November 19, 2010

So teaching is your LAST choice, no?

Been a while since I last scribbled here. I was occupied with things I wish to not share with my readers because they'd definitely bore you. Grammar stuff. Writing stuff. Not everyone's cup of tea. I know. We'll skip that. Don't worry.

I need to let of some steam now. Emo fags can leave. Awesome people, stay (if you want).

A few days ago I got pissed (You: Nice way to start a post). If you're a frequenter of my ramblings you'd realize this. It's not easy to piss me off, and I piss people off really easily. But there were exceptional moments in which there were exceptional issues, I get pissed. Really pissed.

'Aku kalau tak dapat kerja lain, aku apply lah jadi cikgu. Jadi cikgu ni last choice aku lah,' was the shitty statement that pissed me off some days ago. I mean really, last choice? The way some people think TOO highly of themselves amazes me sometimes. Note to self: I should stop thinking too highly of myself, too. I must have been pissing SO many people already. Ish.

So teaching is a noble profession. It accepts people with even the sick above mentality into its elite circle of educators who have always wanted to teach, to make a change. Really man, who in heaven are you to have the right to claim ANY job on earth to be your last choice? Where did that demeaning statement come from? Kepala engkau jadi besar gila tiba-tiba sebab engkau ada degree urban planning (walaupun engkau taktau pun apa benda engkau belajar selama 4 tahun tu)?

Now, I'm not apologizing for this: These people are a bunch of morons who actually believed that they're doing the education system a favor by filling in the posts as teachers – while at the same time proudly proclaiming that, 'Kalau aku dapat kerja lain, aku tak mintak jadi cikgu.' These kind of sick-minded people; idiots, DISGUST me. Big time. Gila annoying ah orang macam ini. Perasan tahap tinggi punya disgusting.

If you're one of these people, what in the burning hell actually made you think that there's even ONE of us who chose this profession as our first had EVER wanted YOU to be one of US (even if you're the last living thing on earth and the world will end if you don't become a teacher)? We teachers have witnessed enough garbage that came into schools (because their degrees aren't getting them the right jobs) bringing nothing but ruin with them. Semuanya sebab teaching was their last choice. We don't want you here. We never did.

Your degrading statement, keep it to yourself. It's ugly you know, being desperate and jobless and seeking pity from a system you so fucktardingly claimed to be your last resort when the truth is - as most of us know – it had always been your only choice ever, because it's the only forgiving one ever. It's the only profession on earth that accepts people like you – who had nothing but a degree that just won't get you any job (because well, you have your own reasons, don't you?). The only one that gives chances to people to change and become more than they thought they could. But some people just don't learn. While some just won't.

Since when did the education system become a dumpster of people who squeezed through engineering, architecture, programming, networking etc, with this huge-ass stupid way of thinking along the way; It's OK to be small as long as you have a job? Seriously, dude. If you think we're small, you shouldn't be here. You really shouldn't.

If you're not since the beginning, at all, teacher material – do something else. Don’t teach. It's frustrating seeing people who are not meant for the job struggling with it. Terrible sight. I feel the insane urge to break their noses everytime they whine about how this job isn't for them and they're doing it anyway so the kids better appreciate them. Like seriously man, you have to be freaking mentally disturbed to actually have the nerve to say something like that. And like seriously too, man, unless you haven't heard; teaching isn't really for everyone.


I'm sorry if this came as a shock to some of you. I needed a place to vent my negative charges off, and I hate to get all emo-bapuk-ish on my FB wall. So here I am. Heh. Itu belum I mengamuk kes orang-orang yang perasan layak jadi cikgu English just because they blog in (crappy) English. I hope I won't ever have to. Haha. Gila jahat statement terbabit. Tiba-tiba pulak. XD

How's everyone by the way?

30 scribbleback (s):

S.Azeem Ong said...

oh. i really dislike statements like that.

some really take the teaching profession lightly. i believe i don't have what it takes to become a teacher which is why i did not take teaching (eventho my mom hoped for it).

i look down on those who "aku amik perguruan ni sbb mmg option terakhir aku"


RoSeNoi♥A'n'L said...

