June 17, 2010

'...you was engage, isn't it?'

Now watching Morning Musume's latest single, Seishun Collection. Tanaka Reina's wearing her hair down, crazy awesome and tho I'm no fan of Mitsui Aika, I think she's a natural at looking diva. Hehe. Personally, I think their vocals have eminently improved throughout the years. And their comebacks had been impressive since Onna ni Sachi Are. Better music, better outfits and better looks. I only wish Tsunku would recruit more members. Back then when there were sixteen in the team, they were unbeatable. I'd say part of Momusu's strength is in their numbers. I like the song, period. And I like how they all sound now. No more members squeaking in the microphones and no more hideous ad-libs. By the way, when's Takahashi Ai graduating?

Right, enough of Momusu. I will now start a short rant on the very thing that had recently been stamping on all my wrong buttons; the Insanely Discomfiting and Aggravating Usage of English (IDAUE).

I bet a hell of a number of you, readers have heard of (or might even have done) these before:

My bestie,

Hye babez, how are yous? I heard that you was engage, isn't it? Congrates gurlz! Happy for yah! That's mean you gonna marriage soon! OMG, lucky!! Anyways, would like story sumthin'. Near my house have a bridal stall, I'll take you there when you come to visiting me, 'kay?? If can, bring your future husband also, 'mkay?? He don't mind, of coz. Wif this letter I send also my latest picture on my new haircut, OMG am I look nice, right?? Thank yous in advanced! I know you'll praised me. Ahakz. Anyways, I gonna go now. Until pen meet paper again. Bubbyez!

Your bestie.

Contoh sahaja. Ehem.

Oh come on, please don't tell me you're not the slightest annoyed after reading THAT! Here I am in school, trying to wash off the enraging grammatical errors fossilized in my kids' spoken and written English and some people out there are doing this shamelessly on the internet, rubbing dirt all over my hard work everytime my kids surf their blogs or whatever damn sites they run! I mean seriously, some people even post stuff like THAT as their Facebook status! Don't you guys have the least pity towards your English teachers back in school? And what's with the Z-end Syndrome? Why must every single doomed thing be spelled with a Z?

This thing, this IDAUE thing has been busting my fuses ever since one of my friends in UiTM said, 'I like black colour.' That was the time I realize that I might be one in a billion persons who just doesn't know how to get angry but if there's one thing that could just irritate me beyond reason, it's that. And it amazed me that of all the things that could make anyone angry, grammar makes me.

Man. I need to stop blogwalking for a while. It's exasperating, reading those intentionally horrendous posts and feeling sorry for their teachers and weeping over my teaching hours that are known to no one whether they are going to be fruitful or not. It's highly disappointing I'm just going to stay away from blogs other than the ones on my lists for the moment. Seriously.

I'll stop now.


I told you it's just a short rant. Pft.

22 scribbleback (s):

Aisya Shurfa said...

Bahaha! "That's mean you gonna marriage soon!"

What's equally bad is the complete murdering of Bahasa Melayu, too!

"AQ xtomei lor... Adew kew owg nak kat kitew niew? Hidung aq temek dan aq xsempurniew. manew adew laki yg nak... Diowang suma chombunk ngan aq... Skunk aq sedih jew. Nak tidow. buhbyezzzz."

(I took the example above from multiple different facebook statuses.)


Nani Othman said...

man. you wanna pull your hair out? mine are already falling off! XD

about the murders of BM, i know how you feel. i feel the same way. i hate the very damn spelling system youths today are using with their frens. man.

apew lerr nak jadiy ngan dowg neyh?

J. Love said...

oh damn it! i hope your students won't read my blog! lol!

to be really honest, grammatical errors, rather, mistakes do bug me as well. seriously, they do. and usually, i'll try to correct them when i even bother to do so.

once, a guy posted an entry with the title : i'm quit. i click the link for the sole purpose of correcting him. he might not realise it, but it annoyed me anyway. hahaha!

tak sukew lawrrrr. rarrr!! ROFLMFAO!

