February 5, 2016

Dear students of 5D and 5E,

 Please write to teacher Nani a short e-mail answering the following questions:

1.       Of all the different types of narratives your class presented, which one do you think you like best? Why?

2.       What’s your favourite film/book/comic/any kind of narrative? And why do you like it?

If you can't get into your e-mail, just comment below. Thank you. And good luck!

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Nur Haziqah Aida said...

Dear cute Teacher Nani,

1. I like horror because i like to watch something that is extraordinary and challenging .. That is my personality look like . Eventhough I'm easily scared but that's not mean that i can't watch it right? In our live we have to take a challenge even we don't like it , thats make our heart stay strong with upcoming problem

2.I like a film that called Ouija.. I like that film because the story line was so amazing ❤❤, the ghost was scary enough to make me scream hahaha .. i watched it with my friends , thats make the film more interesting.. so i suggest the film .. you will not regret it ... I promise !!!

Hidayah direction said...

dear my beauty teacher nani ,
1 . The most types of narrative that i likes is epic because it is a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the past history of a nation and it is intersting .

2. The movie that i likes is victor frankenstein . Eventhough it was not so popular as another box office movie . I like this movie because it shows the troubled young assistant's dark origins and his redemptive friendship with the young medical student, Victor Frankenstein. Through Igor's eyes, the audience witnesses the emergence of Frankenstein as the man from the legend we know today. Eventually, their experiments get them into trouble with the authorities, and Dr. Frankenstein and Igor become fugitives as they complete their goals to use science as a way to create life from death.

Anonymous said...

dear my beloved teacher,i would like to answer your question:

1)among the different types of narrative that had been presented in our class,i think i like the historical fiction and the science fiction.this is because i love to read science fiction novel and i love to watch science fiction movie.for the historical fiction,i like it because i love to watch movies that the characters conflict were happened in the past.for example,i love to read The Railway Children and Harry Potter.
2)my favourite book and film is Harry Potter.i love to read and watch them because they were so interesting and it give me more ideas to make essays.

sincerely by your good and cute student:yusmahariz ashraf

azilah said...

1.I like horror because it gives me a goosebumps and i like to feel of fear,dread and shock.I like to watch the extraordinary film.
2.i like the conjuring and ouija board.i like it because the film is based on true story.The film is supernatural horror film,or what we called paranormal haunting.I like to watch the film that is about paranormal haunting like annabelle.

Syafiqah Aisyah said...

Dear teacher Nani,
1. I like fantasy because its not to complicated.This genre of fiction use a lots of magics and other super power as a main element.
2. I like to watch Maleficent because the movie is filled with fairies in different color .Moreover maleficent's power just great.The hilarious interaction between the three fairy godmother’s makes me laugh.

Taufiq Topek said...

Dear teacher,

For the question number one , the type of narrative that I like the most is genre horror. This is because i take horror like a challenge for me to face my own fear.And my favourite film is The Conjuring. Not like other horror film that just used jumpscared to make it more scary, this movie become really-really scary because of the plot. That's all from me , thank youu*:) happy

Sincerely from your student, Taufiq/Topek

NUR NAZIFA said...


Muhammad Amir said...

​​Dear Teacher,
1. I think I like more tall tales. It is because tall tales have a main extraordinary main character to compared in real life. The story also explains how some familiar things began. The most tall tales story that i think is gorgeous is like JACK AND THE GIANT SLAYER. It is a story about a man who had to face the giants because of the magic beanstalk.

2. Most film that i like is Narnia. WOW! I think it is so interested me eventhough it is a film when i still a child. Aslan or the main character that is a lion was amazed me so much based on it's characteristic such as his brave. I always hope that there will have some stories like Narnia.

sakina sahibul said...

Dear lovely Teacher Nani ,

1.For me , i would love each of the different types of narrative essay that my classmates had presented before . I don't specifically love either one of it because me myself don't even know why . hahahahahaha . I love horror but at the same time i also love to read or watch fantasy . Epic are also fine for me hm . Fables too . Sci fi too  . Oh i really confuse teacher 

2. STAR WARS . I REALLY LOVE STAR WARS . I REALLY INTO IT TEACHER !!! I WISH I WAS A JEDI HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . It actually came from my third bro who really love to recommend me about many movies . He was the one who turned me into star wars geek in just one day . That midnight , i went out with my siblings just to watch the 7th episode of star wars . I can't wait to see the 8th one on December 15 .

