August 8, 2011

Why only lesbians would love Seth Tan.

Right. I have never seen Nora Elena. But I've heard from many about how good it is. A girl gets raped, marries the rapist and lives happily ever after. Couldn't think of a better plot myself - being the future JK Rowling. Seriously.

Anyway, I also heard that the rapist turned husband is one of the most romantic male characters ever to grace the TV screen, so most girls I know went nuts at the slightest mention of Seth Tan. Which is something I don't get since he's a rapist. And he didn't get caught for raping. And he lives a great life, becomes successful and gets to marry the girl he couldn't stop himself from violating some years ago. Pretty much a life any rapist would rape for. Pft.

Now some of my married girl acquaintances too, were so much in love with this guy Seth Tan. They were like, 'Kan best kalau hubby I macam tu?' Which is something I can never digest - you want a rapist for husband when you're married to a nuclear engineer? Talk about being ungrateful. And insane. I thought I was crazy to 24/7ly spazz about Bradley James. No. Seriously. I really did.

And I was also told that I would never understand what this madness is all about since I'm not yet married. Fine. Maybe I don't get it. But it's definitely not because I'm not married. I mean, he's a rapist. He intentionally destroyed a life and nothing could change that. Not that I like Nora Elena or anything, but yeah, it was intentional. So, fine, I don't get it. But I know enough to not wish for my future husband (whoever you are) to be a rapist.

OK. 'Now what's with the post title?' some of you might ask. We're getting there now.  


Photo courtesy of Kak Imm.

Get me? Honestly this Ahmad Seth Tan whatever could be the most romantic knight in shining armor from the seventh heaven for all I care, but if he's actually a FEMALE then what's the point, really? Married females everywhere had been hoping for a female husband and Nora Elena spent years being traumatic because she was raped by a girl. Like, honestly, I really don't get where this drama came from. I really, really don't.

So I admit. I don't get it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a woman, straight, and I'm destined to marry Bradley James. And I pity them married women who had been so ungrateful about being married to real men that they are wishing for a female sexual predator instead. Really.

Alright. I am bored. Thus the post. 

What's new on TV lately, people?

And how's everyone?

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Hazirah Mustaffa Kamal said...

and therefore, ginny is alive, still.

thank you. :)

Nani Othman said...

hm. what does your comment mean actually? sorry i don't get it. DX

nani said...

xpayah nk seth tan la sangat. cuba sebut nama tu lelaju sikit. kan da jadik setan? suka ke dkat setan? haiyaaa~!!!!

Nani Othman said...

hai semput i nak menyebut nama die ni. susah je. maybe it should've been setan je kan? haha.

YumiKey said...

okayh ..... that's what i call total weirdness ?? by the way, where did you get that kinda stuff from ?? susah nye nk nyebut nama dia .. setan terus laa senang, kn teacher ??

Nani Othman said...

haha. i have my sources. XD lol. anyway, yeah. setan terus lah senang.

nani said...

yes. it should have just been setan. mesti writer drama tu bangga gila. konon wordplay la kan? since he was a rapist, so nama dia seth tan. they must feel so clever. >__>

Nani Othman said...

writer drama tu rasanya tak bangga sangat since this drama is based on a book..kasih yang suci ke cinta yang suci entah i pun tak ingat. yang pasti it's an Alaf21 book. XD which doesnt surprise me much. XDDDD

tapi i think the book author must have felt SO clever. haha. wordplay la sangat. like pfffft!!!

Anonymous said...

alah, drama pun nak kecoh ke?? kan ke namanya DRAMA, mestilah cerita tu bukan based dari real life situation kn? nama pun adaptasi dari novel!

mungkin awak tak pernah tgk drama melayu yang biasanya di tulis:
"cerita ini tiada kena mengena dengan yg hidup atau dah mati. kalau ada pun itu adalah satu kebetulan"

so, kenapa nak kecoh2 pasal nora kahwin dgn rapist? mana ada org dalam dunia ni terima rapist cam tu je? tu citer TV!!!

Hazirah Mustaffa Kamal said...

hai teacher nani. sorry. tadi nak rushing mengejar status komen firstt agaknya :p

i mean, the old ginny who always had something to say for nur kasih, ayat2 cinta etc.

to anon : I do want to reply but think it's better if I let teacher nani handle you :)

Luke Skywalker said...

