February 22, 2010

Sembilan dan satu don't make ten.

Soalan nakal Nani - Hans, you males semua akal ada sembilan bahagian kan? Nafsu satu saja kan?

Jawapan baik Hanzalah – Ya. Kenapa?

Soalan nakal Nani – Apa pasal girls yang ada sembilan nafsu ni tak sexually attack you males?

Jawapan baik Hanzalah – Sebab nafsu kamu girls tu kecik-kecik saja sembilan bahagian. Kamu mahu beg tangan baru, baju baru, kereta baru, tudung Mawi dan Ekin dan lain-lain.

Soalan nakal Nani – Jadinya, based on the statement lelaki itu opposite kepada perempuan, bolehlah Nani assume yang you males semua ada sembilan bahagian akal tapi kecik-kecik, dan satu nafsu besar meanwhile kami females semua nafsu bersembilan yang kecik-kecik dan satu bahagian akal yang besar, kan?

Jawapan baik Hanzalah – Hm. No komen. I tak pasti pulak kecik ke besar akal kami yang sembilan ni.

Sampukan nakal Rayyan – Perempuan boleh multitasking at one time. Lelaki rata-rata tak boleh. Kamu males boleh fokus kepada satu benda saja dalam satu masa. Agaknya betullah akal kamu yang bersembilan tu kecik-kecik, kan? Kalau besar-besar mestilah boleh control yang satu tu.

Jawapan baik Hanzalah – I boleh jaga anak sambil kemas rumahlah.

Sampukan nakal Rayyan – Tapi wife you boleh jaga anak sambil masak, kemas rumah, cuci kain, jemur kain, angkat kain, buat lesson plan, tanda kertas exam, plan schedule lawatan sambil belajar dan makan. Kira akal dia yang satu tu besarlah, boleh fokus kat more than several tasks at one time.

Soalan nakal Nani – Sebab tu kot lelaki tak sesuai jadi surirumah? Kawan I kalau wife dia suruh jaga baby, rumah macam mana tongkang pecah pun dia memang tak kemaskan. ‘Dah you suruh I jaga baby je?’ dia kata.

Sampukan nakal Rayyan – Husband I sebijik macam yang you cerita.

Respond nakal Nani – I cakap pasal suami you lah.

Hanzalah - *diam*

Nani - *diam*

Rayyan - *smiles*

Hanzalah – You girls memang teruk. Rayyan, I don’t believe you. Was this planned? Nak kenakan I pasal jaga baby last week?

Rayyan – Aik? Terkena ke?

Nani - *signs out*

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Nana Othman said...

haha, suka suka.

"Sebab tu kot lelaki tak sesuai jadi surirumah? Kawan I kalau wife dia suruh jaga baby, rumah macam mana tongkang pecah pun dia memang tak kemaskan. ‘Dah you suruh I jaga baby je?’ dia kata."

ni mmg x boleh blah la

Nani Othman said...

mesti lah tak boleh belah. kan statement kak nani tu! XD

macha_sezs said...


kesian kawan yang terkena tu.

dan bagus juga tindakan kak nani keluar cepat sebelum perang terjadi. hahaha~

Nani Othman said...

macha - mereka ni loving couple. takde perangnye. tapi perbualan keji memang selalu terjadi. hehe. baru kawen.

cj'alhafiz said...

hahahaha!!!! terkena ko.....
btw...ni cita betol ka nani?? hiks...
very funny....

Nani Othman said...

alhafiz - cerita ni masuk kategori realiti + fiksyen. ade yang nani kena ubah. sensitif. XD

ultimatum21 said...

teacher dah ada 'rumah' baru rupanya
ketinggalan dah
awan dah kena tiup ke merata-rata tempat

Nani Othman said...

ye dah ade rumah baru. =)

awan kena tiup ke mana?

