March 6, 2012

Megi saves the world.

‘Teacher, is it true that the world is going to end this year?’ he asked.  Indian and highly inquisitive. I guess 2012 is still a scary set of number for some people. Then I turned to him to offer him the best answer I could come up with – nobody knows when the world is going to end, we will do our very best to be really good people as long as we live. But someone else did a better a job before I could do mine. The boy next to him. He was wise. Way beyond his age.

‘Wei, megi aku pun expire 2013 kot. Lek ah.’

And laughter was everywhere.

Was I stunned?

You bet.

Yeah. I really love my job.

Oh. They’re 13-year-old kids. Biologically protected by the honesty gene. And innocence.

Looks like the world will last another year thanks to megi.


Hehe. How are you guys doing?

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megi said...

ahhhahhahah!! that cracked me up. yela, as u can see, my name is megi, n my ringtone is that alert tone used by power rangers. u make me feel like a superhero

erine roslan said...

hahaha megi is such a saviour..

cafiena said...

oh my God, kids are adorable and im smiling ear to ear, alone, to the monitor.

Nani Othman said...

haha. that's cool. been a while since i last heard the power rangers theme tone. well, arent we all a hero one way or the other?

yeah it sure is. hehe.

sure they are. just awesome. =)

fndrocka said...

kahkah...nanti akan ada filem 2013 pulak agaknya :-)

Nani Othman said...

hehe. maybe. =)

maxlone said...

i'm doing good! yeah!

wow! megi saves the world.

balik2 megi jugak yang jadi hero! haha! comel la your student said things like that.

four-leaf clover said...

hilariously expressed. LOL .

Nani Othman said...

mungkin megi memang dah lama jadi hero..haha.

hehe. thanks. come again.

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