August 3, 2013

How Afiq Ismail judged.

Me: You stay here.

Afiq: Yes, 'cher?

Me: Are you a judgmental person?

Afiq: (smiles) Yes, I am.

Me: Are you judging me, now?

Afiq: 'cher, it's passed the judging time already. (He has been at school for half a year now.)

Me: So how did I do?

Afiq: (hesitates) You did - quite OK. (laughs nervously)

Me: What's that supposed to mean? I did quite OK? What does that mean?

Afiq: I find you interesting. No, intriguing.

Me: Intriguing. Hm.

Now really, I am just wondering, what could possibly be the words to describe the teachers who did very well? A million miles downright amazing? Drop-dead outstanding and coming back to life a thousand times? Incredible-hulkly awesome?

Hm. Hm.

Ngeh, I am bored.

Going back to work.