December 21, 2010

So I'm posting. So I'm posting.

OK I admit I haven't been writing much. Not that I think I'm missed or anything. I just thought this insane Bradley James sickness should take a pause. It really, really should. I've been sleeping late watching and listening to his interviews, scavenging for his pictures in DA and all over Google and Tumblr, re-watching Merlin just to look at and listen to him, re-playing both seasons soundtracks non-stop (if Pan could have sore throat, he'd die of excessive MerlinOST-ing), so yeah I think these should come to a stop (for a while). And of course (OF COURSE!) it had been several days of unproductiveness; I still have a few more books to finish, so really. THESE. SHOULD. STOP. Alright. So I'm posting. So I'm posting.

Right, although some might think this Bradley James fever could be bad, the previous post did make something good happen. I got myself a new friend! Hehe. He's called Jacob Gargus, and his blog can be accessed HERE. He's a sixteen-year-old student from Kansas. And personally I think he's cool, a good conversationalist – he really could get the conversation going, what with his being 16 and my being 25. But then again, I'm still very young at heart, so I guess I was quite good as well, hehe. 

Oh, he thought I was born in the States and moved to Malaysia to teach – huhu, compliment accepted, Jacob. Compliment accepted. And since he's also interested in learning about other religions, there was a small talk about Islam last night, which was refreshing. Good to know that some people aren't ignorant. Great to know that some people do know how to respect others' beliefs. Wonderful to know that some people can be mature beyond their age. 

Speaking of which, I felt silly for publishing the previous post (not that I'm taking it down or anything) – it was rather immature, what I wrote. But I needed to let things out, so the post is there to stay. It is there to stay. And since this fever isn't going away so easily (I can tell), I've finally started posting on my Tumblelog, venting my childish infatuation in spasms of Arthur+Gwen reblogs there; so you don't have to worry about having to read any more of my Bradley James craziness here. Hehe. 

Oh, it's been there since last year. I had just started to post in it 2 days ago.

You can call that an escapism blog, a place where I escape to from writing long ramblings, where I could just write a few lines and photospam all I want. 

You wanna see it? HERE

Sorry for the Arthur+Gwen post marathon – it's my current madness. I'll try to get it fixed. OK I lied. I won't. Heh. Everyone is entitled to a little kick once in a while, no?


Anyone here on Tumblr? Do invite me to yours!

Hot. And he knows it. 
(Picture courtesy of Tumblr)

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Anonymous said...

Prince Arthur memang hot! :D

Q kawan Nana :P

anak pak man said...

Sorry, no Tumblr..

And Mr Gargus seems cool. Awesome to know someone overseas. And to be claimed to be from there too. :)

Thanks for chaining me Teacher Max!

Mr. Gargus said...

Awesome! Now maybe I can get to know more people from Malaysia. So long as they speak english, since idk any other languages. :D

NadiahZ said...

i'm on tumblr but its not ready yet sooo....

i'll update u when it's ready!

u know a guy from the states. i hv a guy from the bahamas. wait, tht sounded wrong. hes my fren teacher. cool guy.

Mr. Gargus said...

Why did you make your rambling blog on Tumblr? you oughta import it to blogspot. that way people not on tumblr (like me)can follow it. since tumblr sucks. well, i don't like it anyways.

ButirStar said...

i joined Tumblr last rasa cam x seronok...haha

anyway, kaklong didn't follow Merlin series but I like to see his face la. so cute!

kaklong pun ada kawan from States and we knew each other on FB 3 years ago :)

Nani Othman said...

Q - beliau memang hot. smpai menyala-nyala. silau mata i. haha.

anak pak man - it's ok. and yeah mr gargus is cool. you're welcome!

mr gargus - most of my friends here are malaysians and they speak english. =) good luck!

Nani Othman said...

nadiah - aha. do inform me when your tumblr is up! we can photospam together! omg ben barnes!! haha. oh. yeah that did sound a little wrong. lol.

mr gargus - because i dont wanna put the small, petty, photospammed posts here. it'll mess NanScribbles. and it's not that awesome to be followed, though. hehe.

long - ape ah tak tgk merlin. merlin la best! haha. i am destined to marry bradley james. omg. tatau bape kali sebut dah ni!!

ButirStar said...

sebut banyak kali pun xpe...macam ada satu lagu tu. tah hape tajuk dia tapi dia asyik ulang ni 40 kali

"only exception of you..are"

Nani Othman said...

haha. macam jastin bibe pon ade gak. ulang BABY je 60 kali. XD

ButirStar said...

last skali akan jadi...BAB 1...hahahahaha!!

ada student long pggl dia justin bibir

Nani Othman said...

oiyo geli kot bab1. haha. jastin bibir pon ok gak. XD

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