February 7, 2011

Britney, outgrown.

People do sometimes ask if I had ever listened to any song sung in English, since most songs I have downloaded are either Japanese or Korean. The reason? I'm Asian. So I pretty much listen to Asian music. I really have nothing against American singers, unlike what many people think (I just think Justin Bieber sucks). But I might have lost the connection to their music. That's all.

I used to listen to lots of English, back then when I was in school, when even Britney Spears' songs had some substance in them (now it's just sex and sex, so I got bored). I listened to tons of Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync, too. And a bit of Westlife. Just a bit. I can't stand musical marshmallows melting in my ears (that's what I think their songs sound like – sweet but too gooey for my liking). I could sing a song or two – or more, without tripping over the lyrics. Sometimes I even sang with my classmates. Those were pretty times.

I guess I grew out of American Pop music. I've outgrown Britney and her used to be snappy dance steps (I was not very much interested in her singing, most of the times she was just nasal, and I'm no fan of nasal) and 'N Sync's beats. Now I listen to W-inds (been a fan of these guys since I was 17), BoA and SHINee though I don't really get what they say even at the best of times. But their music speaks to me. And every song is a language of its own, no? It reaches different people differently; beautifully. So yeah. I don't listen to much English these days. But I believe I still listen to good music.

As far as I can honestly remember my school years, most of my girl friends wanted to be just like Britney. Back then in their eyes, she had everything. She had money, she had fame, a pretty face, a sellable nasal voice and a wonderfully sculpted tummy most of them wished they too had, so they could wear tight, low-cut jeans to freaking Kangar. But we can't stop how people wanna grow up, can we? So now Britney still shows her wonderful tummy (and lots more, you know she does) my guy friends used to drool over; she just doesn't sing innocence anymore. She grew up.

Today when I look at how much I had grown up since those days, I couldn't exactly believe where I am. I used to think my teachers were really cool people, like really cool people. Now that I'm doing what some of them are still doing, their coolness literally rocked my world. Like, literally. They had done SO CRAZY MUCH it's not even funny. I don't know if any of my kids see me the way I used to see my teachers, but I'm not gonna be surprised if they don't. This is, my friends, a crazy hard job to do. And to be likeable while doing it might even be harder. 

I grew up, too. I realize that. I used to care about what people might think of me, as if they mattered. I used to wonder if there will ever be one day when I can please everyone. I once even thought money can't buy happiness. And I can't remember ever giving much thought about what I wanted to do after I leave school. TESL just happened because I love English. And teaching happened because I have always loved school. For a path that easy, I have only God to thank.

So here I am. Now. Thank you, Allah;

Britney Spears outgrown, and learning how to make my kids better English speakers and writers. And I'm struggling insanely hard. But this is what I love to do. So struggling or worse, I'll make it through smiling. One day, it will all pay off. I know it will.


What have you guys outgrown as you grow up? 

Do share.

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HiKaru said...

Things that i've outgrown? Hm..i've outgrown the belief of "true love / fairy tale love"

Reality check, you cant fall in love with someone, get married and raise children WITHOUT knowing him and anyone related, inside and out.

Nani Othman said...

i agree. truly.

love at first sight? crap.

Aisya S. said...

Awww. What a beautifully sweet post this is.

Made me feel all nostalgic, too.

I do have something else to say but I think I'll save it for later, cuz, man, I only had two hours of sleep last night and if I don't go to bed now, I might die.

anak pak man said...

Waa, teacher, me too! TESL just happened because I loved English and giving people knowledge. Alhamdulillah~

What have I outgrown? My old clothes.


But seriously, I would have to say bad music too. (Boo, now I'm just copying you)

I have outgrown my gullibility, I guess. I used to believe anything anyone told me with a straight face, even on things that were purely opinions. I wasn't a person who had much of an opinion on anything. I usually just parroted stuff from other people and took in information without filtering any of it. Now, I guess I know better. :)

Anonymous said...

I think theres plenty of good American music. You should listen to Taylor Swift's song. Its just a matter of choice. I bet Korean & Japanese also have their own version of Britney Spears.

Benrauf said...

I still love what I loved and think the way I thought when I was three. :D

avid gunner said...

back when i was at secondary school, i listened to lots of western musics just for the sake of learning their language. but as it turned out, there were nothing much i can learn from crappy pop, radio-friendly songs. the lyrics are all about meaningless sex and booze. unless i was hoping to become a pimp, i guess there were no use for me to listen to these craps.

i still listen to english songs nowadays but i got more selective. no more radio-friendly pop songs.

Ayaq said...

I'm still a Britney's fan. Haha.

I have outgrown......hm. Drooling over cute boys. Like OMG cutenye drooooool. Sekarang macam, ok, cute. Next. Haha what is happening to me?! :P

I have outgrown big baggy jeans and big clothes. I have outgrown..entah tak boleh pikir dah.

p/s: Am I the only one who find T.Swift annoying?

Nani Othman said...

aisya - jeez thanks! =) i had an itch to write, but i had nothing to be angry about, so i wrote something nice like this. haha. now when i'm reading it again, i feel, 'hey, it's not that bad to be nice sometimes!' haha! ah. you had very little sleep, why? too much work kah?

anak pak man - yay kita sama! *hi-5!!* haha. yeah. it happened for me just like that, too. i'm grateful for it.

and yeah that was pretty awkward. that you have outgrown your old clothes. but i laughed. haha. honestly, too!

now that you have outgrown your gullibility, i guess you have tons of opinions of your own to share, no? that's great, anak pak man. you keep it up!

