December 29, 2010

I'm thankful. Really.

Last night I had a conversation with Eric and Mr. Faisal, regarding a bunch of people (or maybe just a few), who were saying terrible things about me on a blog. Most of them were, well, baseless accusations. They simply picked up some other nameless people's comments and told each other I wrote them, and then be happy about it. Like what the hell? Public display of imbecility. That's what it is. I didn't say anything in defense of myself, though. Because I did nothing wrong.

The stupidity of the whole thing did baffle me for a while (it was almost unbelievable). But that was all. I have not much to say about the situation. Just that, people say what they want, people believe what they want. So, I'll do the same. I believe all the retarded hate comments towards me and blogger Breakeven were written by just one person, who thinks he's a little above everyone else because he's an Anonymous. Which was pitiful. And I'll say, may you live long enough for us to meet just so can apologize to me; personally, for the downright lies you told. Oh, just to keep your mind (if you have one) at rest, I have already forgiven you. I waste no space in my heart for negative feelings, unlike some people. But that's my part. Yours is not yet done. Now live with it. Happily, I hope.

Mr. Faisal was wonderfully supportive. I was a little worried having my name being used that way. But he was around to widen the perspective, revealing to me what kind of person I am and what kind of people they are. That I don't have to be shocked at how stupid people can be. That some people need to get their kicks by lying about others. Then I remembered that stupidity is contagious, so I need not care about the whole matter. Besides, none of them mad claimers have anything to do with my personal life. Insignificant, and having nothing to be proud of as a person. Thus the name Anonymous. Not a wonder at all. So thanks, Mr. Faisal. You're a great friend.

Now, Eric Constantine is a superhero I couldn't thank God enough for. One of the coolest Christian friends I have. He reminded me of patience, perseverance and honesty. Things I had almost forgotten in the midst of surprise (I mean come on, seriously, wouldn't you be surprised when you're as good in English as I am, and someone who has not a single clue on what English is tells you that your English is terrible?) But that was a good one. I had to laugh. Honestly, some people tried really hard to be funny. So I laughed. Poor guy.

And Eric reminded me of forgiveness, too. That it's OK to just forgive people and get on with your life.

'I guess I appeared at the right hour,' he said. At that, I was humbled.

You know what, Eric, you really did. Because when I saw your name last night I recalled that some years ago you once told me, 'Nani-chan, abunai desu yo!' Nani-chan, be careful! Haha. I think I'll remember that for the rest of my life. You're cool Eric. Thanks. I'm proud to be your friend.


Speaking of being proud, I made a new friend last night. I guess something good did come out of the bad thing that happened; the blogger Breakeven. She reminds me of my Kak Imm. The way she thinks and answers my questions. And the way she reacts to some statements, too, sometimes. Hehe. I'm happy.

What happened is just a part of my past. There's a reason why some people will never make it into my future; they're sore losers. There's also a reason why some people should just stay where they are and remain Anonymous for the rest of their miserable lives: they're meaningless.

Oh. School's starting in 3 days. I can't wait to see my kids. I miss verbal vocab-juggling with them. I miss their smiling faces. I miss how youthful being around them makes me feel (not that I'm ancient, mind you). I miss the intensity of teaching. I miss my job. Hehe.

So I have a crazy wonderful life.

And I understand fully, if you are envious of it.

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Mr. Gargus said...

Sheesh. This is the most writing you've done in a long time on this blog. You outta do that more often.

Nani Othman said...

jacob - the most what writing, exactly?

Nani Othman said...

or you're talking about the length of the post?

Faisal Admar said...

Eh, I think I saw your profile picture a.k.a avatar in my yahoo mail ads :) Who are they actually?

Thanks for mentioning my name(together with the link). I was actually listening to you more than talking. It's easy to talk than to listen. So, I chose the later one and glad that I could help even though it was a small help, or not too much if I say it was nothing.

I'm glad that your worry has gone and you could re-structure yourself as before, or even better.

Sometimes, shit happens and you can keep blaming yourself or others rather than let it be.

Sing with me girl... Let it be!

Nani Othman said...

mr faisal - they're the once and future king and queen, arthur and guinevere. i'm a proud merlin addict. hehe. anyway, thanks for the comment.

i appreciate your listening me last night. made me feel so much better. hehe. and no it wan't anything small. it was big. because you helped put things in perspective. i'm glad.

yeah shit happens. and rather than blaming yourself or others, i think we should just put things where they should be. rubbish and nonsense in the past. yourself in the future.

and now i'll sing with you. let it be~!

| Larasephia | said...

Oh babe,chill.gotta love your haters. They're your biggest fans! ;)

Suka sangat2 "Nota" kat atas ni. Haha

Luna said...

Panjangnya note...

Anyway, good luck with school this year. Sure you'll rock tho.

NadiahZ said...

You once told me that haters are confused fans. Well, your 'fans' are saying all those bad things so they could be just like you, the loser way. haha. Thats what I think, anyways.

I know, you miss me, my bad-vocab/grammar and my crazy smile. Same thing here.

See you in 3 days!!

Aisya S. said...

OMG, I love the note you wrote up there above the comments box...

And hey, what a weird coincidence that I wrote about people criticising other people's English when this just happened to you!

Honestly though, I don't think you should even need to react to them in any way, because I don't think anyone smart would actually believe hate-fuelled comments left by anonymous cowards...

I do understand your anger though. There was this one dude who was jealous of Anisah's popularity, so he decided to write a negative blog post about Anisah and her sisters, who he does not personally know, by the way. Tetiba nama aku pulak termasuk, padahal takde kena-mengena. Bongok gila ah.