Anonymous said...

Dear to my beloved teacher,

1. Fantasy. Because I really do love something magical and things that miracle may not exist or i could say doesn't exist anyway. The arts and things that are pretty always appear in fantasy story.

2. I love comics. I really love "Mahoustukai No Yome" or in English, "The ancient Magus's Bride" by Kore Yamazaki. I really love the arts. Her drawings are really good including the story also nice and warm. She put many characters and almost all of them are legendary and mythological creature and most all of them are wonderful creature (But not all of it. some creature kinda scary and disgusting).

Sincerely from your student, Puteri Nurul Hasnida/P.H.

Suhailah said...

Dear gorgeous teacher,

I love science-fiction very much
My favourite films is The Hunger Games.
I had watched all four movies of The Hunger Games which is The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay part 1 and part 2.
I like all of it because the environmental changes.Then, they used technological advances. They made the games using the technologies. Yes. Because every hours in the games, there will be mutts come out from nowhere which were created by the gamemakers. It also teach me to be brave when i'm confront with problems. Plus, I love it so much as it is the survival of innocent teenage. the most important things is I wonder how the gamemakers could created the games. For example, the tracker jacker and the mutts. That's all from me. Thank you teacher 
A+ for English !

Sincerely from your cutest student,
Nur Suhailah Shafawati Binti Mohs Shahar

Aiman Rashidi said...

Dear my gorgeous Teacher Nani,

1. I think I like historical fiction the most. Because it is about great human before us do great things that we think it impossible. I don't usually like to read a thick, heavy historical novel but I love to watch it movies such as 47 ronin, In the heart of the sea and American snipers. The only historical fiction book that I have read was The Railway Children during I'm in Form 3. So, overall I prefer to watch historical movie more.

2. As I said, I love to watch 47 ronin and In the heart of the sea. 47 ronin is about 47 warriors of Japan were fighting for the sake of their country but at last they were called as rebellion. But the Emperor of Japan let them to die with honor by take they life by their own hand. In the heart of the sea told about an expidition of whale hunters to hunt whale for their fat. At last their ship was destroyed by a gigantic white whale called Moby Dick. But, many of them survived and realized that they should not hunt whale any.

Thanks teacher
Sincerely, your straight A's student
Muhammad Nur Aiman bin Rashidi

Mohamed Tassnim Bin Nazarudin said...

the most honorable Miss Nani,

From all the narratives that i've been exposed to, I think that the best one is about the epic. For my opinion, epic is a great type of narratives because the journey of the story is tremendously awesome as it has all the thrilling parts and sometimes make the reader feel enthusiastic about it. There are lots of epic stories such as creed, lord of the rings, you name it! but I love Narnia the most. The flow of the movie was smooth and just like said it has all the wonderful stuffs in it! Tahts why I love epic movies and stories...

Nazreen said...

dear teacher

1. narative i like is tall tale because it has a lot of moral value.example of that is jack and giant slayer.the movie told us about a young man was have a wonderful journey against giant . the young man has a been that can grow faster until reached the sky . at the sky there was have a castle that is belong to the powerful giant.

2.beside of that is Narnia .that told us about 4 young people that stack in the war against white witch.the 4 young people was become a king of Narnia replacing old king,Aslan a strong lion in that movie:)

Qayyim said...

1. Of all the narratives I prefer to the best of the narrative is an epic. I likes epic because its told about a long journey with packed fantasy action in different places. I like the epic that has a creative characters, places and I like an epic because the cause of an epic too important like too save the world or prevent invasion.
2. Most of the stories I likes Narnia. I likes Narnia because it is an epic and the story line of the story is amazing with creative environment of the kingdom. It also has an attractive element which makes me want to proceed watching it like the death of Aslan, the ruler of Narnia and other else. I very like Narnia story.

Ashraf said...

Dear Teacher,

from all type of narrative that my class 5D presented,I very like the LEGEND narrative.that is some thing out from our imagination with the strong super power/magic they help every one or destroy everything.it's some time scaru and funny when we read the narrative about legent.The movie/film that i like is KRAMPUS,the story about the dark spirit that punish the bad behavior children when CHRISTMAS.