HAHAHA nani.. It's OK, I'll stay and read it to the end. :)

Yep.. memang annoying betul siapa yang buat statement tu. Bagi Noi, jadi cikgu ni bukan tugas yang mudah. Bukan je nak kena mengajar, tapi kita pon kena belajar gak sebenarnya. We learn to teach. That's why Noi respect sesiapa yang dapat jadi cikgu yang baik. :)
Sesiapa yang wat statement macam cikgu ni macam keji sangat tu, bole blah la.. berhenti je jadi cikgu kalau tanak sgt.. pathetic!

Ibu Noi dari dulu nak Noi jadi cikgu, tapi Noi taknak apply sebab Noi tak minat sangat pon. Tanggungjawabnya besar, rasa macam tak terpikul. Tapi sebab kena 'paksa' so apply lah jugak tapi tak pernah dapat sebab niat tu tak ikhlas kot.. hahaha.

Tapi makin lama, makin timbul minat plak.. Noi selalu sangat babysit cousin sambil-sambil mengajar lah. That's why Noi apply preschool course (kali ni dengan rela hati).

I don't mind being jobless (ada sebab nape Noi benti keje lepas fikir masak2 hari tu). And I promise to myself, kalaulah ditakdirkan Noi dapat jadi cikgu, Noi nak jadi seorang pendidik yang baik.

Tu yang Noi jadi menyampah giler kalau orang cakap "Aku nak jadi cikgu sebab gaji dia besar!" .. WTF???
Kalau sebab tu je, baik takyah lah.

cafiena said...

OMG. i am in rage whenever i found someone say,"teaching is easy. kalo tak dapat keja nanti, jadi cikgu saja-lah. kerja pun senang." or "good for you. kerja cikgu senang. tak perlu overtime. working hours pun half day. bla bla bla"

my parents are both teachers. once upon a time. and seriously, sekarang nak tampar kuat-kuat orang yang cakap macam tu.

oh, darn, i AM in rage.

i hate to say this, but bad student comes from bad teacher. you see, student are very curious, they ask a lot. half hearted teacher or jadi-cikgu-untuk-dapat-duit-hujung-bulan is good at deflecting student question, or ignoring them at all.

after meeting several of those, student pun jadi half curious or ignore teacher terus.

and then come along the good teacher, trying to gain trust and interest from student. things get harder for them.

saya dah gaduh banyak kali dengan spesies ini. oh marahnya!!

i seriously have no idea where they get such thoughts. i guess it really come from whirlpool of idiocy, or to say the least, mentality sampah.

kids are perceptive. they can spot pretenders easily. but since they were kid, they have to get along.

ok, i shoud stop now. i am all topsy turvy because rage hormone all over me.

Ayaq said...

Yeaaa statement jadi cikgu as a last resort tu memang annoying. Being a teacher is a beeeeeeeeeeeeeg responsibility. Saya nak mengajar, tapi tanak tanda essay, bagi markah projek bagai boleh tak? Hehe. Ok lari sebelum Kak Nani marah. *flees*

Orang yang nak bagi nasihat tentang BI, pastu tiba2 that's mean instead of that means. Rasa nak gelak guling2 tepuk2 lantai depan orang itu.

Chameleon said...

and i love teaching badly...whoever says that in front of me, i'll be sure to 'teach' them one day, what teaching exactly is.

Aisya Shurfa said...

These people are the reason why other people look down on teachers.

Why do people assume being a teacher is easy? It's a humongous task, cuz not only do you have to TEACH around 30 whole students at one time, making sure each and every one doesn't get left behind, but you also have to be a guide, a good example, and sort of a parent to the kids during school hours. And that's not easy, especially if you're a high school teacher dealing with teenagers going through craaaazy hormonal changes...

I guess maybe the selection process for teachers needs to be more strict. There are way to many teachers who don't have teaching material. Is it because we have a shortage of REALLY good people who DO have what it takes?

If so, then something needs to be done. Either filter them out awal2 when they apply to masuk the education stream in uni, atau filter them out when the time comes to send these education students out into the world...

My friends have had to teach TESL students in UM, and sadly, most of them can't even speak English properly. When asked why they're taking TESL, they say 'because I want to learn English'... Do I detect an urge to facepalm? Yes. Yes I do.

So. How to fix this? Start from school! Hire only the best teachers to teach, so that the students can grow up to be excellent teachers, too! Doing the opposite will only create a vicious cycle.

So who says teaching's easy? Teachers are the doorway to the rest of peoples LIVES. Jangan main-main.

Jiyuu said...