Faisal Admar said...

omg. why why you deleted ginny? :( you really break my heart :(

btw, nafsu termasuk nafsu amarah ke? hmm, because most females work with emotion compared to males :)

Nani Othman said...

faisal admar - i didnt delete ginny. she's still around. =) but she's in a standstill. a coma. i dont know, whatever you think is suitable. i like here, more. =)

nafsu amarah? kira sekali lah. mmg perempuan emotional (which is NOT a bad thing at all), tapi mereka still boleh multitasking. XD

Faisal Admar said...

i ada experience with male and female boss. male, ego. female, emotion imbalance.

daruma said...

hahaha. mcm best idea pasal nafsu dan akal tu.
imo, mmg le laki 1 akal, 9 nafsu and vice versa tapi in the end, individual tu sendiri yang mempratikkan semuanya.

oh btw, nanascribbles and nani scribbles? comel la korang

Nani Othman said...

faisal admar - i have experience with male and female close friends. females - highly emotional, definitely understanding. males - not so emotional, but when they are - messy.

saru - laki ada satu akal je rupanya...oh i see~~ OK, ni confirmation daripada one male sendiri, ye? XD

true - in the end, mmg iman kita yang jadi penentu. yeap. kami mmg chomel. haha.

Diya said...

Sangat nice lah entri ni kak. Comel *buat diya baru terfikir tentang portion akal nafsu laki pempuan yang Tuhan bagi =)

Diya said...

Owh btw, diya terus subscribe rumah baru Kak Nani ni lepas baca update dekat ginny. Cuma nya, tak tinggal jejak lately. Huhu

President said...

-blog walking-

sy setuju dgn perempuan boleh buat pelbagai kerja dlm satu masa.


Nani Othman said...

diya - thanks. and thanks for subscribing. =) rasa appreciated pulak tiba2, haha.

president - great that you do. =)

Faisal Admar said...

i simply prefer male boss. working environment if involve with emotion, it's not professional anymore.

work is work. personal is personal.

daruma said...

ehh nee-chan, terbalik pulak :P
laki 9 akal 1 nafsu la

Nani Othman said...

faisal admar - i prefer both bosses. i can work with anyone.

and besides, i'm a teacher. my job involves lots of emotions.

of course work is work, and personal is personal.

but being emotional in your job does not mean you're bringing personal matters into it.

teaching is a highly emotional profession. but i don't bring personal stuff to skool. i teach with passion (that's full of emotions, you know) and at the same time, nothing is personal.

it's not really the issue of the boss' sex. male or female, when they get messy - it's never professional.

my friend's working with a male boss who got all emo-ish, worst that a woman with PMS just because the staff there did not hold a jamuan sambutan for his first day at the institution, only a small majlis.

my mum is the boss of her organization, and she did not get emo-ish at all. she had the same situation as the man i mentioned earlier. it was her first day, and there was only a small welcoming ceremony. in fact she said, 'saya di sini untuk bekerja, bukan untuk makan. tak apalah majlis kecil pun,' smilingly, considering the fact that the staff were all informed a day before her arrival - sama macam the man earlier.

it's not really the sex. it's how you put your brain into use. so you can have all the brains in the world. it's pointless if you don't use them.

look at all the girls yang kena tipu dgn pendatang - they're university graduates. they strived for the brains. but they don't really learn.

and look at the male drug addicts - they are GIVEN the brains. but they still don't learn.

saru - haha. i know. gurau saje dgn kamu tu.

Faisal Admar said...

lucky to those examples with great experience at work.

i haven't met any good one yet. maybe, later.

my previous branch director was a female. she scolded staff without care of her staff feeling. i mean, you can call them to your room and scream as you want but not in front of others. her daughter always get her in trouble. i always think she got good IQ not EQ.

same with my CC. she always hold grunge against those who disagree with her. she abuse her power to kick people's ass.

now i have male boss, i'd say not the best either but at least he doesn't simply scream at us like previous one.

the male CC, never hold grunge as the female CC.

maybe someday, things will change at my office. who knows? :)

p/s: i wrote about my boss secretary before in my blog. again, about her with emotion.

