February 6, 2011

To ALL readers.

I just need to ask this:

How many of you actually come back to NaniScribbles! after you dropped a comment to read my reply?

Because I reply to EVERY comment. I hope no one feels like, 'Eleh, dia ni tak baca pun komen aku. Nak balas lagilah.'

I repeat, I reply to EVERY comment!

Now answer me. 

If you always come back to read my replies, say, 
'I!' or 'Saya!' or 'Aku!' in the comment box!

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M. Faiz Syahmi said...

me.! me.!
but sometimes i feel like i dont need to reply back. heheh.

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...






Ok2, that's enough Zara.
I read your comment/replies sis.

Nani Othman said...

faiz - thanks.

zara - thanks.

that's all?


Bashtiah said...


Farahanani Amhazali said...

Saya kak!!

and you read my blog too..


Ayaq said...


Ok dah la tu.

cafiena said...


i subscribe by email for any replies, which i can read by built in email feature through my phone. 24/7, but i can't reply, unless i get proper internet connection and laptop, typing using phone is so tedious and tiny keyboard turn me off to scribble anything.

thus, we need some ample time to reply too.

sometime i want to reply too but not sure what to say. currently didn't have that much of confidence.

Lisa Farhana; said...

I mean, I!


Benrauf said...


anak pak man said...

J! eh, I!

MuNsYi SaMa said...


I leave my comment and always come back to read your reply. Although it's been a while since I commented here. But I still read your blog and other comments. ;)

keep enlighten me with your writing sensei. :D

i.am.belle said...

Saya :)

Iblis said...


Luna said...


Nani Othman said...

bashtiah - haha, OK.

farahanani - of courselah i kunjung balas people who come to my blog. hehe.

ayaq - lol. banyak tu.

cafiena - that's cool! it's ok if you dont reply back. i just wanna know if anyone's missing my replies to them. =)

Nani Othman said...

lisa farhana - haha. OK!

benrauf - OK jugak. XD

anak pak man - haha. yay!

munsyi - thanks. great to know that!

Nani Othman said...

belle - hehe.

iblis - grins back at you.

luna - LOL!

Benrauf said...

dropping another comment just so u know i really do come back to read ur reply XP

Nani Othman said...

benrauf - oh i have to give you a virtual hug then! *huggie* haha.

Masrudy Omri said...

Saya tak pernah comment pun. *ashamed*

Okay so this is my first comment ever, I promise I will singgah here more often!

Aisya S. said...


inna hayati said...




Nani Othman said...

masrudy omri - nope. this is your second time. the first was here - http://naniscribbles.blogspot.com/2011/01/warna-warna-2011-teacher-nani.html


aisya - arr!

kak inna - haha. ok to all!

Masrudy Omri said...

I'm back! Haha.

omg you actually remember...? I'm impressed!

Nani Othman said...

masrudy omri - i remembered your name and that you once commented somewhat recently..so i went through the previous posts' comments. found yours. and i thought, 'i knew it!'

Aisya S. said...

Rudy, it's so weird seeing you here! :D

Aisya S. said...

But in a totally awesome way!

Nani Othman said...

aisya - haha. weirdly awesome!??

Terra Shield said...


Tapi lewat sikit ;)

Nani Othman said...

terra - no prob. ngaha.

nani said...

I!! i definitely come back to read your reply. i mean the comments section is half the fun to me. and it's always a bummer when i comment on someone's post and they more or less cold-shoulder it. lol.

dstf said...

nk tye soklan leh tak kak?

Nani Othman said...

nani - ahaha! that's wonderful! =) yeah i find it slightly sad when you comment on people's blogs and they just..don't care about it. XD

dstf - boleh je. nak tanya apa?

AJ Nismihan said...

For me, every single comment will be replied, as part of appreciation to my reader.

and i believe others will do so too.

thus, i will tick 'email follow-up comments to ...' or even try my best to use RSS feed if that is not blogspot based.

and i really appreciated those blogger who appreciate commentor; like you.

ya, this is first time i comment here.
better late than never rite.

love your entry in one way; keep it a life then. cause inspiring people like you may bring the mood or writing back to me; at the end.



have a great day then.

Nani Othman said...

AJ Nismihan,
thanks so much for dropping by. your comment made me smile. hehe. hope you had a good stay, and do come again. =)

AJ Nismihan said...

Ya, i am coming.
as long as there are something as my thought food here, i will always drop by; excuse for my time constraint too, cause i cant buy enough time even with all the money in this world.

as long as you being yourself, you cant be wrong Nani; cause i believe every human are naive and in good deeds by default, unless we try not to be human at last.


have great life then Nani.


Nani Othman said...

AJ Nismihan,
thanks again. hehe. yeah true you can't buy time. you have to make time. =) i'll always be myself. i'll always try to be my best self.

and i'll have a great life.

you too.

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