I've experienced first hand the effect a lousy teacher has on students. I personally think that the government should set up a system to choose teachers more carefully. However, its a catch-22 predicament. There is a constant need for more teachers to teach the ever increasing population. So what do we compromise? Enforce tighter screening and risk having classrooms with no teachers, or adopt an 'anyone is welcome' attitude and risk poisoning the minds of our young?

Its not for me to say, though. Hey, even though I've always wanted to be a teacher, I'm stuck with an engineering degree...

ariana said...

Hi Nani,

I have to admit, I took TESL when I was in my degree years, determined to go into schools or universities and make a change. It was HARD. I stuck by it for a year and I am ashamed to say, I gave up.

It felt horrible, walking into school everyday and doing a crappy job at teaching English. I mean, in terms of fluency, I'm pretty ok, but I seriously can NOT seem to teach well at all! It made me feel guilty towards my students who had to sit in my class with boring and confused looks on their faces. So whoever who says that teaching is their last resort as if it's the easiest thing in the world to do seriously need to knock their heads against a wall multiple times.

You're right, teaching isn't for everyone. It was my first choice, and I seriously loved it when my students managed to learn SOMETHING, but those moments were not easy to come by.

I didn't give up on my students because I knew they could do amazingly, if only they had a good teacher to show them the ropes, but I certainly am not the person for the job. People tell me that I will "grow into it", but honestly, I did not want to be one of those teachers who came into class, drone on and on and on about something the students have no interest in, give h/w without caring if they understood me, walk out and mark exam papers. I AM ashamed of walking out of the profession, but I believe that the spot I was occupying should be given to someone more deserving of the job.

A lot of the things you say, I usually don't agree with, which is why I usually keep quiet, but this post really spoke out to me. Congrats :) Sorry for the long comment.

ButirStar said...

sgt x ske statement yg mengatakan jd cikgu is the last choice!!

cikgu ni pekerjaan yg mulia. senang je dapat pahala free. yg org2 yg bongok lagi jahil ni kata last choice tu nape??

ada gak cikgu kat sekolah long kata gitu. macamlah keje cikgu ni hina, kena control budak2 yg nakal n kurang fokus. tiap2 hari dia kutuk students dia, siap kata xde harapan.

boleh blah la org2 cam ni!!

gemok united said...
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aqmaal said...

hey there

You got me nodding my head few times, and I couldn't agree more. Somehow, do they not think that because of this "last choice" attitude lah had caused the pupils to have crappy attitude towards school. I second that, not many are awarded with teaching skills and I myself, still learning (only that I hope I don't fall into your category teachers bangga teaching english with horrendous grammar knowledge :P)to tackle the problems I had with the second language learners.

Well I've come here to read you and update you with my new URL.

I've got nuisance from German checking on my site, with her entire clan from the overseas gawking over my randomn notes hoho

keep writing nani, although it pisses everybody off. But you know they'll come back :)

NadiahZ said...

i know its late...
it's not much....
but here's u're birthday gift...

avid gunner said...

it's not really my place to speak on the behalf of all dedicated teachers out there, but i gotta say these people aren't fit to be part of anything. let alone being a teacher.

anak pak man said...

Cikgu: APM, hang study katna laani?
Me: Institut Pendidikan Guru Pulau Pinang.
Cikgu: Oh, hang memang nak jadi cikgu ka?
Me: Ya.
Cikgu: Baguih laa, jadi cikgu, senang..
Me: *scoffs, walks away smiling..


I really want to be a revolutionizer.. that's my dream.. to change the system.. to make it better.. to make teaching respected again for all the right reasons.. that would be the accomplishment of my dreams..

Nani Othman said...

MANY take the profession likely. now i don't claim to be the best, but i always keep this in mind: ajar anak orang the way you want your kids to be educated. and these people don't really care about you or anyone looking down on them. or they wouldn't have existed.

tabah sungguh sanggup stay baca smpai habis. XD hehe. great to know that you are interested to join us. pre-skool kids? gila awesome. i could never be so patient with small kids. i hope i'd change when i have mine one day, haha.

jadi cikgu sbb gaji dia besar? dude, kalau gaji ko besar mane pun, perbelanjaan tak pandai urus takdenye jadi kaya. stupid.

