March 23, 2011

'I mean I hate you.'

'I didn't think you'd be heartbroken about it.'
On his face was that wonderful look of guilt.

'I don't think you can even think.'
On mine, was the ugliest nonchalance I could manage.

'I should just apologize.'
That was him. Taking the easy way out.

'No, you shouldn't.'
That was me, brokenhearted.

'Then what should I do to fix things? To fix us?'
He was almost bored.

'I don't want us fixed. We should never have happened.'

'You don't mean that.'

'I mean I hate you.'

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melle said...

ohmai, speechless

Anonymous said...

Well said :).

ا ڬيرل تيللس الل said...

Well said :).

ButirStar said...

for me, most of the boys take for granted on everything. serious.

inna hayati said...


Anonymous said...

Kak Nani, nak amek the whole thing letak kat note fb?


Nani Othman said...

haha. hi there!

i hope so. =)

ramai dah jumpe. mcm *&^%$#@!

kak inna,

anon Q,

melle amir said...

u make me wanna reconsider about my degree program, weather it BED tesl or English for professional language.

Nani Othman said...

oh. how did i do that?

melle amir said...

oh, ai tersalah letak comment, it should be on the latest post. hahaha

Nani Othman said...

ahaha. ok. =)

Luna said...

mekasih kak Nani!

Nani Othman said...

sama2. =)

Nani Othman said...

ا ڬيرل تيللس الل,

thanks. =)

nyawa said...

... i dunno what to type
you won't be interested on how I reach here, so i wont type that
my god, i wanna say that note makes my day, but i cant
i wanna say that your blog is really honest, admire tht
my first impression of this blog is it's cute, but the posts aren't

but this site will stay on my bookmark ... yes, that's a compliment
oh, and honestly I'm scared to meet you

The entry itself is a WIN, well said

Nani Othman said...

hello. you have an interesting name. =) and thanks for being honest in pointing out the fact that my posts aren't cute. some of them..are even offensive. so i'm grateful that you have me bookmarked. =) thanks. do come again.

p/s: i'm scared to meet you, too.

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