December 1, 2010


I'm reading this. 

*keyboard basah*

Sorry. Can't help drooling.

The gorgeousness!


Hardcover. From London. Sudah berbalut plastik.

Would you just look at the gold letterings on the spine!? The pointy tail of the letter S at the end of Bartimaeus' name? Man. That's awesomeness. Seriously.

Menurut maak, she went looking for this and my Silmarillion in six bookstores. Six! They were either sold out, or were simply not there. I was almost frustrated. Almost.

Di kedai buku kelima sebelum this book berjaya dibeli;

Maak: Excuse me, do you have The Ring of Solomon, by Jonathan Stroud and The Silmarillion by Tolkien?
Madam di kaunter: Oh, sorry madam. These books can only be obtained in London. From *I forgot the name of the place*, it's a seven-minute walk to the *I forgot the name of the bookstore*.

And so that was where my mother went. This copy of mine was reserved for someone else who didn't come for it. Some luck. Maak got them, paid, and rushed for the flight home.

Kamu semua patut dengar emak I ajuk ayat perempuan sopan di kaunter terbabit. Haha. Sungguh menawan hati sekali bunyinya.

And the first chapter was already so funny it slowed my reading speed because I couldn't stop laughing. You should get to know Bartimaeus. He's one in a million, and that's an understatement.

Here's a bit for my readers. One of my favourite parts, so far:

"What brought me to your attention tonight, great Master? The ease with which I slew the giant of Mount Lebanon? The zeal with which I put the Canaanite rebels to flight? Or just my general reputation?"

The old man scratched his nose. "None of that; rather it was your behaviour last night, when the watch-imps observed you in the form of a mandrill swaggering through the undergrowth below the Sheep Gate, singing lewd songs about King Solomon and loudly extolling your own magnificence."

The maiden gave a surly shrug. "Might not have been me."

"The words 'Bartimaeus is best', repeated at tedious length, suggest otherwise."

"Well, all right. So I'd had too many mites at supper. No harm done."

"No harm? The Watch reported it to their supervisor, who reported it to me. I reported it to High Magician Hiram, and I believe it has since come to the ears of the king himself." His face became all prim and starchy. "He is not pleased."

I blew out my cheeks. "Can't he tell me so in person?"

- BARTIMAEUS: The Ring of Solomon, page 5.

I couldn't help myself. I LOLed as I rolled in bed. Oh my God, come on. I thought I was offensive. Honestly? That level of comedic insolence? A+. Man. I missed my Bartimaeus times. Insanely. Those. Were the days.

*beams* Now this book is mine. I could go back to my not-yet-gone-youth to fall in love with him all over again. And none of you could ever know how happy I am. Hehe.


What have you been reading lately?

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Nurul said...

is the silmarillion good? it's the one abt the elves rite?

Nani Othman said...

it's part of the LOTR. =) excellent.

Hananeechan said...

how lucky of u!

i only get to read my boring notes for the exam :(

ButirStar said...

the book that i'm reading now:
the Hobbit (nani yg bagi suggestion. ada lagi separuh nak habis)

other 3 books yg perlu dibaca:

1. Darren Shan: birth of a killer
2. Rahsia Perindu: Ramlee Awg Mursyid
3. Dragons of the ordinary farm

Ayaq said...

Can't help it but to read it with an English accent in my head. Haha.

Currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird. I'm late like, bajillion years.

n0n0i♥a'n'l said...

I need new books Nani.. Tawau Bookstore tak banyak buku best, how I wish someone send me books.. haha.

reread Inkheart. No new books, so spend my time rereading.

n0n0i♥a'n'l said...

alamak lupa nak cakap..

Noi tak suka sgt baca e-book sebenarnya, even dah byk kwn2 suggest.. baca lah e-book , baca lah e-book.. takyah susah2 beli..

tak sama lah.......

NadiahZ said...

currently reading beautiful darkness and fanfics.
trying miserably to write.

Jiyuu said...

Man, that's a handsome book. And Bartimaeus and his footnotes are murderous comic!

