June 4, 2015

Ratchet niqabis. You read that right.

What up everyone, it's been 84 years so I'm back. Just a few days ago I noticed that a certain married couple was all over Facebook due their so-called envy-inducing photos being shared by a certain someone I'm not gonna name. It was everywhere on the damn site because the wife is a niqabi and the pictures were displays of affection that most niqabis don't normally make public. 

So it was a hot mess - what with people being keyboard warriors; attacking and defending the couple, attacking and defending other niqabis and insulting some really irrelevant people as they go along - and certain people almost got into trouble because some other niqabi thought it'd be best to inform everyone that she has a connection with the Bukit Aman police force and that if people fuck with them niqabis, they're gonna fuck those people up in return. Really now, so many of us need to calm down. How about you try and comprehend the fact that the couple technically fucked up their asses on their own for uploading the pictures? And then we can bring Bukit Aman into the argument - if you still think it's necessary. It's insane how easily things get out of control on Facebook. Morons and mad people everywhere!

You Facebook addicts could already know what the whole mess was about. If you don't then worry not, you'll come across another mess that's equally brain damaging, soon. Just wait for a few days - it's Malaysia. Stupid issues are bound to explode all over Facebook every flipping week. That's a promise.

Now that mess I just summarized is the trigger of this post. I don't know how long this is gonna be considering the sad fact that I haven't been blogging for centuries so bear with me if you can. Not forcing anything onto anyone. It's just another rage post.

The thing about some niqabis is that they don't know the most basic thing about being Muslimahs and they somehow think that the terrible things they do are forgivable just because their faces are covered. I've had some really unpleasant encounters with basic niqabis - yes, I used the word basic, be thankful that I didn't use the word ratchet because that's literally just how some of them are like most of the times. 

Once, when I was still working my ass off getting a degree, I've had a classmate who was a niqabi and boy she had to make our other classmates who weren't hijab-clad feel really bad about themselves - OK I'm not defending girls who don't cover up, obviously it's wrong but do you have to attack them every single time? No message is sent across by attacking them in public. If you really want them to change, do it privately and kindly and if that doesn't work, don't degrade them. It only sends them farther from the teaching of Islam. 

People like her makes Islam look unforgiving, difficult, harsh and hate-driven. And people like her - you, if you are one - need to remember that you can act all high and mighty right now because you pray more than us, you recite the Quran more often than us, but one day you're gonna mess with the wrong person and you'll get hell. Sure enough, one tragic day, she and her group of basic niqabis decided to mess with a Bumiputera Christian girl (they thought she was a non-hijabi Muslim) who eventually questioned their faith and how they carry the image of Islam - excessive eye make-up with layers of false lashes despite claiming to not have desire for attention by donning the niqab, and forcing Islam onto random people just because no one's gonna find out who they are. That became the talk of the faculty for weeks! Pretty messy, huh?

I've also encountered basic niqabis at supermarkets jumping the lines at the counters. Seriously now people, that's just rude and downright disgusting! You don't have to be a Muslim to know that jumping lines is wrong and disrespectful. You just have to be a human and of course, sane. And just because nobody will ever recognize your face doesn't mean you get to be a bitch - it's embarrassing for the rest of us Muslims because you make all of us look bad! People of other beliefs (I don't blame them) have the understanding that the best of us Muslims often dress like you and when you act all ratchet and uncivilized, ALL of us are seen in the same light! You tell me how is that fair? You tell me how is that OK when the rest of us are struggling to make Islam look good due to the recent events - like how is that OK?

Two more messed up niqabis I've encountered were members of an usrah I used to attend. They'd ask to borrow the other members' cellphones to text a friend, but it turned out that they were actually reading all of the text messages in the said phones to find out if the other members were thirstily texting guys. The freaking hell? First of all, that's a fucking breach of privacy, a fucking breach of trust - to hell with your sisters kerana Allah SWT tagline because you're a horrible person who has no respect for other people's spaces! Secondly, not all girls text guys because we're thirsty! Why do you have to think that girls who are not you must be lesser than you? Who gave you the right to think like that? Most of us text because there was a need for it, many of us just happen have more guy friends than girl friends - why is that wrong? How is that wrong? And thirdly, how do you expect to reach out to people, to change them for the better when you judge them by their texts? How? 

And I've unfriended a basic niqabi friend because she was being a monster on Facebook, harassing people for uploading really attractive selfies. She went, 'Allahu, berdosa upload gambar macam ni, sis, murah sangat buat tontonan ajnabi! Semoga beroleh hidayah, ukhti fillah.' Another girl she attacked had it worse, 'Ya Allah sis, ana yang berniqab pun dah terasa bahang neraka melihat gambar-gambar begini, tutuplah aurat. Dah jauh sangat dari syurga Allah SWT ni.' Well the thing about her is that she was doing the exact same thing - the only difference was the people she attacked had duck-faces and weren't hijabis while she didn't have a face to be said anything about - everything was covered except her stunningly lined eyes. Seriously now, I can't believe anyone can sink that low. Her selfies were all well-lighted with extra focus on her professional blending skills of eye shadows, fake lashes and her purple-cyan-magenta contact lenses of 10 cm freaking diameter - and you wanna tell people you feel the heat of hell because of how they dress? Get out of here!

It's no surprise that thirsty men whose pathetic rib cages rattled (bergetar tulang rusuk ana, or so they say) everytime they see similar selfies of basic niqabis flocked to her pictures and liked them obsessively. Some even went so far as to ask for her phone number (nak kenal rapat dengan calon zaujah, or so they say) - because their damn ribs won't stop rattling - to which she firmly but hypocritically replied, 'Maaf ya saudara, ana tak boleh layan lelaki ajnabi. Tolong jaga ikhtilat, kita sama-sama da'ie, besar tanggungjawab kepada ummah.' Girl, you need to sit your ass down and let me school you - the fucking nerve! The nerve you had to tell people to 'jaga ikhtilat' like what exactly are you talking about, what ikhtilat is there when your pictures are all over the place demanding likes from the opposite sex regardless of how you dress like how dare you! And you know what, I'm done with people like this. I'm so, so done, which is why I have removed her from my friends list - it was a headache having to deal with her hypocritical posts and hiding them wasn't enough, so yeah. I'm done.

