May 1, 2010

Chapter: Random Satu

'Habis tu, Nani sanggup hidup dengan duit banyak tanpa kasih sayang? Macam mana nak bahagia?' she asked. Man, I thought I'm annoying. And why do you think I can't be happy without love? What makes you think I don't have love? Does 'kasih suami' the only love you could think of? Did your brain just stop functioning? Or were you born like that?

'I think you shouldn't be too materialistic,' she added, a moment after that. Oh. Yeah. I really, really thought I'm annoying. 'Money doesn't buy happiness.' Maybe you just don't know where to shop, then. Drop the first four letters of the word materialistic, and change the letter 'i' which comes after 'r' to 'e', you get realistic. That's what I'm trying to be, and succeeding at being. I'm not just materialistic. I am realistic. Love does not feed you, that's for sure. And love doesn't buy you books when you crave for some Pattersons or Browns of maybe Rowlings. Yeah I'm not in your shoes. I don't wanna be. You don't get anywhere without money these days. When are you going to accept that?

'Come on Nani, Nik Madihah wasn't even rich, and look where she is now,' she said, looking like she believes she had just said something really smart. Which was pathetic. Babe, the expenses she furthers her studies in, IS money, only not her own. Without exactly THAT, her brains would have gone nowhere. Couldn't you have at least TRIED to think before you say anything? Jeez.


I have always been fascinated by power, position and money, ever since I was small. I just adore power. I desire power. I'm happy when I have power and control over things. I feel alive when I get to make big decisions. And I don't mind being called 'gila kuasa' behind my back. I don't mind being called 'perempuan peng-control' behind my back. I even enjoy being called those to my face. Dude, I'm not power crazy. Three days of talking to me shouldn't make me 'gila kuasa' in your eyes. But what do you know? And I guess your ego has never been bruised before, by a female who decides what's best for the group because you three males just can't get your brains working. That's just sad.

I didn't commit any power abuse. And even if I did, don't blame me. Blame yourselves for not having power. Blame yourselves for giving me the position you didn't realize earlier that you'd want it.

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msuhaimi2007 said...

Agreed... no further comment... huhu...

Nani Othman said...

suhaimi - owh, goodie. =)

MuNsYi SaMa said...

hope they're reading this. =)

Nani Othman said...

munsyi - yeah. i hope so. haha.

Aisya Shurfa said...

I don't think you can be happily married without love, but you weren't talking about being married, right? Because I can't stand people who say you can't be happy without the love of a man. ;)

ButirStar said...

i was there at kursus induksi. frankly speaking, kalau tak ada nani mmg tak best.

i'm happy being with u even though ramai org kata macam2 (benda buruk obviously) kat nani. who the hell cares!! i know you since jurassic. (haha!)

org2 yg kata nani macam tu adalah orang giler sebab dia tak dapat kuasa untuk menjadi giler kuasa.

oh ya, kalau nani gila kuasa, kaklong plak giler setiausaha...ngahahaha!!

Genjo_Sanzo said...

Power is good. Craving or addicted to it is a form of improvement. The more power we have, the stronger we will become. We need to motivate ourselves to become stronger. So strong, that we could beat the crap out of ourselves and blow away the person that we are right now.. :)

inna hayati said...

ada satu qoute akak baca dari novel:
'when money fly away, love will also fly away through the window'

emm..pelik bunyinye.grammar salah mungkin. tapi, lebih kuranglah macam tu.
kebanyakan rumahtangga sekarang memang banyak yg berkocak sebab duit sentiasa berterbangan n bawa masaalah dalam family...;P

melon. said...

hey, just want to let u know. ive already moved to

=) , melon.

Nani Othman said...

aisya - yeah i can't stand people like that, too. so most of the times i just..well, stay away from them just so i won't say anything offensive when they told me that. haha.

butirstar - long. Jurassic jgn sebut ah. diharamkan menulis sebarang perkataan berunsur tua/berumur/mak nenek di blog ini, ye? anyway, true. who the hell cares. only small people belittle other people, sbb they won't get big no matter what and they're hurt and damaged by that fact. gila sumpah i hate your fren tu kot!

sanzo - that was nice, love it! do come again. what you said made sense. power is the best. saikkou da yo ne? haha.

Nani Othman said...

kak inna - takde duit mcm mane nk beli makan pakai anak-anak, heh? mcm mana nk beli baju sendiri kot? unless you have a tree that grows money in your backyard, keep your financial opinions to yourself. ngeh.

melon - happy moving! will go visit you ASAP!

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