November 7, 2010

What makes you beautiful?

A beautiful person isn't necessarily a woman. Men can be beautiful, too - 'My husband is a beautiful person. He makes me laugh at the worst of times,' said a friend. 'I'm beautiful because I love you,' was a text from a friend's boyfriend. And, 'My father is beautiful. He told me I'm the best kid anyone could ever have. I thank God for giving me the best Dad in the world,' was an ending from a student's essay about his father.

I believe that to be beautiful is a choice anyone can make. And since beauty is subjective to almost everyone – you should be able to define beauty easily. You should be able to answer anyone who asks, 'What makes you beautiful?' easily, too. Like I do. Hehe.

What makes you beautiful doesn't necessarily make others look better, nor does it go the other way round. Nobody decides whether you're beautiful or not or what being beautiful really means. It's a personal choice. And no one should make it for you.

I believe I'm beautiful because I'm always thankful that I'm a Muslim, I'm thankful that I'm given countless chances to do good, I don't try to become someone else, I'm fun (you bet I am), I love my family, I appreciate arts, I love easily, I have a terribly soft spot for animals especially cats, I don't tend to lie about how I feel about anything, I'm honest, I'm insanely dedicated to my job, I'm realistic, I'm creative, I'm able to laugh at myself and learn from my mistakes (even the painful ones), I don't fake my smiles (though I can effortlessly fake my tears), I don't fake empathy, I don't keep grudges, I apologize right away when I make mistakes, I forgive everyone and everything everyday, I don't regret the past, I love my students, I love my job, I read like I'm possessed, I write like I'm exorcizing, I draw like I've never heard of cameras, I can befriend almost anyone - and I could go on for another mile or two of what makes me beautifuls, but I don't think that'd be necessary. I think you get me already. *winks*

Now you decide. Like I said, it's a choice everyone should be able to make, easily.

* * *

So, what makes YOU beautiful?

Answers in the comment box. Come on.

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RoSeNoi♥A'n'L said...

I'm beautiful because I love to be ME now matter what people say, I appreciate life, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my pets, I forgive easily, I smile almost everyday, I'm colorful, I'm bright & people love me for who I am ;D

Nani Othman said...

noi - excellent start! now let's wait for the others! XD hehe.

melle. said...

thanks for this inspiring post.

Ayaq said...

I'm beautiful because I'll try to see the positive side even in the worst situation, I smile to anyone who look me in the eye when I pass by (except for the abang2 gatai, I guess. :P), I have a sense of humour, I'm aggressive, I'm dirty, I'm smart and I'm tender.

Boleh gitu?? ;P

Jiyuu said...

I'm beautiful because you're ugly!

Just kidding. I'm beautiful because I can come up with humorous sentences like the above, especially when a friend is down and needs a laugh.

And Nani, you're beautiful because you were the spark that caused me to remind myself of my own beauty. Cheers!

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

what makes me beautiful?
im beautiful coz i always have thought am so beautiful, my life so beautiful..i have a very beautiful im beautiful(just like my therapy)

im a positive thinker..honest with myself and people around nice to everybody and love them..
that's make me beautiful:)

| Larasephia | said...

I am beautiful because I am vulgar

make sense tak? haha

indeed an aspiring post. tq :)

hanieza said...

i like this post.

i am beautiful because i am what i am..

Nani Othman said...

melle - you're welcome. =)

ayaq - nice one. haha. boleh.

jiyuu - oh..that's so sweet of you! XD no one has ever said that to me!

nurulbadiah - true. positive thinking does make people beautiful. keep it up!

larasephia - makes perfect sense.

hanieza - true indeed. =)

balqissy said...

I am beautiful cause being surrounded by beautiful people. ;) And i live on my fantasies. Its kinda 'intriguing', i guess. hahaha

nway, i would rather say my life is beautiful and that makes me think everything is beautiful, indeed.. right? =D

sayapjannaim said...

hey there nani!
i know this sounds so out of the ordinary
but could you give me your email?
or email me at
need a favor from you

Nani Othman said...

balqissy - that's very sweet. life is beautiful, that's why it made everything else beautiful. =) nice.

sayapjannaim - sure. will drop it on your blog. XD wonder what's the favour about. hehe.

Faisal Admar said...

hmm. can i answer in a simple way?

1. humorous.
2. honest.
3. helpful.

enough for today. maybe i will add more, next time? :P

Nani Othman said...

faisal admar - nice one. totally acceptable! XD

lilacfla said...

im beatiful in a way that i wanna be beautiful.

i might not have the chance to choose my look, but definitely, i do have the chance to choose my attitude.


Nani Othman said...


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