Sigh. That's a long one. I didn't say all niqabis are like this, OK, despite my self-destructive nature - because I know it's not true. I've said it earlier, that only some of them are ratchet enough to piss me off and I know making baseless claims like that doesn't make me better than anybody. But I'm not gonna say the non-niqabis are better, too, because we probably already are, so. *shrugs* Because I don't see the best of us starting fights every chance we get, on every social networking site we frequent. I also don't see us going around condemning people to hell just because they sin differently than us. Really now. 

So what's my point in all this? I'll tell you what my point is. There are Muslims out there who are struggling everyday to become good servants of Allah SWT - a lot of us didn't have it easy, OK? Not all of us have ustazs and ustazahs as parents and not all of us are lucky enough to be sent to schools as amazing as yours where all school leavers graduated as Jannah-dwellers. And you, being over-privileged Muslims, have no right to go around making a mess out of your niqab and twisted Islamic values, degrading people for not dressing the way you do and behaving like apes in public places thus making the entire religion look like a sick joke! We are trying our best here and it's already very hard and being classified in the same group of ratchet people like you is not making it any easier. So really, just because you look like you're better than the rest of us does not make you better than the rest of us - and please stop making everyone else of the same faith look like bad jokes because of you.

This message goes out to all basic niqabis who don't know the first thing about donning a niqab: the next time you feel the urge to tell people that they're going to hell - remember this; manusia masuk syurga kerana rahmat Allah SWT, bukan kerana niqab. Manusia masuk neraka sebab tak dapat rahmat Allah SWT, bukan sebab upload selfie. Re-evaluate your existence for once, do it for God and the rest of the planet. It's already a sick place without people like you.

And peace out.

This girl looks so badass. I need to get the same shades.

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Liyanna Ahmad said...

spot on.

I went to a SMKA, and those five years of studies there I learnt how sometimes these so called "pious" groups were actually worse and harsh than the ordinary people.

cacah said...


Anonymous said...

I like this posting. Like, seriously. Niqab? Really? There were never a call for women to cover their whole freaking face. The Arabs do it because their place is full of sand. There is a freaking need to cover up. And this ana anta business, give me a break! Also the practice of peppering their speech with choice Arabic words. Please. Stop being effing pretentious already. Take care of yourself dear niqabis, ratchet or otherwise, the Lord never called you to do more. Everything is His will, you should know that better than us, the lower mortals in your eyes.


Nani Othman said...

liyana ahmad,
they're everywhere. must have been rather uncomfy huh?

thanks. :)

thanks for liking this. i think i'm just annoyed that some of them are so disrespectful of other people's spaces and that's really not nice. regarding peppering their speech with arabic words, there are times when it gets really confusing so i just give up trying to comprehend. *shrugs* i can always talk to the ustazahs at school if i need more info. do drop by again. =)

Adamolly said...

Nice post.

shakirzarif said...

i like this post teacher :) regardless if u wear niqab or not , u doesn't have right to judge people whether they are going to hell or heaven

Nani Othman said...

thank you. Drop by again, soon. :)

aww thanks. You are right! Just because you dress better than others doesnt mean you get to play God!

Emma Amir said...

We are always inclined to feel good about ourselves, over-estimate ourselves.
However, we always forget a fact.
Whatever happens happened because it is God's will.
You perform solat, not because of you are pious.
It is because God fill your heart with urgency to perform it. The feel of needing to do it. The feel of its importance.
Everything we do, we cannot do without God.

So, if we are THAT needy of God, what make us better than others?
No one has the right to condemn others, no matter how good you think you are.
Because it is God's doing.
And God can take it away instantly if that is God's will.

People who play God proves that they are worse than who ever they condemn.
No matter how 'better' your appearance is.

The best cloth is good akhlak.

Nani Othman said...

emma amir,
thanks for the long comment, i appreciate it. though i can't help but be reminded that as often as we overestimate ourselves, we are our worst critic, too. that is beside the point however, haha. i agree with everything you wrote - who are we to play God, regardless of how we dress and the frequency of our solat - all of those semua dari Allah and that if He did not put the love in into our hearts then we shall not have it any other way. and you are right - the best outfit is an excellent akhlak. =)

Tinta Insyirah said...

That is one angry post :) But I can relate.

Somehow or rather, I agree with you.

I myself donning the niqab solely for the sake of - because Allah knows my flaws and when I put my niqab on, that just means Allah knows even greater God-knows-how-many-sins-I-have-committed but still He gives me the chance to wear one, despite people looking at me as if I'm the most solehah amongst them. (which I'm so not)

I myself disagree with niqabis being the show for the public, posting their photos everywhere all over the Internet. It is worrying, despite others have similarly done so posting their photos, but the bigger calamities it is when it comes to niqabis doing such thing.

However, to sum things up, it always come to the most basic thing in Islam. Akhlaq, because that's how Rasullulah SAW wins the heart of the non-Believer too :) Hope Kak Nani can pray for those who have yet to understand the meaning of true Muslimah. Keep inspiring through your writing, and if you happen to encounter these niqabis who have maybe wronged you / the religion in some way, perhaps you might want to give them advise because husnuzon as we all are taught to practice, mungkin koyak di baju mereka sendiri mereka tak nampak.

Love your blog as always.
May Allah bless you :)

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