Faizin :) said...

To the dearest and well-respected Miss Nani,

Out of all the presentations made, I prefer Historical Fiction the most as it acts as a time machine that I can use whenever I want. Honestly, I really enjoy reading history themed novel and having a historical fiction genre, certainly suits me well. I am aware that I live in the present and I could never go back in time. However, the existance of a historical fiction genre allows me to actually live in the moment. For example, I was not present during the establishment of Kedah. Merong Mahawangsa has helped me to imagine it could possibly happen at the time. True, I can read books but I also want to have a specific setting which I can refer to. In conclusion, I LOVE HISTORICAL FICTION.

2. My favourite novel of all time is The Ghost Bride written by our very own Yang Tsze Chu. The author is a Malaysian with a Chinese descendant in her blood. She studied in Harvard and now she is living in California with her husband. Her story is about a young Chinese who had to sacrifice her future in the sake of saving her family. Unfortunately, she fell ill and a spirit entered her ill body. Thhe story evolves on her journey of trying to get body back. I suggest you to read it.

Teacher, sorry for my grammar. I am in a hurry because I think the students are coming. Bye Teacher!

Yours truly,
Faizin Nasrin JPA 15/16

nur hafizah said...

dear teacher,
1.from the all types of narrative I like the most is horror because it always make me curious to know the ending of the story. horror also makes a good scene of story line and make we think that possible ending of the story.
2.the most favourite ghost movie i like is the insidious. it is because the story lines is most of suspens. the ending is also makes me so unpredictable to think that the story is actually like that. the movies was also can be get in many series.

Haziq MK said...

Hola teacher!

1.so the narrative that i like the most is HORROR narrative. i like horror because it contains many supernatural thing that can make my adrenaline to rise up. beside, horror movie is more interesting because the movie based on real life like paranormal activity, the conjuring and annabelle.

2.my favorite kind of horror film is Ju-on, movie directed by japanese director ((idk his name)). the story is based on true story that have many boom part that make the film more interesting tro follow. and lastly VOTE FOR HORROR HORROR HORRORRRR!

Ucop :p said...

Dear my beautiful teacher,

1-From all type of narrative that my class represented, I like fABLES because the short story may contains at least 1 or many of moral values. It also teach you what is life all about. Example of story is 'The Rabbit & tortoise'. And my favourite movie is 'Charlie And The Chocolate FActory'. The story is all about who Johny Depp plays Willy Wonka, an unnervingly reclusive chocolate maker, who, in the film, teaches children a few lessons about greed and envy before opening up his own heart.

Khairul Hafiz said...

Dear my beautiful and lovely teacher Nani,

1.From all type of narrative that had been presented by all of my friends, I like a narrative about FANTASY because fantasy can relate many other cools factors and imagination.Fantasy is a genre that make a movie so fantastic and epic.
2.If you wanna watch some cool fantasy movie,I prefer a movie such as Star Wars,Edge Of Tomorrow,Pacman and many more awesome movie.
3.I like this type of movie because it is full of many cools and out of mind thing that can bring us curiousity of what will happen in that movie.

That`s all from me by
Khairul Hafiz 5E

icad said...





Izzati Zamri Jamilah said...

dear my lovely teacher Nani,

from all the types of narrative that had been presented, i love to choose fantasy. this is because i think fantasy is a platform to expand your imagination and i think in fantasy its free to express the ideas. and my favourite film is NANNY MCPHEE which is very creative and enjoyable to watch.

Arfan Adam said...


My Answer

I like the EPIC because every single of scene or plot was very strongly powerful epic with imagination overload. Mostly epic film was i watch is MARTIAL because one man who is survive in MARS and want return to EARTH. WOW that is mostly epic, and another film but i don't reminder

By : Arf Adam 5E

Muhammad Shahid said...
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farah huda said...

Dear my beautiful teacher Nani;

1. i very like horror genre because i love something that can scare me. for your information, it is not very easy to make me scared. for every time i watch movie or read books about horror, i am waiting for suspense and creepy noise or creatures to appear out. well, that is not meant by i was not scared at all but i think i am brave enough to tease just like what in the movies or books did.

