January 27, 2016


GROUP ONE – Suhailah, Sakina, Haziqah, Hidayah
Epics - lengthy stories of heroic exploits
Fables - stories that teach a lesson, often using animal characters
Folk Tales - old stories that reveal cultural customs

GROUP TWO – Azilah, Nazifa, Syafiqah
Fantasy - fiction stories about unrealistic characters and events that would never happen
Science Fiction - fiction stories based on scientific fact
Horror - fiction stories that are scary or horrific

GROUP 3 – Puteri, Ashraf, Hariz
Historical Fiction - fiction stories set in the past, containing some true facts
Legend - stories based on fact, but with exaggeration about the hero
Myth - ancient stories meant to explain nature or life

GROUP 4 – Aiman, Tassnim, Taufiq
Plays - stories in the form of dialogue, meant to be performed on the stage or in a movie
Realistic Fiction - stories whose characters and events could occur in real life
Short Stories - brief stories focusing on one character and event

GROUP 5 – Qayyim, Amir, Nazreen
Tall Tales - humorous exaggeration stories focusing on a mythical hero
Biography - detailed accounts of someone's life
News - information about current events

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