November 24, 2011

Or anything else less impressive.

Here's a thing about me; I don't beg for trust. Liars beg for trust. I don't. That's why you'd never heard (not even once) and you'll never hear me say, 'Trust me'. We've seen movies where people who crush hearts, who break promises, who destroy hopes, who terribly disappoint initially offered a very convincing 'Trust me' right before turning their backs on the unfortunate souls who had granted them the trust they requested. You and me, we've all seen that. So I don't. I'm not that. Not even close.

Now, if you think by telling me that you don't trust me, or that you can trust me today but not three days later is going to change anything or leave an impact or something, you're thinking it wrong. I don't give a damn. Because like so many others in the world who are like me, I am honest with what I feel about many things. I am honest with what I feel about you. I have always been. I'm not that strange to a point that's unbelievable. Maybe to you I am. But I don't care. Really. I could be the strangest creature on earth in your eyes and so what. As far as I'm concerned, if you don't or can't trust me, that simply means you're still denied; by yourself, the pleasure of knowing me for who I really am and that's OK. That's really OK. I just seriously think you should change the contact name you decided for my number in your phone. I'm not living up to that honor if the very thing that makes me that; your trust, comes and goes like the wind. Just call me Nani. Or anything else less impressive. It would hurt you less when you're not in the mood for trusting.

p/s: This is not an angry post. Also not a hurt post.

p/p/s: That's my lazy-ass handwriting you had just read in the picture.

Later, people.

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Dida mumin♥ said...

how i love your writings nani!
i don't care if it's an angry post or what, the only thing i know is i love your writing so much!

[i hope i wrote it right ;)]

maxlone said...

i trust u <3 <3

by the way, all the best in your Master :)

Nani Othman said...

dida mumin,
hello there. =) haha. thanks. yeah you wrote it right. come again~!

tau. sayang kat long. doakan nani dapat pegi belajar tau~!

maxlone said...

by the way, kalau free datang la jenguk blog long. followers makin bertambah. hehe. long pun tgh giat buat e-novel....hehe!

Nani Othman said...

haha ok. nnt nani pegi tgk. skrg tgh busy sekerat nak mati. XD

maxlone said...

owh...tak pe. take your time. long doakan supaya mudah nani buat Masters :)

Nani Othman said...


Anonymous said...

No. That's not your writing.

Nani Othman said...

Yes. It's mine. Don't talk of things you know nothing of.

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