July 26, 2011

In every sense.

Stuffed rows and rows of colorful book spines, of various heights and thickness, bleached by time, ran along the walls in the shelves, looking like they had been there since time began. Some were so curious-looking with the golden letterings of the title half faded, while some gave out the proud impression of being new additions to the family. Most of them were neatly covered with clear plastic film and there were some that looked as if they were given brand new jackets. It was a sight you would wish to see, anyone would wish to see. And the familiar, heavenly smell of yellowed, aged, printed pages filled the air.

The atmosphere then felt just right. Perfect. They would have impressed anyone, even you. The house was, in all its senses, down to the last brick, a home filled to each and every corner with books. Literally. It was my definition of Wonderland, orgasmic in every sense.

Several silent minutes must have passed as I was standing there motionless, still in awe and unbelieving. Bracing myself, I took some brave steps towards the shelf closest to me and I touched the crimson spine of a big book. Ten thousand volts shot up my brain as I ran my fingers down the almost faded silver letters. 'Alice,' I read quietly. God. This was as real as everything else under the sun. 'In Wonderland.'

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AJ Nismihan said...

Where is this heaven?
it looks temping for casual reader like me; and of course that is nothing compare to their impact on you, rite.

wish you enjoy the rare treasure in your real dreamland.


Nani Othman said...

AJ nismihan,
i'm not really sure. it's just an excerpt from the book im currently working on..

thanks. =)

ika said...

Hi Nani, I'm Ika, you don't know me but I found your comment on my friends blog. I'm a TESL student. I'm kind of stuck in creating a literature lesson plan, and was wondering if I could ask you for some advice? do you mind? your help would be very much appreciated :)

Nani Othman said...

for literature, you could try the role-play approach, get the students to role-play a part in the short story or drama. =) or maybe a guessing game - list 3 words that are related to a character, and let them guess. or maybe you can just let the students construct the questions in their groups.

Anonymous said...

saya tak tahu nak komen apa sebab tak paham dengan post ni.

kadang2 terfikir awak ni pernah duduk dekat luar negara ke tidak.

Nani Othman said...

saya tak pernah duduk di luar negara. =) nape?

Anonymous said...

saje tanya. english awak agak tinggi so sy ingat awak ni pernah duduk dekat luar negara. maklumlah, orang yang duduk luar negara je biasanya hebat english dia

Nani Othman said...

oh. ramai je org yang tak pernah pergi oversea tapi english bagus. =)

Anonymous said...

oh ye ke?

saya pernah duduk oversea dulu tapi english saya taklah bagus sangat. mungkin sebab saya prefer cakap bahasa melayu. masa di oversea dulu pun saya lebih suka cakap melayu

Nani Othman said...

oh..hehe. saya pun prefer cakap melayu most of the times. tapi kat skolah tak lah. hehe.

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