September 27, 2010

Weak students do NOT exist.

One of the best reminders from my mother sounded like this, 'Ajar anak-anak orang sebagaimana kita mahu orang ajar anak kita' – loosely translated to 'You should educate your students the way you want your own kids to be educated.'

So really, I find it very offensive for some teachers to establish the misconception of 'My students are freaking weak, (I'd thank God for the rest of my lives if they'd just pass)' as a FACT. Some smartass you are. Fact, my *ss.

I mean really – I don't know what you've been taught in the years of your degree, but seriously you should be aware that such a thing  – weak students – do NOT exist, if you're actually in a school and holding the fate of a bunch of seventeen-year-olds in your hands.

There is no such thing as weak students. They are just an army of teenagers whose focus in life and university entrance exam is scattered all over Justin Bieber (I hate his front teeth), anime and sleep. They are not weak. They're just a little clueless. Your job: Give them the clue and send them straight to the answer. Not scream to the world how pathetic they are (which of course shows how retarded you are) and whine!

Besides, who do you think you are to pass such judgment and at the same time run amok when people judge how you think? (Thanks for the slip, Rayyan.) Seriously, grow up.

Ish, I just don't get some people.


Thanks to Rayyan, too, aku tahu engkau masih datang mencari bahan untuk menghisteriakan diri di NaniScribbles! – some people are SO predictable. Benci tapi rindu. Grossgusting.