February 15, 2011

I pinky promise

to update my blog after Minggu Aktiviti! I know, I know, I know how TERRIBLE my blog looks, with nothing but old posts and just that. So yeah, after Minggu Aktiviti, OK? And I promise to reply to every comment from everyone! I'm just insanely busy these days, so, you guys be good, alright? Later!

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amirah said...

Minggu Aktiviti? Are you an english teacher in MRSM Beseri? I was once a Beserian. But that was yearssss ago. Btw, if you got time, update something about it pretty please. I would really really love to read.

Many many thanks teacher Nani!=)

Farhan Azmi said...

geez..seems like being a teacher is not something you can sit around or talking in front you our students.
to many things need to be settle.

mind your blog later.just focus on finishing your Minggu Aktiviti first..

so then,good luck ^^

inna hayati said...

good luck too teacher nani!! :D

Siti Syazwan said...

teacher nani.hahaaa:) br first time bace, terus.....i like u! *facepalm*
okeyh2...btw, good luck walaweh. umo lbh kurang je kan? kotlah....huhu,mggu xtvt syok gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. njoy lah pastu sila story2 habaq mai kat sini ya.:)


ButirStar said...

minggu aktiviti di KOPU dah end. hehe. next week masuk study week sebab next month ada Standardise Test 1

Nani Othman said...

amirah - yeah i am. nanti when im in the mood, i'll write about it. =) and one more thing. no beserian was once a beserian. once a beserian, always a beserian.

farhan - yeah true. and a person who only talks in front of the students arent really teachers.

kak inna - thank you!

siti syazwan - haha. i like you, too! i'll write about it when i can make the time. thanks!

long - ngahahaha. standardize test tu. pergh. XD

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