Nani Othman said...

sabar. sabar. haha. takde kerja yang senang dalam dunia ni. menganggur pun susah tau? kalau menganggur tu senang, semua orang akan menganggur. anyway, i was also in rage. thus the post. hehe. but i guess i'm not angry anymore. i'm plain disgusted still, tho.

regarding your statement bad teachers make bad students, i must say i agree. it applies to parents and their kids, too, most of the times. children imitate almost everything they see, because they haven't yet the filtering system for dos and don'ts. it's OUR responsibilty to make sure that only the right stuff went to them.

but i guess there are some people who just wouldn't do that.

mengajar includes tanda essay, bagi markah projek and all those stuff - nak mengajar tapi taknak buat yang lain = taknak mengajar. simple as that.

yeah. that's mean sangatlah annoying. XD

bontemps said...

it's not easy to be a teacher that's for sure,! hehehe... to me being a teacher means taking up the responsibility to mold ones child towards becoming a better person. definitely NOT easy. .

Nani Othman said...

you go girl/boy! (gomen, i can't really tell whether you're a girl or a the name). teach them!

what pisses me off bigger time is how teachers today are chosen. many of them are these 'last choice' morons who got in just because we don't have enough teachers who REALLY wanna do it. i agree with you, FILTER is the solution. why include half-hearted people in the profession where nothing comes out of half-hearted effort?

and taking tesl because you wanna learn english - gila mcm nak marah i baca!!

many people say teaching is easy. i bet they'd make the worst of teachers.

you're not stuck. there are teachers in my school who were once engineers. they fell in love with school and the kids. and now they are dedicated teachers. =) you could be one of them. who knows?

Nani Othman said...

i was reading the comments with my sister. yours surprised both of us. we both disagreed with it. strongly.

personally, i don't think there's a need to be ashamed of walking out of something you believe you cannot do. everyone on earth is born differently. none of us does one particular thing as excellently as any of us. different people, different potential. why the shame? i could never digest that.

my sister used to really love to draw, and she had this feeling that her drawings are not that good and that they're never going to improve. so she quit drawing and is now designing seriously. she's even selling her designs online right now. she was not ashamed of quitting drawing. and it was not because she didn't have the right talent, but it was because she could do something else way better.

i used to try drawing manga. but i couldn't churn out a character and a plot worthy of recognition. most of mine looked like it was drawn like a takeuchi worshipper (well i was one, haha - still am, HAHA), so i quit and i only do illustrations now. no more storyboards and planning. and i wasn't ashamed. it was simply something that wasn't meant for me. teaching is.

quitting something you can't do isn't something you should be ashamed of. that's the same as saying everyone should be able to do it, whatever it is - and that's plain nonsense.

i hope you've found something that you can do greatly, and i hope you love it. there's not one person on earth without a single a talent. helen keller was blind, deaf and mute. she made it big anyway.

and your end note regarding the many things i said that you disagreed with, we have something in common now. i disagreed with you on our very first encounter. =)

Nani Othman said...

nani pun tak suka! orang2 yang sebut pasal last choice ni sebenarnya cakap pasal diri sendiri. diorang tu yang bitter sebab - ah, well, adelah sebab diorang yang pathetic kita taktau tu kan, nak sembang kencang pasal kerja orang pulak. cheh.

apa? kutuk student? wao. dia dah check namelist kat syurga tu. ada nama dia agaknya. XD

i'm still learning, too. it's something i really love to do pun. i love the fact that i could be learning a thing or two or more from my students, seeing the world through their eyes and the way they live - i'm learning to be appreciative of my job. =) hehe.

thanks for the update. will definitely pay you a visit after this. share more about the german babe, man. that sounded interesting! haha.

and yeah i'll keep writing. i know the butthurts will come back. they always do.

Nani Othman said...

thanks. they made me laugh. haha. i especially like the harry potter ones. XD

avid gunner,
wao. i hadn't even thought of saying something like that. man. that was harsh. XD

anak pak man,
jeez. a TEACHER said that. gila awesome ah dia. bagi sini number fon beliau. i'll give him/her some pieces of my mind! cheh.

it's like being parents. not easy. ask any.

nani said...

hak ni mmg xley blah a. aku nak tanya lah kan, kau belajar tinggi2 or x seberapa tinggi or whatever tu dari siapa ea? bukan cikgu jugak ke? bukan cikgu ke yang ajar kau? dari buta huruf dari bodoh sampai pandai dari sijil ke diploma ke degree. bukan cikgu ke??? so apa yang buat kau rasa besar sangat sampai kau fikir kau boleh cakap seolah2 perguruan ni something yang insignificant that it could be your bloody "last" choice. bodoh! if you were so good you wouldn't have to have a last choice in the first place. bengap. bangang. no, actually. no words in the existing language of man can actually equally describe the measure of stupidity of these people. mindset zaman orang gua2 i bet.

nani, bengang gila i dengar. you x sembur ke hamba allah yg cakap tu? patut kena jea. your way with words would surely have made the person want to crawl in a hole and die in there. ish.

