.

Jiyuu said...

Well, I gotta cook it if I want to eat it but making it is pretty fun, too actually. And I can learn everything from the internet and Google.

Nani Othman said...

man. that's nice. what can't be learn from the internet these days?

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