October 28, 2010

'Why couldn't he fix his eyesight?'

There was once, when I was Potterphreaque (I still am, I just don't use the name so much anymore these days), I was asked, 'Nani, you gila Harry Potter kan? I'm just wondering; if Harry's so powerful of a wizard, why couldn't he fix his eyesight?' I blinked at her several times before giving her the answer.

The only one I could think of.

'He didn't learn how. That's why he couldn't,' I said.

I don't think there's a subject related to eyesight-fixing in Hogwarts. Remember when Malfoy blew up Hermoine's front teeth? She went to the hospital wing to get them fixed. And she was the genius of her batch, who happened to know so much.

Knowing more than Harry does, one would think that she could have gotten them fixed herself. But she couldn't. Because she wasn't taught how. If everyone who attends Hogwarts should be able to do everything - like what is expected of Harry - there shouldn't be a need for the hospital wing in the school, right?

Harry was interested in becoming an Auror. I bet they don't teach these Aurors-in-training how to fix their eyesight; like how the people who joined Police Force aren't taught how to diagnose and cure fever. It's not part of the course. Hehe.

And some days ago I googled the question. One of them Pottheads answered like I did. With less explanation, of course. But I get what she meant.

'Sama macam kitalah, ambik TESL takkanlah boleh reti buat brain transplant pulak tiba-tiba kan?' I added.

* * *

I thought the answer was obvious.

Well, what do you think?

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hijabalam said...

haha cool! i like ur answer XD

nani said...

i think the glasses are decorative. hahaha! i mean, c'mon dumbledore wears spectacles. what does that tell you?

well, my theory is, if it happened to your body naturally, then magic has no way of altering it. for example, if someone made you short-sighted with a spell, then the hospital wing could probably fix it. but if you just grew to be short-sighted... then, that's where LASIK surgery comes in. lol. in a way, doctors are like wizards. hehe. science can be magical too if you tilt your head at an angle and squint really hard.

well, that's my theory anyways. i don't really truly follow Harry Potter as deeply, so i wouldn't know for sure if they can or cannot fix something. haha. i might just ask my friend about it tho. good question.

RoSeNoi♥A'n'L said...

Yap.. Noi setuju!!

Kalau lah semua wizardz & witches diajar untuk ubah eyesight, body weight apa semua tu.. confirm lah semua magician lawa2, perfect!

kenapa tak tanya je..

"ada tak spell yg leh ubah otak kita jadi pandai?"


Lina Khairunisa said...

i agree with you, teacher Nani. tak semestinya ahli sihir knows everything kan? it is based on what field they take kan? klu jadi doktor, memanglah diaorg belajar cara nak fix eyesight. :D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Slightly unrelated to your post:

Dulu, masa at the peak of my Potter madness, masa zaman memuda ah dulu. We're talking about 15/16 here...I was completely head over heels in love with Ron. Not the actor mind you, but the character in the book. Rowling's figment of imagination was my teenage-years luvvah.

I was so demented that I actually picked a date and HAND MADE 15 wedding cards for me and him inviting my friends to our wedding in Scotland. Scotland, cause according to Mugglenet circa the early 2000s, the "real" Hogwarts would have been somewhere in Scotland.

I just feel like sharing the fuckery of my life with you today.

inna hayati said...

haha...so true.
unik apa spec bulat tu. mana ada hero lain pakai. :D

tak sabar tunggu nov.

Nani Othman said...

hijabalam - hehe. thanks. i like your comment. =)

nani - dumbledore rules!! haha. i like your comment. i agree. like..death is natural, and you can't cure death. moaning myrtle was proof. haha. dumbledore was a sadder example. but i really salute those DumbledoreIsNotDead Team..they're still keeping faith that he'd come back to life. XD i couldn't.

yeah science can be magical, i agree. love that.

noi - ayat last comment noi pedih sial...haha. maybe i should have asked the person who asked me the question your question. haha. what these people dont notice is that EVERY character in the books has his/her flaws. they're humans. who happens to be slightly different than us. XD

Nani Othman said...

lina khairunisa - hehe, true. what gave these people such expectations, i dont know. maybe they're trying to make a point. or a statement.

tcdo - whoa. at least i only took harry's last name and menyamar jadi wife die terus, takde invitation mcm you, hehe. one day i should go to scotland and find my own harry. i'll invite you to my wedding then. =)

kak inna - spek bulat tu mmg best. XD november? nani takde perasaan. haha.

Aisya Shurfa said...

THANK YOU! Someone once asked me that question but I couldn't be bothered to answer... Hehe. I shall now direct him to this blog entry!

Nani Othman said...

aisya - more than one person had asked me this. i was slightly annoyed like, 'if you're so curious, go and read for yourself-lah.' honestly? both are haters. they ACTUALLY thought they've come up with so smart of a question that a potterfreak won't be able to answer. thing is, the answer is obvious to everyone who reads. like them-lah, dah you tak baca, itu pasal you taktau. ceh.

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