May 13, 2013

Stay there.

Man. I deleted one whole page of draft and decided to write another. The above picture however, has nothing to do with anything. I just love the cuteness of it.

Anyway, yeah. I almost hit 'Publish' and then I thought better. The draft I sent down the drain practically consist of torrents of expletives dedicated to one specific person who was supposed to stay in the past. My past. Dude, the reason I kicked you out of my life was your dishonesty. And you were using exactly that to craftily make your way back into it. You need to get your own. Seriously.

When are you gonna learn? Deception does not work on people who are smarter than you. Dishonesty only gains you something when it's forced onto people dumber than you. And just because basic bitches howled their brains out when you married the sad woman of your choice does not mean EVERY other woman would do the same. Get over it. You've been married for a year, I guess? And if I was one of the basic bitches you dated, I would have hunted you down just to slam a kick in your deserving face - but hey, surprise! I didn't, so I need you to understand that I did not care - about you, about your sad little life and your sad little wife. So, really there was no need whatsofuckingever to get extra creative in your plot to let me know how happily married you are - I am not interested. If I was, I would have enthusiastically high-fived you in the face with a truck, long ago.

'Menyamar jadi isteri sendiri? Gila.' -My sister

'Kak, that's not his wife. That's him. You have to be strong.' -Jasmine

Get this - I will always be that one person who will never fall in love with you no matter what you do, and I will remain that one person who will never be hurt with the fact that you're not a part of my life. Understand that well, and your stupidity WILL decrease. But who I am to tell you what to do, yes? We both know how grudgingly dumb you are. Don't we? 

* * *

"There's a reason why some people just don't make it into your future, Nani. And you need to keep them there, where they belong - in your past." 

So, yeah. I'm not stopping you from coming here. I just hope you'd keep a distance. Because you disgust me.