July 26, 2012

Long distance.

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amirah said...

Couldn't agree more! pahitnya ada, tapi manisnya yang lebih. :)

Nani Othman said...

kan? hehe.

lullabiess stories said...

totally agree :) its been 3month he'd been away from me..no texting no calling..but when he come back home it was such a beautiful moment that we shared. phew3..
sometimes it was hurting me..but insyaallah..ada hikmah :)

vanilamanis said...

i think its kind of adventurous! suatu perkara yg mencabar diri.berjaya melepasi suatu jangka masa yg panjang baru boleh bertemu merupakan suatu perasaan yang sangat indah.macam baru lepas balik dari perang :)

Feilong said...


udoh lame tak baca kat blog nani ni...hehe. ari Long ada call but you didn't pick up. nevermind, maybe nani busy kot time tu.

anyway, Long tagged nani kat blog Long. nnt nani jenguk la blog Long yang entah hape2 tu...hihi

p/s: rindu la time buka puasa dengan geng ABS...huhu

Faisal Admar said...

Sorry, I don't agree.

To me, long distance relationship really need trust which is I doubt trust can be trusted forever.

A person might be tested with temptation. No matter how good a person is, someday, somehow, thing might happen doesn't matter you know it, or not.

Distance give you chance to cheat without you know about it. Even though you might defend yourself with an excuse that cheating can happen anywhere or anytime whether both of you close or far. Yes. But if you are close, then the percentage for your lover to cheat is very low. You meet your lover often. Unless your lover is a freaking bastard, then hopeless.

Usually long distance relationship is just about hope. You hope someday you will marry your lover but the fact is, very little case it was a success.

Do not get cheated by the novels. Truth isn't that wonderful.

Again, I don't agree :)

Nani Othman said...

that's wonderful! i hope both of you will last forever. =) come again.

haha, true indeed. adventurous is the word. well i hope if yours in long distance, it will last a lifetime and the next. thanks for dropping by.

Nani Othman said...

la..tagged? nnt nani try buat tagged long tu. haha. jgn lupa update cite jebat!!

p/s: bestnye zaman bukak pose dgn ABS kan? hehe.

Nani Othman said...

mr faisal,
different people have different ways of viewing trust. it's really subjective. things that might seem impossible to you might just be easily achievable by others. things like trust.

a lot of people cheat anyway, being apart or together. it's really not about the distance. it's how you sane you are. sane people know their responsibilities when they are committed to a relationship. while half-sane people don't really care since their brains aren't even working well. so yeah, it goes down to sanity.

distance is just a condition the relationship exists in. not a factor that determines how strong or weak it is. it's the PEOPLE who determine whether it's going to work or not.

a lot of people put the blame on distance and other conditions when their relationship don't work out. i'd flick out a middle finger at them any time. they chose to be in it (long distance relationship) and when it doesn't work, they put the blame on it instead of the people who made the choice in the first place (themselves)? smart move, people. really.

ALL relationships are about being humans, be it long distance or not. and being humans means being sane. and being sane means you do the right thing at the right moment in the right situation. is it RIGHT to cheat, no matter how close or far you are to or from each other? NO, right? if it's not right and you know it but you still do it, what does it say about the state of your mind? so in the first place these mentally unstable people shouldn't have been in a relationship.

but you're forgivable when you cheat if you don't know that it's wrong to do so. which is downright impossible, because if you're sane enough to want to be in a relationship, you should be sane enough to be honest in it. being good or bad people really has nothing to do with it. a lot of criminals are so loyal to each other that only deaths can tear them apart. so yeah.

a lot of people who were in a long distance relationship got married and are now happy with a family they build on not just trust, but more importantly the major value of being a human, and that's TREATING OTHER HUMAN BEINGS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. and to be able to do exactly that, you have to be sane. not trustworthy.

and yeah, some romance novels are incredibly believable. you won't be cheated by them. and that's one of the wonderful truths in life. =)

thanks for the feedback. long time no see. do you have more pictures of food on your blog??

Faisal Admar said...

Haha I have to change my blog theme to food because I think it's hard for me to deny that I'm a flogger.

Long distance relationship is easier to manage because when we are apart it is hard to see our true colors. That is why when people get married, some of them get shock and worse some of them can't stand with the differences that exist all in sudden after marriage.

Because of the distance :)

Nani Othman said...

mr faisal,
shocked or not, jodoh itu rahsia Allah SWT and to make a marriage successful, you don't have to be able to STAND the differences, you should be able to accept them and better yet, learn to love them. and that requires sanity like - "i am already married and this relationship is sacred di mata tuhan so we have to work this out, differences or not because divorce should never be an option." and if that's hard then maybe they shouldn't be married in the first place. but that's a different story altogether. distance has nothing to do with whether a marriage can work or not. sanity does. maturity does. and IMAN too.

and don't get used to blaming distance. we're the ones with AKAL. distance tidak berakal. so it can't be made a reason for anything that doesn't work for us. like i said, it's just a condition where the relationship exists in. if two people in love can't beat distance, then maybe it's not love after all or the two of them are just two people with an IQ below 10.

i'm not going to say marriage is easy. i'm just saying that people who blame distance are just incredibly egoistic that they just can't find a way to blame themselves and start correcting things that went wrong. so they find the easy way out - blame the condition THEY CHOSE TO BE IN, in the first place and forget about it. that's mental imbalance i tell you. nak bercinta mcm org dewasa, nak putus mcm budak sekolah. and these people disgust me.

they should try and accept the fact that they have definitely screwed up and work from there. but then again, a lot of them are just lazy to use their brains. might as well give them to me. i need more space for my expanding knowledge. heh.

syazanasohaimee:) said...

Couldn't agree more too. long distance relationship do need strong bond of trust. my 3 years relationship over within a month we do long distance :')

Anonymous said...

hi i like ur blog.

Nani Othman said...

yeap. trust and iman. =) i hope everything will turn out OK for you. keep the faith.

thanks. =)

Faisal Admar said...

I experienced LDR before and I believe it will last and I was wrong.

We can't put 100% trust on someone as human is unpredictable and most of them can't be trusted. SOme cases even relatives can be betrayers.

So, I wonder LDR should be based on what? Trust? Love?

When someone is involve with LDR, I mean... when someone is falling in love to be exact, he/she is blinded with beautiful imagination and fantasy that is created by himself/herself.

Love is beautiful, indeed.

To be neutral about this, someone need to be rational. What I mean is, not crazy in love at the moment.

Try to make own research about marriage nowadays and you'll be surprised with how many people involve in divorce because of they do not know each other true color before marriage. When they got married, they see the true color and most of them can't accept it.

If there are cases LDR is successful until marriage and till death, I believe the cases might be very rare.


I'd like to know if there is any...

Nani Othman said...

mr faisal,
like i said in my previous comments, love and trust arent the only factors. it's sanity and iman that will keep the relationship going the right way. and yeah, just because long distance relationship dont work with some people doesnt mean it's not gonna work with the rest of the world. happiness exists in forms we cant even imagine. and all these 'not being able to accept your partner's true colors' is really ambiguous.

there's no one angle to look at it. and i choose to do my best to love his imperfections because they make him who he is and he completes me. this isnt me being cheesy. this is me trying to keep everything together as a grown up.

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