August 25, 2012

I'm not his wife. So?

The ONLY bad thing about Bradley James? I'm not his wife.

I really should have stick to crushing on you. Sorry that I fell for someone else.

I am back now.

* * *

I was with stupid and I can't believe 
how almost stupid I was when I was with it. But now stupid is with 
another stupid made just for it.

They are meant for each other and they look great together.

What was I thinking, really?

* * *

Some gaytards are gonna tell you, at one point of your life or another, 
that if you haven't yet found your Mr. Right, 
you should settle down with Mr. Second-best. 
My advice? Ignore them.

Never bring down your standards just because you want to be accepted. 
Or to make people who clearly don't deserve you, like you. 
Because if they're really all that, they would like you anyway - 
world-class idiot or just plain genius
God made each one of us to stand out, 

why the hell do you wanna fit in?

* * *

I could have been stupid for liking you.
But God saved me, didn't He?

* * *

I don't hate them. But if they're on fire and I had water -
I'd drink it.

* * *

And if you're gonna get hit by a bus,
I'd be driving that bus.

* * *

So I can't remember the last time I started hating someone.