March 7, 2010

To cut the car in front.

Actually, my father wanted to cut the car in front of us. But the timing was not good and there was a rubbish lorry coming to us really fast like dying. So my father just twisted the steering wheel and our car accidentally went back into the square!

Sebenarnya ayah saya nak potong kereta di depan. Tapi salah bajet masa lepas tu ada pulak lori sampah dari depan laju nak mampus. Jadi ayah saya pulas stereng dan kereta kami pun terbalik masuk petak (sawah)!


Right. I love my job. I can’t remember the number of times I’d reminded my kids at school to think in English and not direct translate when they speak or write. I know I’m gonna have to keep doing that for as long as I’m teaching, but this? Come on. The grammar was almost perfect. But the direct translation – man, I need someone to pinch me real hard. I can’t stop laughing. God.

No, seriously – I wasn’t condescending (for those who think so and wanted write a nasty comment to me about it, you’re advised to leave. I don’t entertain emo fags). Kids are cute. They make mistakes and aren’t ashamed of them, that’s cute. I appreciate their courage. Their efforts. Those are some of the most important things – of the things that are keeping me sane right now. Yeah. If you think being a real teacher isn’t going to drive you out of your mind, don’t become one. Oblivion doesn’t help in the said profession.

A doctor friend once asked me, what’s it like to be in a classroom? I told him the truth; that for me, it has always been fun, Alhamdulillah.

You’re a doctor. If I were to picture it for you, it would look exactly like this: You’re placed in a room full of at least 25 patients, all of them of different needs, diseases, injuries and handicaps, some of them don’t even want to be there while there are others who don’t even care if they’re there or not, some don’t even know what their problems are, some refuse to be treated, some fear treatment and some don’t even need treatment but just motivation – and you have to tend to all of them at once in at least forty minutes with everything you have – which is of course, not much.

And he didn’t think that would be fun.

That’s why I’m the one with the markers and textbooks, not you.

I love my job. And I love my kids. I wouldn’t trade this job I have for any other job in the world. But truthfully if it pays at least ten times better and offers me the same amount of satisfaction every time I drive home feeling tired and faint, I’d consider it. I don’t think there ever will be a job like that, though.

So I’ll just stick to mine – loving and educating and be happy with the blessings.

So, how are you, people?

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avid gunner said...

boy, that was hilarious but somehow kinda reminisces me of myself back when i was in school.

i once said to my chinese fella:
"please remember me about tomorrow's meeting" instead of saying remind me. classic.

hey, i love your anecdote about teacher in medical context. it shows a flash of literature brilliance.

nooratikah said...

Thousand of thank you!!!! i feel more motivated and more appreciate my future job... Honestly, i like the way u convey teacher's role in a class in medical context... I am thinking teacher seems have more power and ability in dealing with 25 ppl in such a short time...=)

Aisya Shurfa said...

Damnit, you make me wanna get started on teaching again already. Tak sabar nak habis belajar!!!

Oh yeah, I used to do that when I didn't know how to write in BM. I'd translate from BM to English. I think I still do that sometimes... -.-'

The Tea Drinker said...

hmm... i know why i stay away from being a teacher and it isn't the kids. my mom was a teacher and one day she came back with all this books to mark and she enlisted me to help do it.

halfway through, my mind couldn't take it anymore and just twisted my markings. so half the class got correct marks and the other half got wrongs as rights and rights as wrongs.

never got another marking job after that.

Sir Pök Déng said...

Did he press the oil too hard? No wonder the car jumped into the square.

Dia tekan minyak kuat sangat ke? Patut lah kereta tu terjun ke petak.

FH in space said...

Yeah, I think certain jobs need certain peeps with a discerning ability to be able to pull it off. (wha????). Like u mentioned it, u love teaching. I like to 'give briefings' - its like bla bla bla, ok? paham soma? done. Is there a difference? Will it make me a good teacher material... ?

cherry~ said...

tang petak yg klaka gyle..haha

Pudina Lee said...

Love ur passion kak..:)Ur passion in teaching would always ignite My passion in writing:)

N i just cant trap the one upstairs...

lol ..a new lang is in the making..English Teachers Beware!

daruma said...


of course the "nee-chan" in post is meant for you! (laaa u baru bace eh?)
i have another kakak, but i only call u nee-chan :)

btw, i lol'd with all my heart when i read this post (jahat la saye ni) but gud luck teaching nee-chan!

si gila 2 said...

seriously, a teacher is the only job in which, jeng3 even if you are retired, that the "cikgu" title remains, and yes, in the afterworld pun dah terjamin, insya-allah :)

innahayati said...

the student who wrote that...nanti nani kirim salam eh. sangat comel. :D

yup, i'm starting to feel the satisfaction of teaching. Rasa penat, habis semua energy lepas mengajar, tapi sangat puas.

akak ajar darjah 5, 5 orang sahaja student. sikit. tapi lepas keluar kelas mereka, rasa habis semua tenaga. macam berperang dengan 50 orang...haha :D

MZ said...

actuallllyyyy .. i wanna be a teacher too. but fate put me in the different shoe. alas .. i envy u. and u r definitely doing devine job. n glad u r having fun doing it.

Nani Othman said...

avid gunner - that's a good one, too. please remember me, LOL. XD haha. oh..the thing i write about teachers and doctors..was just what i think. happy that you call it a literature brilliance. thanks. =)

nooratikah - of course they do, they're teachers. i said 'at least'. we definitely need to deal with more than that. great that you feel motivated. =)

aisya - haha. it's OK. as long as you're understood. but i really don't encourage my kids at skool to direct translate. it gets everything wrong. =) good luck in finishing your studies, yes?

Nani Othman said...

tea drinker - (nama kamu selalu fascinate saya, haha) thanks for sharing. that was..ah well, laughable. i hope the kids are now really successful despite the horrid experience they had with the strange markings. =) hehe. true. not everyone is born to teach. and not everyone is born to educate. but all of us were born able to love - and i guess that makes up to the many things that we lack.

sir pok deng - XDDD thanks. you had just brightened my day!

FH in space - whether or not what you like to do will make you a good teacher will depend on this; are you inspiring? get a yes for that, and you're ready to teach. =)

Nani Othman said...

dik nis - wow back at you! =)

jasmine - the new language had been developing itself since forever and is now an advanced way of communication among people who call themselves 'students' who are still learning hi-skool english. the scenario isn't pretty. yeah. english teachers beware!

saru - oh. i thought it was someone else. =) ok, great to know that you're having fun. and thanks for lolling. i thought i was the only one. XD

Nani Othman said...

dik yu,
sudah tentu. haha. what did you think made me choose this as the thing to do for the thrty years to come? =)

kak inna - nnt jumpa nani kirimkan salam. =) hehe. yeah, sometimes teaching mcm berperang jugak skit2. luka tak nampak di fizikal, penat pun tak nmpak di muka - tp cedera parah di ketahanan emosi dan kesabaran + fatigue otak nk mati, haha tak yah cite ah kot?

pakcik MZ - jgn ah envy me. =) i bet you're having fun doing the very thing you like, too. long time no see ah pakcik. do come again~!

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