January 31, 2011

It will end,

when the year ends - my To Do list.

I had my first MEGA meeting today (that's the name of the school magazine) and it brought me relief that I have a good team to work with. Most of them already know what to do and how to do things, I really don't think I'm gonna have to do much. It's just that, maybe the MEGA Hub needs a makeover. It's extremely dirty and the sight of it could have driven the late Mother Teresa out of her mind. Honestly these kids. I need to work on their sense of interior designing. None of them appeared to have any. But they're really, I mean really, really easy to work with. And they're fun. Kids are always fun. That's why I think you're crazy if you think I'm pretending to enjoy my job.

Anyway, the Buku Program Minggu Silaturahim was done today, and sent to Pakcik Man. He does the mass photocopying job of the college's materials. He's crazy efficient and dedicated, so the 400 copies should be done by tomorrow and I'll crack my knuckles and Kak Su's stapling them together. It's OK Nani, you only have ten insanely migraine-inducing but will be positively memorable months to go. It'll be over in no time. 

Seriously, God? You HAVE to help me.

Hm, what else? Oh yeah I now have my own Digsby widget! Right below the blog title. Hehe. I guess this is one way for me to reach out to the silent readers. I think I do have some. I do, right? So yeah, if you don't wanna give out your details and remain anonymous but at the same time you have something to say to me, just yell into my Digsby widget when you see me ONLINE. No worries, because the conversations will always be private. No one's gonna see what you said. *winks* Alright? Silent readers or not, just yell into the widget whenever you want to when you see me ONLINE.

I'll be replying to all comments when I can make time to do more than post an entry like this. I promise. Until then, everyone's gonna have to wait.

Because my life couldn't be more perfect with so many things to do in so little time it's not funny.

You guys take care.