Nani Othman said...

anonymous - bro/sis, don't forget to leave a name next time you comment, ok? it's uncomfy to have to call someone Anonymous. it's not nice. =( anyway yeah, i agree there are still good american music around..just that i don't listen to much english anymore. and plus i can't connect with taylor swift..since her songs sound quite similar to each other..so i think she sounds quite boring. yeap. it's a matter of choice. and about korean and japanese having their own britney, i don't know. since i don't listen to dull, repetitive lyrics in any language anymore. if there are korean and japanese britneys..i haven't heard of them. thanks for coming!

benrauf - i can't even remember how my brain worked back then. but i remember pinocchio. that was the first book i read when i was 3.

Nani Othman said...

avid gunner - that's cool, mate. to learn a language through songs. that's a fun way to do it. but yeah i have to agree that there are too much sex in today's songs it's almost pointless to care anymore. but there was a song someone made for a fanvideo of gwen and arthur on youtube, it's called Everything - can't remember the singer though. i think that song was pretty nice. =)

ayaq - hoho cool! i'll remember to not write nasty stuff about her - if i'd ever have any. hehe. oh? drooling all over cute boys should NOT be stopped! it's a fun thing to do! i still do it now, to ben barnes' pictures! haha. and brandon routh's! ok. that was too much.

p/s: Nope. I find her annoying too, sometimes.

kayah said...
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kayah said...

Teacher nani, I have outgrown my vanity. :)

I know this sounds really silly.

I used to think that I was the smartest kid alive. I'm not lying. I truly believe that I WAS THE SMARTEST, MOST INTELLIGENT KID IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. I guess because I get compliments from teachers for getting really good grades without putting any effort to it. That was back in grade school. Oh my.. what was I thingking?

I learn now that pride can wear you out. I was over confident with myself, and when I start secondary school my grades went down drastically. dah tu, homework tak buat, study pon tak, cikgu ajar kat depan dok lukis masterpiece, pastu suke hati je bile2 mase x pegi skolah. sekolah rendah boleh la tak study dpt nombo satu. I realise that even though I'm not THE smartest kid alive, Allah indeed has lended me a gift of intelligence and instead of being proud out of it, I learn to be grateful for it. And to show my gratefulness towards him, my mum said 'kenelah belajar rajin2'.

Thanks for posting this. :p smngt nak study naik balik setelah merudum selama beberapa minggu.

Nani Othman said...

kayah - nope. it doesnt sound silly. i used to have a friend who was just like you. and he only mix around with people who are as good as he is in academics (i was one of his friends). we were great pals.

anyway, it's good to know that you're now up to studying. =) keep it going!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Britney too of course.

But not the Spice Girls or Harry Potter and NEVER, NEVER Captain Planet.

Nani Othman said...

TCDO - How can anyone EVER outgrow HP? hehe.

cafiena said...

ooh, this may seem unrelated, but i am going to say it anyway.

i have outgrown the thought that one person is an idol.

because after long period of constant frustration, i realize idolizing anybody is just pointless, unless our great Rasul Allah.

so now, i don't say things like, "i thought she/he is a nice person" when i hear bad stories about that particular person. now i said,"manusia, apa-apa pon boleh jadi. mcm dlm drama antara garisan"

i hope i will outgrown people who text using bahasa puaka, ask bila nak kahwin and every one of those along that line.

Farhan Azmi said...

Things that i've outgrown?..hmm..
...hmm...n again hmmm..there's nothing much to say about it...or nothing seriously has change about me ever since my school years ends.yup,my friends do mention that i'm still the plain old straight minded Pa'an(that's what people used to call me)..i'm not the talkative one up until now(or rather not interest to talk something 'lagha').like anak pak man mentioned,I haven't outgrown my gullibility.n I'm too naive n easily falls with some crappy lied.ugh..it's horrible.those thing definitely sounds no good to me..

I'll try my best to change but nothing seriously happen.i do involve in college organization.some said i do have potential,but I'm way too humble.

I am who i am.yup,that's true.but,..i seriously wish to change myself someday n to be like everybody else...not the shy one...but,i'm still stuck with the way i am..

p/s-i love Kanzaki Nao,one of the character in LIAR GAME series.We have lots in common,but only the negative one..ha2..

Al-Saachez said...

for me, that would be backstreet boys, n'sync and westlife.

i'm now prone to rock. hahaha

Nani Othman said...

farhan azmi - that's a long comment, mate. appreciate it. and its very good to be humble, ok? normally people dont like braggarts..unless they're cool like me, so yeah. it's great that you're humble. ok?

but i hope you'll get to be how you wish to be. =)

p/s: i like nao too. XD

aamir - oh. rock is cool.

Anonymous said...

I was once a big fan of W-inds.mostly Kinki Kids, L'arc~en~ciel, Glay, Ken Hirai, SMAP.

haha. guess we something in common then.
1st time reading your blog. quite nice.



Nani Othman said...

i'm still a fan of w-inds! haha. XD

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