June 7, 2010

Pandora Hearts.

Just finished watching Pandora Hearts. I really hope there'll be a second season. The ending just sucked big time. I mean, I love the animation and the characters and the music definitely – awesome job, Kajiura-san. But really, the doom clock on Oz's chest had only struck twice, Elliot couldn't have written the song on his own and there are so many questions unanswered and so many characters unexplained and someone just really have to kill off Vincent Nightray (Biinsento Naitorei)! And what the hell are the manga people doing not finishing the series yet?

Enough rambling. I love Alice B. Rabbit. Period. Because I could closely relate to her. I would say I closely represent her in real life, too. Not the looks, or the appetite, or the voice, but her very character from Oz Vessalius' (Ozu Bezariusu) eyes. I found it slightly shocking at first. Then it was all realization – I shouldn't be surprised if people just don't get along with me that easily, sometimes. I am after all, the Bloodstained Black Rabbit.

I definitely love the impressively dark references to Caroll's Alice in Wonderland in the series. Instead of having a white rabbit down the hole, we have a gigantic black one (with a scythe, I tell you!) raging the city fighting the Trump Cards (Toranpu Kaado). The Mad Hatter serves a crazy one-eyed, illegal summoner in battles, the Gryphon aided the opening to the Abyss, the Cheshire Cat combating the true owner of his left eye and the haunting a-century-old pocket watch song named Lacie, it's a great show, without a doubt. I'd give it a 9/10, thanks to the sucky ending – it would have gotten a perfect ten.

Yeah I really wish there'd be a second season. Because Jack Vessalius is so freaking sumpah hot and I wanna see more of him, hehe. I sort of like the way he irresponsibly say things. Kinda remind me of someone. Ah well I love the series, and I hope the petition for the second season to be released sooner will make a change. Hidup B. Rabbit!

Anyway I'm watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 now. I'll see you guys around later. Take care.