Setan sudah. Nak reka nama global sangat buat apa.

Nani Othman said...

aku baca komen kau obvious kot kau yang kecoh. aku tak kecoh pun dia kawin dengan rapist ke apa. kau cakap apa ni? yang mengkecohkan cerita dia kawin dengan perogol tu TV, bukan aku. serius apa benda kau meraban aku tak faham.

Nani Othman said...

reply je kat anon tu. i'd like to see what you would say. haha!

seth tan tu global ke? pfft.

milo sejuk said...

kalau tak suka the story in the first place, tak payah susah2 nak tgk dan nak bagi komen.

saya tahu sesetengah orang prefer English soap than the Malays.

If you want to comment, pi komen kat director la. yang nak hasut orang lain benci cerita ni kenapa?

Anonymous said...

milo sejuk,

setuju dengan awak. agaknya nani ni bukan melayu kot, kutuk2 cerita melayu.

entah2 melayu celup!

Diya said...

diya kurang berminat dengan tipikal novel melayu, so dari awal memang kurang berminat nak follow drama nora elena. dan kurang berminat dengan seth tan juga (_ _")

hai kak nani ;)

Hazirah Mustaffa Kamal said...

kan sedap sikit, boleh pangil milo sejuk, instead of anon.

"kalau tak suka the story in the first place, tak payah susah2 nak tgk dan nak bagi komen"

well. macam boleh diterbalikkan kat awak pulak ye.

"kalau tak suka the entry in the first place, tak payah susah2 nak baca dan bagi komen"

but there it goes. hak bersuara.

sayang, saya langsung tak rasa 'dihasut' oleh penulis blog ini. ini pendapat.

saya salah seorang yang rushing pergi beli "kasih yang suci" bila tak sabar nak tahu ending nora elena kat tv. :P

the problem here is We(the writer is included maybe) forgot to "feel" nora elena. this isn't about a sulking wife and here's the romantic husband trying to get his wife back. it's about a person who has been raped(my friend put it as this - grabbed her from behind, forced her legs open and thrust himself violently and happily into her dry virgin flesh and tearing it apart) and forced to be living under the same roof with the culprit!

kita terlupa nak ambil tahu isu rogol dan trauma sebab kita terlalu fokus pada "wah romantiknya seth tan". this is one of major points we've missed out here.

that's my take on that drama tv. so saya tengah menghasut ke ni?

Farahanani Amhazali said...

Romantic hubby could cure old trauma?

Not romantic if the husband is causing the trauma.

and this guy in love with her since when? Before the rape or after?

and love come out of guilt? or the pleasure of her taste?

still dont get it till now.

Yeah.. I did melt down with several novel-scene which will never happen in real life.

But he is Setan in disguise..

Farahanani Amhazali said...

Ohh.. belum kira lagi betapa kayu nya para pelakon..


Sis Nani,

Miss y0u!


yasmin said...

lol haiyoo malays do get offended very easily. there is still this I DEFEND MY TRIBE kinda thing. it's getting old, people. stop it we ain't ancient.

anyway, oh gosh you have no idea how much i detest the slightest mention of this drama! marrying a rapist, seriously mahn... i'm sorry if i might come out a bit obscene here but as husband and wife you do the thing when you're married right, like duh. but if he's raped you before, won't that haunt you every time you go to bed with him? TRAGIC! TRAGIC I TELL YOU! hahahaha. it's disgusting whoever who thought of the plot in the first place. and then wow a director decides to adapt it into a drama. AWESUM. he/she thinks it's THAT worth it. wal lao weyyy!

Jiyuu said...

Forgive me for liking one of your 'I'm bored" posts, but I really like this one. Like!

setan said...

Actually, once Nora Elena learned the truth about Seth being "her rapist", she despised him at first and then seeing how desperate Seth was begging for forgiveness, being romantic and all that, she pun cairrr..

Still, I don't like the idea of girl marrying her own rapist as well. Rape is never good.

But let's stop being judgmental. The guy really regret his past, and want to repent. Can't people be given second chance? Maybe this is the main question in the drama.

Nana Othman said...

