February 18, 2010

Still the Math atheist. Only way honest (than before).


That's what I just said.

Hi people.

You can say bye to Ginny, now (jeez, did my heart just broke or what?)

Anyway, I'll be here from now on.

I believe I've stamped on the name Max J. Potter an image which isn't so nice to be remembered. So I'm leaving the name - even though I like it so much, and the blog with which the name gained the reputation it has now. Some days ago, I tried to look at Ginny as one of the readers - an outsider, a non-regular visitor, and I think she is a hideous, rude, selfish, controversial (sort of) and highly offensive blog, at times. And I don't like that. I don't like what I had done with Ginny, when I was Max J. Potter. I don't like me as Max J. Potter, anymore, too.

In her early years, Ginny was pure (and if you think this is an overstatement, get lost). She was a blog no one cared to visit twice, and I was OK with that. And I miss the old her (call me emotional if you want. You're just a reader). She was just a place for me to say things without directing my vocabulary towards anyone in particular. Just a compilation of random, harmless (yeah, I didn't misspell that) thoughts. She was that pretty.

Then I began making blogger-friends. Some of them began to return to Ginny, so Max J. sort of forgot her purpose of writing, of blogging. I couldn't even place my finger on the day when I began to write for others, an audience (which was growing in number) - and before I even realize it, I had already become someone else.

I was no longer writing for myself. And that, was the ugliest thing I had ever committed myself to doing. I hate the fact that I was doing just that. I just wanna put a stop to it. I want to start to be honest with my writing. Full-blastingly.

I could ramble longer. But I don't think all this explanation is worth reading (this is just the first post, for God's sake!) - and I need to get ready for school, tomorrow.

So here I am.

And here ends the very first post for NaniScribbles!, my new online buku conteng.

I'll see you guys later, yes?

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Anna J. Potter said...

should i make a new one, too?
nanascribbles? lmao, copycat XD

anyway, welcome ^^
apakah nama blog ini?

Nani Othman said...

chomey gila kot nanascribbles. pi amik cepat!!

nama dia NaniScribbles! with the ! mcm nama Bob!. Kira mcm nama magazine lah.

Anna J. Potter said...

teruknya, nama Bob! XD

Nani Othman said...

awat teruk pulak? dia kan hensem!

Jai said...

touching pulak baca post nie. inilah namanya tulius dari hati. huhu.. hidop naniscribbles! hidop! this new blog worth a congrat... ;)

Nani Othman said...

thanks, jai. =) ni pun separuh je dari hati ni. tak hundred percent pun. come by often, yes?

Humayra' said...

mind if i link ur new blog to mine?

all the best with the new blog. May Allah bless

Nani Othman said...

humayra'- of course i don't. do link! and thanks. Allah bless you, too. =)

Nana Othman said...

tgh dlm proses menghidupkan NanaScribbles! header x buat lg XD tp post dah ada

Farah Hanani said...

Sis Nani..

sometimes we dont realize we're doing what others demand us to do instead of satistfied our needs..

that's when Muhasabah Diri take part and we realized our mistakes.. It means that Allah loves us.. as He always do..


Nani Othman said...

fina - yay! cepat buat header! kak nani pun takdak lagi, nnt fina balik ah buat!

farah hanani - that's enlightening, sis. =) thanks a lot for the reminder.

MissA said...

hello there..ooh, so u do have blog before this eh? well, now that you're back on track, keep blogging :p


Nani Othman said...

missA - yeah i did. and i was never off the track. =) will do. cheers back to you!

Fai Zakaria said...

Wow! I've read all your post in one night! Kudos to myself and of course to you too!

Keep writing ad I will keep reading. =)

Nani Othman said...

fai zakaria - omg. i don't know how to react to that. i mean..THANKS so much for the display of appreciation! you had just motivated me to write. and i'll write about you, soon!! thanks! i will keep writing!

Anonymous said...

shifting. for a fresh start.

it's the classic syndrom for most, if not all bloggers. we all seem to reach that stage at some point.
myself included ;-)

having said that, sometimes change does do us a bit of good, and judging by skimming thru ginny and nScribbles, you're doing just fine 8-)


Nani Othman said...

thanks, mate. =) i appreciate that. hope to see you around.

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