October 11, 2010

Ask me a question.

I'm lacking the motivation to write right now. There's a blockage in the system. The only thing I feel like writing about is school and I don't think that would mean much to many of my readers who happen to be non-teachers. I don't think it would reach far. There could only be so many posts about school in one blog.

So maybe I need some inspiration. Maybe I'm direly in need of inspiration or I would be stuck for another I don't know how many days. I need to keep writing, to keep my brain working the language or my teaching might go down the drain.

So, how am I going to do this? I'll let my readers ask me questions.

1) Now, you may ask as many questions as you want, ANYTHING about me that you wanna know. I'll be at my best level of honesty in my answers. The answers will come out in the next post, so stay tuned (if you wish to). I'll put your name with your question and link it to your blogger profile (if you have one), don't worry.

2) The questions may be long or short. Up to you. It can even be something like this: You woke up one morning and found a baby at your front door. The note attached to it was of your handwriting and it said, 'Feed her.' Then you realized that your nightgown and both your legs were bloodstained. What would you do?

3) But don't put too many questions in one comment – I might miss some.


All clear?

OK. Now come at me, people.

12 scribbleback (s):

ButirStar said...

okay, i want to ask u ONE question

what will you do when you are happily taking a shower while shampooing, suddenly you smell fogging smoke???

(asap fogging la maksud long ni...huhu)

Nani Othman said...

haha.. menarik soalan tu long. nanti nani reply in the next post. XD

ButirStar said...

ni saje je nak buat puaka...ngehehe

Anonymous said...

salam..kak nani, how to improve my english? especially grammar.do share your experience. you're my idol. tq.


Saffa said...

1) How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Career, Financial, Love/Family

2) Have you ever thought of publishing your own book?

3) Do you correct people grammar mistake when you read their blog?

Ayaq masak said...

Okay my question is...




I can't think of any right now. Will get back at you later. Nyiahaha.

Anonymous said...

Someone really hates you, get the chance to stab you and you die. With God's willing, you're still alive!! What would you do/say to that particular person when you meet them?


Genjo Sanzo said...

Any interesting questions from your own students?
Example; 'Teacher, can I become a God?'

If so, how do you answer them?

Faisal Admar said...

i wanna see your face! LOL

Jiyuu said...

I feel you, sista. And here I thought blockage only happened to the lame writers. (not implying you're lame in any way. I meant it happens to the best of us)


Situation: You're stranded in [insert deserted strand-able location of choice] with the person you love and you have only a single apple to eat. You have no idea how long you are going to be stuck there and there is nothing else edible or else lack the required skills to scavenge anything.
Question: What would you do when the both of you get hungry?

Note: Its actually something I read in one of the mangas I've read (can't remember which one).

Farah Hanani said...

Ini kelas English ka? Uuu.. takot silap grammar..


What is your wierdest dream?

avid gunner said...

got one for ya..

As a writer, do you struggle with Mary Sue? If you are unfamiliar with the term, it arose from fan fiction, and means more or less that the writer will identify with the main character to such a degree that she/he will ultimately give more and more power to said character, until the story devolves into some kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy. Rampant in fan fiction of course, but professional writers have been known to fall prey to Mary Sue as well.