I'm reading the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. His writing style is just ridiculous and his sense of humor is so twisted its insane. (His take on the creation of the universe, The Big Bang, you gotta read it for yourself or I'll ruin it for you)

Tawau bookstores suck and e-books can't beat paper books! Kita kawan!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! HARDCOVER!! between wat ur doing at London? you're so lucky..

Anonymous said...


elnoir said...

It's like everyone likes a Deadpan Snarker...

I'm still bringing myself to finish Wolf Hall.

eyna said...

currently reading The Time Traveler's Wife.bytheway,could u recommend me some nice books to read?for 17 years old student(that's me) :)

Nani Othman said...

hey. it's still reading. =)

the hobbit nk kuar movie thaun 2012. darren shan nani dah tak larat baca. language dia tak grow up pun lagi, dah bape tahun kuar buku. nnt die matang sket nani belilah buku die.

i havent even started on the mockingbird. you have nothing to be ashamed of. haha.

Nani Othman said...

ebooks suck gila. big time punya suck. haha. XD alah noi, order shipping je mcm kawan nani duk buat. dia takut buku tu nanti abis kat kedai, so die beli kat tenet je. =)

i saw beautiful darkness kt borders time square last two days. first of all i benci gila sbb borders tiba2 jadi kecik, so lepas ni i tamau pi borders dah...i nk gi kinokuniya pulak. XD and i didnt buy it sbb cover dia tak menarik. hehe. tp maybe later it might look interesting.

great that you're writing! keep it up!

Nani Othman said...

tahu takpe. haha. this one is really nice. but my favourite is still the amulet. =) got myself a terry pratchett - tertarik kat cover dia. haha. will start reading it right after i finish stephen king.

anonymous alia,
my mum went there for work. =)

finish wolf hall and tell me if it's good and i should read it.

try anything from chris priestley. he's VERY interesting. =)

Pepper said...

Silmarillion is sick! Hard to read, but very rewarding, I read the book with a lot of "ooooh~" from cover to cover. The book fill in alot of gap.

been ages huh? I still read your blog, but been having bad blog withdrawal for quite some time. Until I write new blog. "Flecks" is for my bimbo alter ego!

"Pepper's" still around, just that I hardly update.

Nani Othman said...

true. lots of gaps. mcm encyclopedia. haha. XD

i like your makeup blog. =) keep it up. later2 i would like to join your contests!

eyna said...

what kind of novels he wrote? i personally love fiction with probably a little bit romance and comedy in it. and mystery novels too.

Nani Othman said...

he does horror fiction. =) for teenagers. i like his works.

Anonymous said...

hey, for your darren shan comment, actually those books are made for children, that's why the language is like that.. he actually writes for adults too under pseudonym D.B Shan.. i like his adults novel better. try procession of the dead.. weee


Nani Othman said...

sam - i wasn't talking about the books. i was talking about darren shan, the person. i like the stories. i just got bored with the language.

will look for his adult books. thanks. =)

halawatul iman said...

hey. sorry for the silence.:)
did your mom really went London just to buy you this book?

then, your mom is the goddess of coolness

Nani Othman said...

no prob. =) i've been reading your rambling and had been quite as well. no harm done. hehe.

my mum went to london for work. but i did give a list of books i want for her to 'tolong belikan' when she's there. i've been asking around, no one could find a hardcovered bartimaeus in malaysia..and so since my mum's there, she could get one for me.

hehe. goddess of coolness. no doubt. XD

Sue said...

Dear nani,

Hi...salam perkenalan...
We've "met" before in fb (well, sort of) in d group dat discussess d wonderful world of malay cinema. Anyway, would just like to let u know that I love u. I also hate u. But mostly love. Or is it hate? I'll decide later.

I love u for being a fellow bartimaeus fan (what do we call ourselves? Bartimaerians? D Barties? Footnote lovers?). One of the best fictional character ever created/written. Definitely can kick sparkly vampire boy's a**.

I hate u for having dat book.

Yours Truly
Sue Sylvester wannabe

Nani Othman said...

omg i'm so sorry. so so sorry i'd just noticed your comment JUST NOW! i wonder what happened to the notification, im so sorry for the late reply. so sorry!

ok so yeah, i love you too for being a bart fan. haha. XD and uh..adeh, please don't hate me.

and come again~!

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