Farah Hanani said...


maybe you should start English online tuition??


for me simple grammatical error should be okay.. but totally ruining the spelling and make it sounded zzz or sss-end??

s0.. NOT OKAY..! lol..

p/s: ada x orang kena hukum gantung sebab bunuh bahasa??

ButirStar said...

yang ni mmg termuntah long baca example yg nani bagi tu. bajet comel n cun la tulis cam tu....yekk!!!

anyway, long pun ada gak tulis articles dimana byk grammatical errors tapi tak de la tulis sampai cam tu sekali...geli beta dowh!!

geydiks larr bunyik owang cakap cam tue....


cik penguin said...

hahhaha. I agree. and you know what? due to these so-called 'short cuts' and 'market language' (HAHA), a misunderstanding happened. haha.

my friend texted this one guy, asking him if he knew the name of the restaurant that we wanted to go to. he said yes, and replied "D Ark" and we googled it. no 'd ark' was there. apparently, it's 'The Ark'.


not that it's anything, but it DID affect us. and people who type 'd' instead of 'the' if not for comical reasons, do annoy me. heheh.

♥ maddy ♥ said...

i find it terribly annoying ms...
even more annoying when guys also use that "baby language"....eeuuwwwkhhhhh!!!!

~NaZiF_aImAaN~ said...

Wohoooooowwww....~~ I'm 100% sure I did lots and lots of grammatical mistakes before. But this example's is far too worst than craps.. I got a friend, he uses English exactly like this, and I faced his messages almost everyday.. What a nightmare... Huah4..
I'll try my very best to repair all my mistakes before. Nice post miss azhanee. =D

Ayaq masak said...

Well Malaysian English mmg end everything with isn't it.

AND I soooo agree with Aisya Shurfa. My own young cousins tulis macam tu. Rasa nak lempang laju2 pun ada jugak.

brenda_diamonds said...

Okay.I am going to write this in perfect English,Teacher Nani.
I think the Z-syndrome originates from people who wants to be cool. I've experienced many of those 'already cool people who wants to be cooler' thing. My taiwan-influenced friends from my old school ALWAYS spell something that's supposed to have 's'behind them and change the 's' into'z'.
But i totaly disagree on that. I don't know why ,but IT DISGUSTS ME! Thank you.:)

Jai said...

Tak yah la Takahashi Ai graduate lagi. still hot ape... xDDD

Nana Othman said...

it'z not dat dey wants 2 makes mistake on purpose. at least dey r trying to improve. hey, give 'em a chance!!

haha, kalau boleh nk insert emoticon gelak guling2 YM tu kat sini XD

MuNsYi SaMa said...

It's been a while since i listen to momusu.hehe

i try my best to write in full sentences every time i write something. and yes, this IDAUE thing annoyed me as well. lagi2 yang dalam BM.

I hope my full-of-grammatical-errors-blog doesn't bug you much.thanks for the comment ya.

Terra Shield said...

Oh my... I hate the murdering of languages... both BM and English. The worst part of this whole thing is, we have a new kid at work, and since she will be taking over some of my duties, she always chats with me using the company IM system.

You'd think that she'd at least be a bit professional since her questions are about work and I don't really consider her a friend yet, but no... she dots her chats with words like 'oni', 'owk' and a dozen others that make me want to strangle her.

Sorry for ranting here, was a bit too lazy to do it on my own blog.

Humayra' said...


hate those blatantly deliberate mistakes, too. irregardless of the language. heck, somehow some people think they're cool, though. or.. hype?

teacher nani, if u ever find any mistakes in my writings, do tell me. i'm the kind of girl who rants on, not really minding my own grammar (always was corrected by my best friend before)
~though, I haven't written anything for a while already..~

Nani Othman said...

j love - i dont mind unintentional mistakes. i just freaking despise intentionally annoying spelling system and grammar like that one you mentioned. XD

farah hanani - i dont do charity. XD

long - ye, memang geydix tahap hine punyerr, rawr!! s*al.

penguin - man. i D for the sometimes, too. but i dont do that for proper nouns-lah. menyusahkan org seyh.

maddy - baby-talk sumpah tak cool lagi2 kalau laki yg guna. yekk.

nazif aimaan - be kind. tell him to commit suicide.

