January 9, 2011

School has just started.

And I'm already crazy busy. Haha. The list of things to do started with the initial length of ten miles, and it's growing longer by the second. Journals, essays, oral test prepared dialogues are piling up my desk at school waiting to be marked. I haven't found myself a male lower secondary public speaker to be groomed into a champion. I have not yet dreamed of an inspiration for a drama to be staged during the Language Week (this year it'll be held at MRSM Merbok, Kedah). The 2011 English Unit action plan is not yet done. Do I sound like I'm whining? Cool. I think I am. Heh.

Basically it's a hundred Excaliburs at my throat for the time being and I'm committing theft at the moment (still!?) when I'm supposed to be working on my lesson plans! This is not something I'm proud of, I assure you. So I'll be leaving NaniScribbles! for now. I need to sort so many things out. But I promise to visit all of you when I'm back.


I'm talking like it's some sort of a goodbye. Pft.

Don't mind me. It's just the hundred Excaliburs at my throat. Hmh.

Take care everyone!

I'll miss you guys a lot!

p/s: Arthur and Gwen FTW! Woohoo!

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anak pak man said...

good luck in everything teacher! gonna miss you loads! :)

Mr. Gargus said...

That's why I didn't want to be a teacher. Too much work. Or maybe I'm just lazy? Idk, but I know radio is going to be a hell of a lot easier.

ButirStar said...

ganbatte nani-chan~~!!

let's do our best together!!

Ayaq said...

Kenapa public speaking tu kena lelaki? Perempuan takleh ke?

Nani Othman said...

anak pak man - thanks a lot!

jacob - it's not too much work. at least not to me. =)

long - mari mari berganbatte!

ayaq - perempuan dah ade. laki belum ade. last year nye dah national champion, so kena cari baru.

Dia Sleepy said...

Will miss reading ur emo posts..lol...:P

ps: the Note n the Nota for the ones commenting is Effing hilarious! haha...totally kak nani!

halawatul iman said...

salam, hey there teacher nani..hows life?:D

can you (pretty) puh-leaseee read my post about "futures are that bad.dont ever think about it" and give some ideas or opinions because my dad just dont get it.

youre a bookworm, im a bookworm, we're all bookworms, we must have our stand on this kind of thing right? I just lost track of words at explaining about how precious books(real books not the digital one) meant to people like..us.

ok thats all.

Nani Othman said...

dia sleepy - i had just published a new one. don't miss me so much. haha.

halawatul iman - life's been great, alhamdulillah.

i've read your post and i'll write one in response to your request. =) ok? i'll include my stand and opinions in it. worry not. you're not alone. XD hehe.

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