Nas Eyre (Mr.) said...

Oh..saya sudah baca ini post. Tetapi tidak comment. Sangat tak setuju ya...senang2 nak kata, "Ni last choice." Haih...Macam ni la yang esok2 budak2 semua jadi tak betoi.

Nani Othman said...

no. i tak sembur. sebab dia lebih muda dari i 2 or 3 years. being childish and poyo most of the times, logically memang dia tidak matang, besar kepala, perasan bagus, doesn't know what he's talking about, emotionally unstable and he gets pissed at the smallest of things. i'll tell you on FB nanti. hehe. and kalau i sembur pun, it won't go into his head punya. so i decided to let him live his fantasy. biar dia dengan last choice dia, as if ANYONE has made him a first for anything. peh.

and yeah, no word could describe the size of these people's heads. besar betul. mindset orang gua2 pun still respect tok-tok guru, nani. ini dah mindset global warming, panas tak tentu pasal. XD

cikgu-cikgu macam ni ramai, ache. nanti you're in the system you tau lah. mmg rasa nk break some noses punya.

smaLL girL said...

kalau nak menconteng dalam bm boleh? heheh.

thanx 4 dropping by a comment at my site. how'd u stumble upon it btw?

nice post there. its high time that ppl realise this. to improve the education system is to first "upgrade" the mentality of the educators. crappy teachers just contribute to a whole lot more obstacles to the community if compared to other crappy ppl in other professions..

Al-Saachez said...

la ni susah kot nak apply jadi cikgu. even kawan aamir yang dapat 7a spm pon tak lepas. tapi taking teaching as the last choice in your profession list just because you didnt get your dream job is just plain pathetic especially when you dont have the passion in teaching. maybe these people think that teaching is just a mere profession. but personally IMHO, teaching is more than that. it's about the sacred bond between teachers and students. and you dont wanna make bad impression on your students for being desperate and trying to get their sympathy just because you didnt get your dream job

AlterEgo said...

Hi again.

Haha, so we agree to disagree then?
Your reply actually made me feel better about walking away. I guess I've been pressured into thinking I'm a failure for not being able to teach when it's what I've always wanted to do, but deep down, I know I did something right.

Better to find my own niche right?

Just to confirm, yes, I'm writing now. And while I'm not perfect (those horrendous grammatical mistakes I made in the last comment, for example) and I don't get paid as much as when I was teaching, but I LOVE it.

So I guess I'll have to change the world through my words instead of my teaching. haha.

Thanks. Really :)

Nani Othman said...

small girl,
sometimes i go blogwalking, when i run out of things to download. hehe. and on one of those days i stumbled upon yours. =) ad thanks for sharing the view. i'm with you.

apply senang, dapat pun boleh tahan lah senang kalau pandai microteaching dan memang passionate. tapi i agree-lah, no one has the right to belittle any profession as senang or last choice just because they suck at finding a job they want.

great to know that you feel better. and great to know that you're doing something you like right now. good luck in changing the world through words. i'm trying that too. =)

Farhan Azmi said...

teacher?I'm not, but my parents does.I know how they feel(not entirely)n it's a really noble job,i should's pretty late for me to realized how great being a teacher was until now,ughh(due to some circumstances)..but,nvm.i have to stick n proceed to whatever course i am taking n hoping the best for it.i can't turn back or run away as i already half the way through my graduation.I'll try my best through my semester n i don't want to upset my parents again(by not following their footsteps..*sigh*..).I'm tempting on doing part time teaching during this semester break and hopefully all went well.For teachers out, all the best,kay?..^^

Nani Othman said...

farhan - hey. we all have our paths. i hope you'll walk yours proudly and victoriously. =) teaching isnt the only noble job in the world. there are other jobs, too. so good luck in whatever you do, alright?

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