September 20, 2010

This is for Syareen.

Just another drawing (click to full-view). Not much of a post this time. Sorry to those who expected a lengthy rambling (yeah, right - dream on, Nani).

All right this is Sailor StarMercury, as I'd like to call her due to the excessive alterations on the outfit, so I thought it'd be great to call her differently, too. Hehe. Made for Syareen (a friend of my sister who happens to be the first Sailormoon worshipper she finally found after years of leaving high school), took around two days to finish (negative comments off my blog, please), should be in her hands by now.

So what triggered Sailor StarMercury?

Well Syareen actually possessed all 200 episodes of the anime and she happened to let my sister have them for free and I sort of thought money wouldn't be the thing she'd want in return so why not give her something no one can buy - my very own fanart of her favourite senshi? Thus this came out.

So thanks, Syareen. I really, really hope you'd like it. I put all of my heart and half of my not-so-much skills into this (since I haven't been drawing much) and all the best thoughts about you. *winks* Yeah I really hope you'll like it.

Oh, and I'd like to think I did a wonderful job on this one. I'm planning to do the other senshis, too. =)

Anyway, how are you people doing?

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Luke Skywalker said...

Oh lovely blue ^_^

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

i'm doing good (answered the last question first)


Sis, draw Potter please.


anak pak man said...

i'm not a fan of sailor moon, unfortunately, so can't really comment on the fanart..

and I'm doing okay.. been better, but who hasn't been, right? huahua..

hope you're doing fine too teacher..
best wishes..

ARYN said...

i love sailormoon :)

Bella said...

Not a fan of sailormoon back then but i like ur drawing :D i draw too but a bit shy to publish them huhu

Nani Othman said...

luke - ehehe.

zara - i might..when i have the inspiration. hehe.

anak pak man - yeah i'm doing well. hope you are, too!

aryn - wonderful!! we're the moonies. haha.

bella - you should publish them. =) would love to see!

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