2. i think i like the book entitled "Erti Cinta" the most because the ghosts in there like wow; so realistic and seem scary and creepy for me. so, every time i was trying to finish the book, i assume that the character is me. sometimes, when i read the book, i could not read alone because i felt that the ghosts in the book were alive in this world and were standing behind me.

hanis said...

Dear Teacher Nani,

-After all types of narrative that i have learned in my class 5E, the type that i really like the most is SCI-FI!
This is because it includes facts of science that are really interesting.
-For example like the movie "Final Destination"!
- I've watched many series of them and i really like the storyline especially the way the characters in the movie
-The movie also interests me when the characters in the movie had imagine how they are going to die before that thing are going to be real. I think it's attract people to watch the movie!!

Hanis Afifah ; 5E

QISTINA 5E said...

Dear teacher Nani,
from the all type of narrative that my class 5e presented, I like legend narrative because legend is the story about the super power that we create the story with our own imagination that can make the story incredible and interesting.

2. I very like the NARNIA because movie the story is about magical that have two world; our world and another world that full with magic and warm between the kids and bad soldiers.

irdina 5E said...

Deat teacher nani,
1. from all the narratives. the most that i like is horor. although it was so scary but i love it. it would become more interesting if i can watch the movie alone. it was a challenging movie and make me to be a strong person that are not easily scraed with anything . i can't wait to watch conjuring 2.

2. my favourite film is conjuring. i have watched it with my friends and all of us scream when the ghost appears. the ghost are scary enough to make me sream in the midnight. i am sure that most of us have watched the movie.it was a extraordinary movie and gave me goosebumps because it was based on a real story.

Muhammad Shahid said...

dear my beloved mom,

1-Among all the genre or type of narrative that my classmates presented is epic. i like epic because it contain lot of historical, legend and some greek gods eventhough it's only a myth about the greek gods. about the greek gods is they have diffrent kind of power such that can transform themself into everything.... there sonme more power.... example like the hercules..

2- I like to watch final fantasy because it contain lot of fantasy.. the character was so amazing and conatin lot of power such magic.. the character also know how to fight... their magic power is so damn powerful. i like cloud strife one of the character in the final fantasy...cloud strife have a meteor magic power... actually i didnt know much about the power of coud strife but final fantasy still the best movie or game too....


To my adorable teacher in the universe,

I would choose the SCI-FI. Maybe because i like The Harry Potter Series so much that i watched them like hundred times (but unfortunately didnt get the chance to read the books). But i also love Fantasy, Myth and Legend too.

I love SCI-FI because the hero was like having awesome superpowers and yes i like their powers( whatever it is).
Harry Potter have his scar and yes for me its awesome hahahaha. I also love the Fantasy, Myth and Legend because it can be told by exagerating the stories. For me it is quite interesting because i dont feel like it was interesting to watch a historical films. Kbye thanks for your great explaination as well.

Sincerely your tall and slim student,

Muni said...

Dear teacher,
from all type of narrative, i like horror because it make me feel scary with their curious character and also their body.. The book that i like is JANGAN BACA NOVEL INI because it make me feel curious with the storyline and also his describe about scary people and also place...

By ; munirah 5e


Dear teacher,

The most I like is fantasy .This is because,I love a fake story. Moreover, it also include magical things, power and magnificent world.I always imagine about magical world. So, that s why i love it.

I like FAIRY TALE.I dont know the real title actually. I love it as it include fairy, magical world , magic and more. I love the colourful,beautiful dress and world.

Arf Adam said...

2. My favorite film is STAR WAR because when first i watch that film, with epic the background soundtrack


Nur alia afifah mahadi 5e said...

1. Of all the different types of narratives, i think i like best is historical fiction. Tis is all because it taught me to remember about how a history happened. Other than that, it told me about the truth of a history that a"ve heard and never. it is suitable for all age stage and it was very interesting to watch with my family.

2. My favourite film/book/comic/any kind of narrative is pearl harbor and hikayat merong mahawangsa. this is all because the hero was very strong and have hight pirit in conducting his team. this historical fictiin alsa have a creative way to remind us about how soldier bravely fight. and of course it taught me how to be strong.

Nur Alia Afifah Mahadi 5E

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