Later on, after a bunch of people condemned him for what he did, he kinda apologised and said he actually admires Anisah. What the heck? Memang gila ah. But these stupid haters don't realise that once you flame someone online and actually include their full names in your hateful post, the damage to the victim's reputation can be quite permanent, and it's a big deal. HOWEVER, I think smart people can judge for themselves who the person in the right and who the person in the wrong is, so while I do wish people would stop naming and flaming people online, I do hold on to the hope that people are smart enough to not believe these flamers.

Eric Constantine said...

Nani san,

wow (while screaming from the top of mount kinabalu). I never thought that you could actually remember that Japanese phrase until today,perhaps, it foreshadows your recent turbulent incident .

Thanks for the acknowledgement. lol. I mentioned earlier on that it was just tiny-minnie-winnie help. I'm glad that the dramatic moment has gradually vanished from your troubled heart and mind. lol.

Btw, happy new year. Stay cool always.

Ayaq said...

Hoi panjangnya disclaimer. :D

Yeahhh Garg is referring to the length of your post. It's quite tl;dr for me. (ADD mode on.)

You know you are famous when people start to say bad things behind you. ;) Chill chill ok? Jom kita makan macarons. I am craving for that since, oh I dunno, the age of dinasour?

Nani Othman said...

larasephia - maybe i should. haha. it's great to have fans. but not that great once you realize that's they're freaking brainless. but then again, fans are fans. crazy or not. XD thanks for liking the note. I like it, too. lol.

luna - i know. and thanks. i'll do my best to rock the world. =)

Nani Othman said...

nadiah - thanks for the reminder. sometimes i forgot what i said because, you know..i mean seriously you HAVE to be insane, like INSANE INSANE to even start on how terrible my english is! I tak kata i perfect, but TERRIBLE - you gila ka!!!? i am at least above average, kot!!! swinging bowl. pegi mati!

ok. haha. that was me. in my childish mode. you know im not like that. RIGHT? hehe. i just think that crazy comments deserve crazy replies. so that was mine.

and yeah you're one of those people i really miss. your kinda bad vocab/grammar and your crazy smile. i'll see you in 3 days, too! haha. XD

Nani Othman said...

aisya - adoi panjang gila comment you. i suka. haha! thanks for liking the note. i pun suka. sebab i tergelak bila i baca. XD

and no it's not weird. ni mesti kes i correct grammar org yang tutup blog die tu. karma. karma. haha. and that wasn't much of a reaction towards them, because i kinda think they won't be reading the notes.

i takmau them pondans view my profile then pi serang blog2 you people yang i follow, and i also taknak private my profile, so i got myself a new one. i don't think they'd go to any extent to hunt naniscribbles! down, unless they really are severely disturbed. positive thinking - diorg gila sikit je.

about that dude who wrote about anisah, i read the post. followed the link from anisah's blog in the post mentioning him some time ago. i thought that guy was crazy..sbb tulis all those crazy things based on someone's blog. you gila apa tulis fitnah berjela-jela mcm tu dengan takda proof? memang. bongok gila. and it's not surprising that he actually admires anisah. haters are confused fans, kan? saiko.

anyway, i think these stupid haters DO know about the damage that would be caused by what they wrote, that's why they wrote all the terrible things. to cause damage on the person's reputation. to think that they don't know what their action will lead to is like giving them too much credit. no flaming anon is THAT ignorant. no way. they really want to cause damage. they wouldn't start the whole fire if they don't want something to get burned.

however, i sokong your point. totally. smart people can judge for themselves sape betul, sape salah and sape downright gila. i'm one of them smart people, i can say that proudly. hehe.

Nani Othman said...

eric - omg you're here! haha. how is it over there? i hope you're not freezing.

and your stating that you never thought i would remember that was a little offensive. i have a very strong memory, eric. i remember a lot of things some people wish i had never known about them. and that was not a threat. in any way.


i'm just kidding. haha. you're welcome. i'm glad that it was almost gone, too. now i'm even fiercer than before! you can see it in my note over my comment box! hehe.

happy new year to you, too. and you stay awesome always.

ayaq - it's just a random note. saje je tu. haha. yeah i just noticed. and i believe that, too. mesti i femes gila kalau mcm dah penuh komen beratus2 kutuk i. haha. we should get some macarons, man. lama gila your craving. cepat pegi beli!!

ButirStar said...

wuih~~!! panjang giler post ni...dan juga nota di atas comment box ni.

tahniah kepada mr. Faisal dan Eric kerana menjadi hero nani. haha!

by the way, org2 yang macam ni memang xde akal. they put their brain inside the patela, bak kata my father. huhu!

kaklong pun pernah kena flame (u know la kan?) and then menyamar dengan nama lain. Accuse me for something stupid. she said that kaklong ni sakit jiwa padahal she's the one who is the f*cking bastard. pft!

eric: u still remember me?? Oboeteruno ka??

Nani Othman said...

wuiyo boleh tu masuk brain into the patela. handal kot diorg ni? haha. entah2 kita overestimated diorang ni sebenarnye. brain pon takde mcm mane masuk dlm patela?

Eric Constantine said...

Butirstar: enlighten me who art thou? hahaha

nani-chan, always remain kawaii with your personality. hehe

do check out my blog.

Nani Othman said...

eric - i sure will! haha. =) will do now.

ButirStar said...

nani, otak depa tu macam patela...haha!! kecik dan unsignificant!

eric: i am not what i am...haha! no la. i'm ur senior and also nani's closest sister back in the faculty. we took a picture masa graduation day.

Nani Othman said...

otak kecik tahan lagi. otak takde? ha mcm mane tu?

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