Nani Othman said...

ayaq masak - maybe you should. kidding. maybe you can show them how disgusting it is if they were to see other people do it. XD

brenda - z does not spell cool. man, i was 17. but i really cant catch up with how you kids' brains work now.

jai - i hate her.

adinda - ai dono wat yu sey. bat ai ting yu meik sens. sankyu 4 komen. XDDDD benci la kesengajaan gedik seumpama ini!

munsyi - your blog does not bug me. i'd not comment if it does. XD hehe. yeah. i hate the insane BM people are using nowadays, too.

terra - wow. that's a new level of pissed. i could have strangled someone, haha. it's ok. it's a comment box. anyone can rant here. =)

humayra - if that's cool, i must be insane, or Jurassic. anyway, i'll point out stuff on in your writing if i saw any, one day. =) kindly, dont worry.

-Imm- said...

Well.. (Ni perkataan permulaan ayat kegemaran drama Melayu)

Kak Imm dah byk kali delete kwn2 dr FB sebab isu ni la. Status macam lahanat. Baca pun rasa nak baran tak pepasal. Merosakkan mood betul kalau pagi2 dah terbaca status ala2 'aku cool gila sbb buat status English walhal English aku mcm puaka' or 'aku memang bongok, tengok je la cara aku mengeja'.

Kalau fikir balik kan, kak Imm lagi teruk. If someone SMS me, with bad English, I would simply reply and ask him/her to use BM instead. Siap tulis, aku tak paham apa ko nak cakap. English ko memeningkan! Irritating betul la, kalau English dah terabur, poyo-poyo nak speaking pulak ngan aku. Guna je la BM, takde la memalukan diri.

BTW, bad English is a big turnoff! Kensel nak jadi suami kalau English tahap puaka! Tak boleh bawak jumpa sedara! Hahahaha.

~Imm~ said...

Ha! Ni satu lagi. Baru jap tadi pun jumpa lagi kat FB.

My Wedding ditulis MY WEEDING!! Hahahahahaha. Dah banyak kali dah pun! In fact, mak andam dengan ngan rumah kak imm pun, kat signboard kedai dia, tertulis besar, WEEDING HOUSE. Haha.

Nani Othman said...

kak imm - haha. nani pun mcm tu jugak. sape tulis sms guna english dari neraka mmg nani akan suruh tulis melayu. tak payah la penat2 kan diri tulis benda yg org tak faham. mmg la org kata, kalau tak cuba bila nak pandai? thing is, your english doesn't improve with sms. it just doesn't work that way. hue hue.

lol. kensel nak buat laki kalau english mcm neraka. XDDDDD malu wei nk tunjuk kt mak bapak. i hope i'll marry an english teacher, hehe. or maybe someone who does something else, whose english is good. =)

oh ye, weeding tu kesalahan yg mmg mengundang makian nani la dlm kelas. hehe. hari tu dah terbakar satu kelas akibat spelling errors yang sumpah atrocious gini. gah!!!!

nani said...

OMG i totally get it!! it's not elitist is it? to feel that way?

sometimes when i hear (notice i said 'hear' not watch. lol.)the malay dramas, i keep correcting them out loud with a frustrated grunt or twelve!

the BM thing, i don't do the stupid baby talk. i just spell how i say it and some are like abbreviations. no excuse, i know. but at least it's not as annoying. err. lol.

haha. but language is like super deteriorating nowadays. but then you always have the pompous "i-sound-stupid-when-i-speak-malay" bitches with perfect english it seems. especially when you hear them talk in those COMPLETELY FAKE british/american slang. gawwddd!! sorry, but i'm no fan of these people either. you live in Malaysia, so speak the damn language. =___="

Nani Othman said...

nani - what i dont get is the guys doing babytalk. man. talk about annoyance to the power of a hundred! and i also have this itch on both my palms when i hear those 'i tak wrettie shuckup melayue' females talking - in 'perfect' English. pisses me off so much. DX

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