"Pondan sakit jiwa yang mak bapaknya lupa nak bagi nama memang dibenarkan histeria/sawan di sini. Tapi lebih baik tak payah sebab saya tak faham bahasa najis. Pergi mati sekarang. Terima kasih."

Dengan wujudnya warning ni atas kotak komen, pun ada lagi ANON yang menyibuk? Tak paham la manusia yang main baling batu sembunyi tangan ni. Butthurt merata alam, nama sembunyi. Ingat cool la kot.

Saya tak nampak siapa2 kecoh pasal perkahwinan mangsa rogol dan si perogol pun. So semakin tak paham dengan sikap anon.

Kak Nani - The drama is stupid. The 'anon' is annoying.

milo sejuk said...

to hazirah,

saya tak kata entry ni tak best dan saya ada hak nak tulis kat sini memandangkan penulis blog ni bagi ruang untuk semua orang komen dekat sini.

cerita ni rasanya tak de kena mengena denga isu rogol. ia adalah drama romantik, so memang dia fokus pada romance je la. isu rogol tu hanya siar dalam berita je.

Nas Eyre (Mr.) said...

Kah Kah Kah! Seriously? Puteri kami? Hahahaha!

Nani Othman said...

Seriously, congrats to Ache for being the FIRST to actually realize the point of the post. The MAJOR POINT of this freaking post. Pft!

Nani Othman said...

milo sejuk,
aku tak tengok pun cerita ni. dan tak susah pun nak komen cerita bland macam ni. dan aku tak minat nak komen kat director ke ape, sebab it's not going to change anything. aku cuma beritahu kenapa aku tak suka konsep cerita ni. kau ada masalah apa? bila aku hasut orang lain benci cerita ni?

aku suruh kau pergi mati, bukan histeria kat sini. lain yang aku suruh, lain yang kau buat. kalau menjadi melayu tu bermakna aku akan sakit jiwa macam kau, aku bangga je mengaku melayu celup. at least aku waras.

Nani Othman said...

long time no see. haha. kak nani pun kurang berminat juga dengan novel melayu yang tipikal. thanks for dropping by. =) miss your comments.

haha. i got molten over MANY to-good-to-be-true novel scenes, too. but hey, a setan in disguise is a setan in disguise. XD

miss you jugak. haha.

Nani Othman said...

it comes from a book yang authornye perempuan. talk about disgusting. lol. haha. anyway, i agree, whoever it is that thought up the plot obviously didn't have enough sense to actually study dulu sebelum kembangkan the story sampai complete. hai. kesian sungguh.

haha. like your comment, too!

thanks for sharing your view. the main question of the drama can be anything for all i care. but the major point of the post is SETH TAN IS A WOMAN. and women all over the country are so in love with 'her'. that's what i don't get.

Nani Othman said...

hai. dasar butthurt. punggung orang lain yang dibakar, punggung dia pulak yang hangit. tak faham sungguh. haha. takpa. but i won't stop people who wishes to do a public display of imbecility. takmau pamer pun takpa. anyway, yes, i's say the plot is pretty stupid jugakla. and the anon is not just annoying, he/she's butthurt and annoying. XD

pandai pun. hai. it's amazing how some people can both nameless and brainless at the same time. XD

una berry said...

I think the novel is worst than the drama. like seriously

Nana Othman said...

i spotted the 'puteri kami' jugak, to x komen XD

Nana Othman said...

*tapi tak komen

Anonymous said...

Mohon maaf saudari. Ini komen untuk blog anda pada 2/8. Disebabkan tiada ruangan komen, saya ingin komen di sini.
Seorang pelajar lelaki dan seorang pelajar perempuan berdua-duan dalam sebuah kelas hampir setiap petang apabila pelajar lain telah pulang. Dalam keseronokan bergurau-senda lelaki itu sekali-sekala menepuk tampar rakannya itu. Suatu hari lalulah seorang dua guru dan ternampak mereka.
Pelajar yang sama pada suatu petang hampir waktu Maghrib berdua-duaan dalam kereta ibu pelajar lelaki itu. Kebetulan lalu seorang pelajar dan ternampak mereka.
Esoknya seorang guru menegur pelajar itu kerana telah meletakkan dirinya dalam keadaan-keadaan yang telah menimbulkan fitnah.
Salahkah tegurannya? Jangan disalahkan orang menegur, sebaliknya apa yang ditegurnya. Adakah kita telah mengambil langkah mengelak fitnah berlaku?

