June 5, 2010

Happy June 5th. :)

My dearest one and only sister,

There hasn't been a day in my lifetime since I first learnt to say Thank You God, when I didn't thank Him for giving me, of all people, a sister named You.

For the crazy talks that you have listened and responded to, for the extreme nonsense you have tolerated, for the world-shattering jokes I've cracked and hurt your jaws forgiven, for the things I did and the words I've said that have left cuts on your heart pardoned, for the disagreements relented and for the times when I couldn't do much to fix things for you excused, I thank you. And I thank you, too, I thank you best, for giving me the best of gifts a sister could have offered – making my almost 25 years free of the slightest unhappiness about having you as the sister I'd proudly die related to.

With this I openly pray that you'd live long and victoriously, and may your journey be blessed no matter which road you take.

Happy glorious 22nd, blood-sister.

Kak Nani sayang Fina.

p/s: Cepat balik bukak hadiah!

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FFB said...

happy birthday Fina..

President said...

happy birthday utk adik kak nani ni..hehe~

Nana Othman said...

kawan fina yang duduk di sebelah fina telah terkejut kerana fina tiba2 mengalirkan air mata .___.

XD font size 72

tiap2 tahun pun menangis bila baca birthday wish dr kak nani.. huu

fina selalu bercerita pasai kak nani dengan kawan2. semua orang tau kak nani pandai lukis, kak nani pandai menulis, kak nani cikgu bhs inggeris, kak nani duduk rumah dengan kucing, kak nani selalu spot benda2 yang orang langsung x perasan. eg, naga duduk. XDDDD

perkara yang paling happy ialah setiap kali fina bercerita, fina akan mulakan dengan ayat 'kakak nana...'

thanks for being a good sister.
i love you as much as u love me :)

nanti fina balik bukak hadiah!!

ffb, thank u ^^

Nana Othman said...

president : terima kasih :)

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