Zulkarnein said...

Rasanya tak perlu sangat nak berdebat hal ini. Bak kata wonderpets, apa yang penting? KERJASAMA!

Bila dah kawin, 1 nafsu tu dicampur dengan 9, jawapannya 10. Sama juga dengan akal. So, kepada yang belum kawin, cepat-cepat la dirikan rumah tangga untuk mengetahui apa yang dikatakan dengan 10 nafsu dan akal tu.

Nani Othman said...

faisal admar - well, maybe later. for now, let's just learn all we could from the people around us - bad or good. yang baik tu kita ikutlah, yang tak baik tu let's just leave it.

ew, gile rude screaming at people in public. and power abuse is just disgusting. you should have called me. i'll punch her for you, haha.

yeah you did? gimme the link, i wanna read!!

zulkarnein - hi! er, takde sape berdebat pun. =) it was just a romantic discussion. baik! saya akan cepat berkahwin sebaik saja bertemu jodoh~!!

welcome. and thanks for following~!

Faisal Admar said...

here is the link nani:


yeah, at the moment i just go with the flow. punch her? it's not worth it nani :) i only have one way to solve which is -- quit.

hmm i wonder how you manage to enjoy teaching while my friend in Mukah, Sarawak is in great stress. he wants to quit but he is stuck with the 2 years contract. poor him.

Nani Othman said...

i'll go read it ASAP. =)

well, at least you save yourself from more emotional abuse. why hang around people like that, no? doesn't change anything.

i love teaching, mr faisal. it's not really a big deal to have to come to school on saturdays and sundays, it's what i like to do - being with kids. =) and though i come home after 4 like everyday and i'd feel so freaking tired i'd go to sleep early every night, i's still be enthusiastic for tomorrow. i think it's because i simply like what i'm doing, kot, mr faisal. penat tak apa sebab dah suka.

and about your friend, maybe he's being tested over his limit, so he feels stressed. it's normal. sometimes i'd silently protest, too if i'm too tired. but in the end, i'll just remind myself, 'i'm being paid even on days i don't work. so i should stop complaining.'

i really hope your friend will be able to sort things out quickly. =) let's pray together, k?

~Imm~ said...


Perempuan ada 9 nafsu, tapi cuma 1 akal, x larat 1 akal tu nak buat planning utk 9 nafsu tu.

Lelaki pulak ada 1 nafsu, tapi depa ada 9 akal, 9 akal tu dikerah buat planning utk 1 nafsu tu. Sbb tu lelaki boleh attack rogol perempuan segala. Hasil planning 9 akal depa tu la. :p~


Nani Othman said...

kak imm - kamu sumpah sangat cool, haha!! i haven't seen it that way, LOL.

betul jugak kan kak imm? sebab ade 9 tu lah diorang boleh imagine bukan2, plan bukan2 untuk buat bukan2. argh. serius genius kamu ni!!

Anonymous said...

salam... sori nak mencelah... ini isu yg menarik... for me its not a matter of quantity.. its a matter of quality ---> more on how u use it..

so tak kira la siapa yg ada lebih akal or not it doesn't really matter..besides, kedua- dua lelaki dan perempuan perlukan satu sama lain.. kan? hehehe.. -pandaijao-

Nani Othman said...

panda ijao - kamu sangat chomel. hehe. ye betul nani sangat agree dgn panda. =) it's matter of quality. kiranya ada banyak pun kira pointless kalau tak reti guna - kan?

uhum, we do. to keep the world in balance.

MK said...

Kak Nani~~~

How are you doing? Dah lama tak singgah, dah pindah rumah baru dah pun. I miss you and your writing ^_^

Nani Othman said...

khairul - i'm good. hope you're doing good too. =) thanks. i lepak around sembangkomputer when i miss you.

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