Nani Othman said...

una berry,
havent read the novel. can't really say. but seriously? wow. usually it's the adaptation yang teruk. hehe.

nana othman,
haha. puteri kami indeed. and nora elena trauma bertahun2 because she was raped by a girl. pft.

Nani Othman said...

tegurannya salah atau tak might depend on a lot of things. if the teacher was assuming things based on what's going around, so the advice might just fall on deaf ears. if the said teacher is the one who saw them doing it (whatever 'it' is), the advice will still fall upon deaf ears if it's conveyed in an accusing manner. but if it's offered to the right person for the right reasons, good things might come out of it.

i won't say i'm the best at giving advice, but i'd definitely never tell my students to, 'jangan bla bla bla' if i don't know what was really going on. lagilah kalau the student is someone i know nothing of. that would just make them hate me for the wrong reasons. as far as i can remember, i had only offered advice to people who had confessed having done something wrong - directly to me - that way i know i'll be saying the right things to the right person. itu pun if they ask for it.

memanglah menegur benda yang salah tu kerja cikgu, tapi just because people saw them sitting together and hitting each other happily and assumed that they had something going on doesn't mean that there really is something going on. i don't do that kind of thing. i don't just, 'omg diorang buat maksiat!' for no reason. people hate that. i hate that. i hate people talking about stuff they assumed had happened when it didn't.

jangan disalahkan orang yang menegur, sebaliknya apa yang ditegurnya. adakah kita telah mengambil langkah mengelak fitnah berlaku?

where did this fitnah come from? mindset manusia yang suka jump to conclusions je rasanya ni. which is pretty much why i don't really mix around with people like this. too much time is spent on talking about other people and how to fix the community. maybe they need to fix themselves too, sometimes. and the way they see other people.

Dida LiciouS said...

lucky i didn't watch it!

Nani Othman said...

dida licious,
haha. lucky me, too. XD

Ayaq said...

I've never watched that drama either, memandangkan kebanyakan drama Melayu cerita pasal harta, wasiat, bergaduh, korporat, cinta suci gila2 blablabla.

Tapi tak paham part kad kahwin tu. Ahmad Seth Tan tu sebenarnya perempuan ke apa? Apa cer sebenaqnya ni? Saya blur.

Nani Othman said...

haha. tu la major point for my post. XD ahmad seth tan tu perempuan ke apa? what do you think? he raped a girl. but he's also a girl. hm. saya pun blur jugak.

Farahanani Amhazali said...

(Sori Sis Nani, nak sound sket Anon tak ada identiti ni dgn Milo Sejuk ni sekejap)


nama ko dalam IC anon juga ke..

Kesian ayah kamu..

Dah lah topik kat entri ni pasal plot Nora Elena ni dan jantina sebenar si Seth.. Apa kaitan dengan cara teguran? cikgu? anak murid? Bangsa Melayu?

Haish.. Kau fail part comprehension dalam paper bahasa ke apa?

Aku nak tanya, insaf ke para rapist kalau tgk cerita ini? Kau tak rasa ke diorang lagi enjoy dan bangga sebab penulis dah jadikan dia 'heroic' dan mengagungkan si pesalah jenayah itu tadi.

Dan part mana pula drama ini bagi pengajaran kepada Insan yang buat dosa selain dari menyindir kaum lelaki Melayu yang tak reti romantik pada isteri (given that Seth is not Malay, yet. he's a rapist)

Setahu aku, rapist tu dapat kasih sayang dan cinta ada lah.. sekejap je part benci tu pun..

Faham ke tidak?

Ah sudah.. Tak faham juga, kau memang tak habis sekolah.

Ok, Sis. I'm done. ;)

Nani Othman said...

haha. soundlah suka hati kamu, asalkan kamu happy. XD i have no objection. memang dasar anon annoying takde asal usul. pft.

drama ni memang takde pengajaran untuk orang berdosa pun. dahlah merogol, dapat happily ever after pulak tu. pleaselah. disgusting kot otak where this insane idea came from. ew.

tak apa lah dia tak faham. maybe dia memang takmau faham. can't force people to understand things they can't, can we? =)

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